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Twisting The American Dream; A Marketer's Dream, That Is

Twisting The American Dream is a great piece that takes a cautionary look at the propriety of turning a 16-year old girl into a professional golfer who can make her first million before she learns to drive a car.

For those of you who know me, it's not hard to guess what my position is on this.

"MAKING IT BIG" is just another marketing tactic that uses the media and a lot of CASH to whip up popular frenzy over a megaspectator sport. The goal is to lather the wild-eyed look in people's eyes over the prospect of making a great deal of money while engaging in something that's enjoyable--after all it's a sport!

This is exploitation pure and simple.Parents want money and fame for their children, after all they love their children. Children want their parents to be happy and want their parents to love them, after all they love their parents.

The only ones who don't give a hoot about either are those who are whipping up the frenzy and making a buck off of it. If there are millions in it for the girl and her family; there are billions in it for others.

And after all, the beauty of competition is millions of little folks kill themselves trying but it's not too costly to pay only one in the end. Besides, that one is doing a lot more than winning, she drives the marketing engine that feeds the industry.

In any event, making "money" is not bad per se. But, exploiting children to "tap" into a new market is. I suppose if you don't mind the culture of greed it perpetuates; these types of megabucks-megaspectator sports are all in good fun--just like the LOTTERY, which is obviously good for society [insert heavy sarcasm].

But more importantly, they accelerate the engine of the hoover-matic money machine that sucks up time and labor from those who have nothing but their time and their labor and concentrates it into the hands of those who do nothing, but have MONEY.

Time to wake up folks. If it's costing you a lot of MONEY just to have a little leisure time with the family, then maybe you should find another past time.

You should not have to work harder and longer to get the CASH required to have a little fun. Remember, for those of us who WORK for a living, MONEY does not grow on trees!


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