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Riz Khan - Gaza's Open Wounds

A year after Israel's crushing offensive on Gaza,
Riz Khan looks at the human cost of the war.

[Hamas was accused of using civilians as 'human shields,' yet the opposite is true, and it was the Israelis who used Palestinians as human shields during their offensive, as usual, and who also made the hypocritical ***e classic accusations against Hamas.]

"Israel needs to be punished. Israel has managed, all of these years to get away with impunity. It is time now, to take account, and to take responsibility, and to be punished for it's crimes in Gaza, and Palestine generally." ~ Dr. Iyad Saraj

"I fully believe that words are stronger than bullets, we must change our course, because our case is a just case, and we must use the right weapon to get our rights." ~ Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish


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