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Ahmadinejad wishes for global justice in '10

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has expressed hope that justice and peace will be established across the world in the New Year 2010.

"The year 2010 will turn into the year of peace and prosperity for the human community in the light of spirituality, morality and justice," said President Ahmadinejad in a New Year message to the heads of Christian states.

He added that Jesus was a divine miracle and the prophet of compassion and the herald of human prosperity.

"Without a doubt the path and the teachings of the prophets are the path for mankind's prosperity, perfection, establishing justice, peace and lasting friendship," said the president.

"The root of all social, moral, political problems as well as the economic recession in the world lies in straying from this path and teachings."

He wished for the coming of the awaited messiah of world nations and Jesus Christ, who all prophets have foretold.

Ahmadinejad expressed hope that the new year would be one filled with calm, prosperity and the promotion of human dignity.



At Sunday, January 03, 2010, Blogger Norm said...

Those of us who support the Core Values of the religiously pluralistic Center for Economic and Social Justice wholeheartedly agree with President Ahmadinejad's statement that "Without a doubt the path and the teachings of the prophets are the path for mankind's prosperity, perfection, establishing justice, peace and lasting friendship." We say this even as we deplore the fundamental violations of universal human rights by the government of Iran against peaceful Iranian demonstrators who reject theocratic rule of the State. These unjust and undemocratic actions violate the essence of "Justice."

As understood by all the prophets and major religions, "Justice" starts with respect for the "dignity of every human person," which includes the freedom and power of every person to seek Truth and make choices in what they believe without being coerced by those who control the State.

But there is hope for change and reconciliation in President Ahmadinejad's words.

What's separating President Ahmadinejad from President Obama and other world leaders is that none of them have a common vision of Justice and a global plan for achieving Peace, Prosperity and Freedom through a common understanding of the meaning of "Social Justice" and "Economic Justice." Perhaps political and religious leaders should read and seriously reflect on the "Core Values" of the "Just Third Way" at http://www.cesj.org/about/corevalues.htm. If these values are consistent with the beliefs of both President Ahmadinejad and President Obama and other global leaders, then they should read of a plan to move toward global peace, prosperity and freedom through "the Just Third Way" as described in the paper at http://www.cesj.org/thirdway/paradigmpapers/jtw-greengrowth.pdf.

Let us all become "Servants of Justice" in the decade starting in 2010.

Dr. Norman Kurland, J.D., President
Center for Economic and Social Justice, Washington, D.C.
Website: http://www.cesj.org


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