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Kick 'Em Where It Hurts The Most!

No doubt, spreading the truth is essential to the struggle to rid ourselves of this horrendous monetary system.

But, more action is needed to stop this colossal and continuous transfer of wealth from the working class to moneylenders.

AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN while sustaining your existence---Stop Spending, Stop Borrowing, and Stop Accepting the Dollar!!!

That doesn't mean you can't find CREATIVE WAYS to get what you want.

If someone has something that you want or need, talk to them about the problem, tell them the facts, offer them something you have, or could do, or could create for them and see if they'll exchange it for what they have that you want, and vice versa.

If they want to buy something from you, see if they have something else to offer you that you need--something other than MONEY!


At some point, the powers that be will be FORCED to give us a middleman with integrity, one that will not rob us blind via INTEREST!!!


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