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All Alone In The World

I read an excerpt from a book called All Alone In The World: Children Of The Incarcerated.

It's very sad. It talks about how officers leave children alone and defenseless, after they arrest their parents for dealing drugs. It discusses the dire consequences and suggests possible solutions including protocols for arresting officers.

If you've read my other pieces, then you probably already know my response. But, I'll let you know, just in case...:)

Almost all roads these days lead to our corrupted monetary system.

Designing protocols to deal with poor defenseless children who are robbed of their allegedly "bad" natural parents will mitigate the effects, but it will NOT solve the problem.

This is a classic case of supply and demand.

These parents live in neighborhoods with extremely high unemployment rates, no access to capital (which is needed for development). And when there is access to capital, it's at HORRENDOUS interest rates--as much as 924% APR (aka PAY DAY LOANS)! These people are exploited by those who control the money supply.

So, we've established that money is in short supply--which makes people need it more (high demand). What else is in short supply?

Drugs are illegal=short supply. They make people forget about their chronic and insurmountable financial troubles (constant debt), so people want them and are ready to pay a good price for them. They are also physically addictive which exacerbates the demand for them.

Also, they provide a source of income for those who choose to sell it. Do people who sell exploit the needs of those who buy it? Sure! But, so do the moneylenders who started the problem to begin with!

Do people who sell drugs have much of a choice? NO.

Do, money lenders have a choice? HELL YEAH! They can invest their money in creative, PRODUCTIVE ways without exploiting those in need!

Plese, learn how a money system is supposed to work.

Together, we can put a stop to the private control of the money supply and an end to our exploitation by moneylenders.


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