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1,000 days of 6sraeli siege killed 500 Gazans

The Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip has so far resulted in the death of 500 Palestinians, says a Palestinian lawmaker as the siege enters its 1,000th day.

Jamal al-Khudari, Palestinian legislator said most of the mortalities had been caused due to the medical shortages which were a result of the siege, the Palestinian Ma'an news agency reported on Sunday.

Sunday marked the 1,000th day, since Israel subjected the already-impoverished Gaza Strip to an all-out blockade which has deprived its roughly-1.5-million population of their most-direly-needed requirements.

Al-Khudari, also the chairman of the Popular Committee Against the Siege said, "The siege harmed the people, as well as the environment, health, the economy and social life. It constitutes a serious attempt to suffocate the people and break their will."

"The Palestinian economy in Gaza has been completely destroyed with more than 140,000 people unemployed, which amounts to 80% of Gaza's manpower," the lawmaker added.

Few construction materials had been allowed into the enclave since the destructive Israeli bombardments between late December 2008 and early January 2009, which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and inflicted more than USD 1.6 billion in damages on Gaza's economy, Ma'an reported.



At Sunday, March 07, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

Perhaps if terrorist vermin learned how to live as peaceful human beings and stopped lobbing rockets into a sovereign state with the right to self-defense, there wouldn't need to be a blockade. It's funny how that works.

By the way, why do you people never complain about Egypt closing its border with Gaza?

At Sunday, March 07, 2010, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Sure, Rick. The terrorist vermin who are squatting on stolen land. The terrorist squatter vermin who won't even allow the indigenous people engage in subsistence farming, the terrorist vermin who use white phosphorous indiscriminately. The terrorist vermin who attack the ship of a supposed ally and attempt to murder all on board. The terrorist vermin who jumped in joy when the twin towers fell on 9/11.

Take your filthy hasbara elsewhere, Ricky boy. It stinks like month-old gefilte fish and it won't fly here.

At Sunday, March 07, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

There IS no "stolen land". The majority of the territory which is now Israel was purchased by early Zionist settlers from Arabs. The remainder was abandoned by Arabs who were told to get out of the way of fighting by the armies of five Arab nations which invaded Izsrael on the day of its independence. They were promised land which was to be seized from the Jews after they had been "pushed into the sea".

The IDF isn't even in Gaza. How do you propose they are preventing "the indigenous people engage in subsistence farming"?

Are you seriously invoking 9/11?!? Muslims were the only ones rejoicing, not our israeli friends and allies.

At Sunday, March 07, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

BTW, Tom....if you're trying to say I'm Jewish, you're incorrect. I would have no problem admitting it if such were actually the case, as Jews are our ancestors in faith as well as co-founders of Western Civilization.

I am a Catholic Irish-American from Clio, Michigan, but am probably more of a Zionist than most Jewish-Americans.

At Monday, March 08, 2010, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

I couldn't care less whether you are Jewish or not.

As for the "nation" of Israel, it was established on land was stolen, just like the land of your ancestors was stolen by the British.

I also don't care terribly much for the "they were promised the land" mythology. It's pathetic, really. Most of those occupying the land don't have any genetic connection to that part of the world and would be more at home in the land between the Russian Steppes and Mongolia.

The IOF doesn't need to be IN Gaza to fire on shepherds and those tending olive groves.

As for the Jews being "our" ancestors in faith, that is a nonsense. Orthodox Judaism has nothing but sheer contempt for Christianity and Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Muslims revere him as a prophet. Go figure!

You claim the Israelis are allies? Are you completely crazy? They spy on their allies far more than any other nation, and in some instances they even attack their allies (USS Liberty).

At Monday, March 08, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The synagogue of satan.

There we have it, rick is just another lying jew; they bought the land, didn't they? xD

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

Yes, they DID buy the majority of the land. Your "synagogue of Satan" remark shows you to be just another anti-Semitic cockroach like the terrorists and their apologists.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...


Perhaps you should read my post again. I never said a word about the Jews being promised anything. I stated (correctly) that the so-called Arab refugees were promised land which was to be seized by the five invading Arab armies when they "pushed the Jews into the sea".

I know it's difficult for apologists to grasp concepts which are based in TRUE history rather than something put out by Stormfront or jihadis, but you should still try.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, they didn't buy most of the land.

You serve satan, liar.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

The term "synagogue of Satan" was first coined by Jesus. Was he a so-called anti-semite?

Perhaps the Arab refugees were promised their land back. That's quite possible. What would be wrong with that?

Your reference to stormfront and jihadis is as disingenuous as your support for the racist state of Israel is utterly disgusting.

Given that you are a Catholic, I'd really love to know whether or not you have a dog in this particular fight.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...


You just keep on disagreeing with every reputable history ever written. After all, that's the Arab way.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger musique said...

stromboli front, anti septic & jihadi
oh mine, abe fartman's parrotboy is uttering those words taught by his master!!

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...


Christ never used that phrase. The only place it is to be found in the Bible is in some translations of Apocalypse, or Revelations as it is known to Protestants.

My only dog in the fight is the fact that Israel is a modern, Western, secular democracy, whereas it is surrounded by and endangered by dirty, backwards, theocratic terroristic vermin.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...


Ahhh, yet another apologist for those who want Western Civilization eradicated is heard from.

Es-tu Français? Au nom du peuple israelien et de tous les peuples civilisés, je vous remercie pour les navires qui étaient liberés de la France en 1969. Ils étaient tres utiles pour défendre l'état juif pendant la guerre de 1973.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...


The Book of Revelations was given to John by Christ in a dream, so your point on the same is moot.

Israel is only a democracy in the manufactured image of itself it desperately tries to present to the rest of the world. What other modern nation state refuses to define its borders? What other nation state is allowed to occupy territory "acquired" in a recent war? What sort of democracy demolishes homes belonging to one group of people in these occupied lands and builds homes for another group of people who should not even be there? What other modern democracy refuses to enter into treaties with other nations? What other modern democracy abuses the good name of other nations by faking their passports in order for them to murder someone (without trial) on foreign soil? What other modern democracy knowingly attacks one of its allies ships and tries to murder its crew? What other modern democracy refuses to extradite even the most prolific of criminals for trial in the countries where they committed their crimes? What other modern democracy would even think of harvesting organs from those they have murdered? Which other modern state would spy so regularly and thoroughly on their supposed allies?

You keep alluding to Arab barbarism but are utterly blind to the barbarism of the world's No.1 terrorist state. Truth is, without the contribution of the Arab world to the rest of us, you would be still counting on your fingers.

At Tuesday, March 09, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

First off, I am aware of no tradition which states Apocalypse was revealed int he form of a dream. I believe you're thinking of the pedophile Muhammad, camel dung be upon him. Further, there are numerous differences in translations of the various versions of the Bible.

As far as Israel's status as a democracy is concerned, how do you account for the fact that Arab citizens of Israel enjoy PRECISELY the same rights as do their Jewish neighbors without the same responsibilities? There are Arab Muslim members of the Knesset, and there has been at least one who became a cabinet minister. How many Jews have seats in the parliament of (insert Arab thugocracy here)? Oh, that's right: they HAVE no freely-elected parliaments!

"What other nation state is allowed to occupy territory 'acquired' in a recent war?" Pretty much every last one, except for Israel. Which nation owns Alsace-Lorraine these days? How about the Sudetenland? Gdansk? The Kurile Islands? I could go on for hours, as this is quite possibly the most ridiculous argument you "people" have raised yet!

"What other modern democracy refuses to enter into treaties with other nations?" Once again, pretty much EVERY one of them. Does the US have any treaties with Iran, for example? Do the Brits have any with Argentina? Foreign policy is one of the functions of a sovereign state.

"What other modern democracy would even think of harvesting organs from those they have murdered?" Oh brother! The blood libel rears its ugly head. I'll bet you have a copy of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in a place of honor, right next to your copy of "Mein Kampf", don't you?

At Wednesday, March 10, 2010, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

I am not a Muslim but still find your juvenile taunts against that faith to be disgusting.

Arabs DO NOT enjoy the same rights. That is a mythology. Just ask any Arab held for hours daily at one of the Israeli border crossings.

The Israelis have admitted to harvesting organs, so your protestations of "blood libel" are in vain. As for the rest of your points, I suggest you read up on RECENT international law (which of course, the nation you love to felate does not consider itself bound by.

At Wednesday, March 10, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

Why must you lie? Show so much as one LEGITIMATE source to the Israeli government admitting such a thing.

If you believe international law regarding occupations and annexations has changed since 1946, by all means, porovide me with an example of a nation which was pressured into returning territory seized from an aggressor enemy in a war.

At Wednesday, March 10, 2010, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...


Now Rick, please feel free to get lost and take your Israelophilia elsewhere.

At Friday, March 12, 2010, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

No response, Ricky Boy?


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