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6srael is the most dangerous place
for Jewish people in the world

By HUSSEIN ASSI and HASAN HIJAZI                                      mp3

Day after another, the Israeli "fears" seem to be higher and higher…

Dangers are surrounding the so-called Israeli State from all directions. The existence of the Zionist entity is in itself threatened by the new balances of terror or power in the region.

The previous statement was not delivered by a Resistance leader or an anti-Israeli activist. Instead, it was a "fear" or even an "obsession" expressed by Israeli daily Yedihot Ahronot as a result of the new balances of deterrence in the region.

"Israel is the most dangerous place for Jewish people in the world," the Israeli daily pointed out in its main headlines, emphasizing, in one sense or another, the level of dangers felt by the Israelis during the last stage.

Yedihot noted that the Zionist entity was aimed, when created, to represent the "safety coast" for Jewish people. "However, and since its creation, it turned to be the one and only place in the world in which Jewish people are killed in a systematic way in military confrontations and terrorist attacks just because they belong to the Zionist scheme," the daily claimed.

The Israeli daily went on in its analysis to say that after Israel became a regional power and after the Israeli army was believed to be the strongest one in the Middle East, the Israeli fears didn't see an end. "Israelis feel threatened today more than ever, threatened by an Iranian nuclear weapon once and by thousands of rockets launched from the North or the South," the daily said.

Not only this, the Israeli daily had the courage to ask a dangerous question, a question that touches the cause of commitment to remain inside the Zionist entity. "We have to ask ourselves whether we are really ready to sacrifice our own sons for the sake of the Israeli sovereignty at the time we can guarantee a future of safety and security for them somewhere else."


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