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Pope Calls for True "Exodus"
from Conflict in Middle East

Pope Benedict XVI urged humankind to undergo a "spiritual and moral conversion" during his traditional Easter Sunday message.
"Humanity needs... a spiritual and moral conversion," the 82-year-old pope said in his traditional "Urbi et Orbi" message. "It needs... to emerge from a profound crisis, one which requires deep change, beginning with consciences."

The pope also touched on key hot spots in the world, calling for a "true exodus" from conflict in the Middle East, "the land sanctified by (Jesus') death and resurrection." He urged "a true and definitive 'exodus' from war and violence to peace and concord", in the Middle East.

Condemning persecution and lamenting the "suffering" of Christian minorities, he said: "May the Risen Lord sustain the Christians who suffer persecution and even death for their faith, as for example in Pakistan."

He added: "To the Christian communities who are experiencing trials and sufferings, especially in Iraq... Peace be with you!"

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pope scares the easter eggs outta me, I shouldn't have hit the play button!


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