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Galloway steadfast in breaking Gaza siege again

British lawmaker George Galloway

British lawmaker George Galloway says he has been manhandled by Egyptian intelligence officers before being deported from country on Friday.

Upon his arrival to London, Galloway told Press TV that Egypt took revenge on him due to its disdain for aid convoys which expose the Israeli-imposed blockade on the Gaza Strip.

"I am sorry to say that Egypt is implicated in this siege. That's the reason of their revenge on me."

"They [Egyptians] hate these convoys because they expose a siege that Egypt denies," He added.

Galloway, one of the organizers of Viva Palestina aid convoy was deported from Egypt after protests and clashes erupted on the Egypt-Gaza border.

The clashes erupted after Egyptian authorizes refused some of the vehicles access to the strip.

They later detained Galloway and put him on a plane to London, said a spokeswoman for the convoy.

Despite restrictions imposed by the authorities, the convoy of around 200 vehicles managed to break the Israeli siege on Gaza on Wednesday.

Galloway, however, said the restrictions would not prevent him from organizing more aid convoys to break the three-year-long siege on Gaza.



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