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International Women's Day
commemorated in Palestine

MEMO - Yesterday, 25 November, women around the world commemorated International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This day was particularly significant to the Palestinian women in Gaza, who came out in large numbers to march in solidarity with all those women, young or old, who had suffered and, indeed, continue to suffer under the brutal Israeli Occupation.

Palestinian women are continuously put through hardships and suffer from the daily injustices of the Occupation. While some women and their families marched through the streets of the Gaza Strip, others sat in front of the UN headquarters in Gaza, demanding justice for those who are being imprisoned in Israeli jails and called for the end of violence and abuse against the women of Palestine. A photo exhibition was also unveiled, depicting women in their various roles in the struggle against their Occupiers and the illegal siege.

Trade unions also organized a sit-in in front of the Red Cross, demanding international intervention to stop the abuse of women in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including the West Bank, where the Palestinian Authority’s security forces continue to harass and imprison women who support the Hamas movement; they are often subjected to brutal physical and psychological violence.


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