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Auschwitz sign recovered after being used for BBQ grill promotion

Evidence released by Polish authorities show Auschwitz's famous sign was used for an American BBQ promotion


Cracow -- Polish authorities announced the recovery of the famous "Arbiet Macht Frei" sign that greeted visitors at the Auschwitz labor camp after it had apparently been taken for use in an American barbecue grill makers advertising campaign.

The iron sign — which means “Work Sets you Free” — had been split into three parts, each separate word wrapped in cloth and hidden in Polish woodland. Five men, aged between 20 and 39 from the Torun area of northern Poland, have been arrested and Andrzej Rokita, deputy commander of Cracow police, described them as non-political.

Police recovered the sign sections, along with photos and printed materials that show the sign was used in an advertising scheme for an American company, Sausage Queen of Zion's new line of WEENIE QUEENIE Barbecue grills.

"It appears that the WEENIE QUEENIE photos show the famous sign was used to promote the company's "MAKE WORK FREE" easy clean grill tops. The sign was used in the promotional materials, and then used to grill Kielbasas on, since the three sections were covered with charcoal residue and pork grease. Other than that, the sign is intact" Captain Rokita said at the press conference.

Authorities said the investigation is continuing.



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