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Gathering Sheep For The Slaughter

America's heartland is being abandoned.

If you bother to consider why, the answer will alarm you.

People go where there's money; and money is where those who control the money want it to be.

It follows then, that those with money can control where people go.

So, they are responsible for the mass migration of Americans from the heartland to our already overpopulated cities.

Why do they want all of us to live in cramped blighted cities when America is so vast?

In order to Economize!

If all the people are in a small area, then the government doesn't have to spend as much to maintain roads and all the other necessities that make up the infrastructure of civilized communities!

And as an added bonus, demand for real estate rises in the blighted cities, prices get astronomically high and mortgage bankers get richer than they already are!!!

Hel-looo! This is how you treat sheep, not people.

If you're a person, then ask questions, please, because we need to save our skins!


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