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"You're Doin' A Heckuva Job Brownie!"

No one can forget those now infamous words from our appointed head of state G.W. to Michael Brown, then head of FEMA, just after Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi.

But, this is merely one of a string of absurdities that have and continue to characterize the BUSH administration, as so clearly demonstrated by the content of emails exchanged between Brown and other FEMA officials during and after the hurricane.

One of the readers asked "Why Are These Guys Still In Office?"

You might guess what my response was--BECAUSE They Control The MONEY supply!

And, I'll say here what I said there. It's important to learn about gross malfeasance committed by our governing officials.

But, in discussing the sheer absurdity of their conduct we must focus on its instrumental value and not just its entertainment value.

We must ask ourselves what other frauds are being perpetrated against us because we remain uninformed?

It's time to ask who controls the money supply? Why? and How?

If you love your family and your freedom and believe that each individual should have equal access to the benefits of our monetary system based on their own labor and ingenuity, then take the time to learn what's wrong with our monetary system.

And, spread the word; it's our only chance.


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