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Sophie's Choice

Choosing between socialism and fascism is like choosing between death by lethal injection, or by guillotine.
Andrei Illarionov, [an] outspoken economic adviser to President Vladimir Putin [has] become increasingly critical of a return to inefficient state control of the economy has offered his resignation
He leans towards guillotine. But not for him, of course; government officials, especially economists, are always spared.
Illarionov, 44, a free-market economist who worked in the Russian government in the early 1990s . . . lambasted the effective nationalization of the Yukos oil empire of jailed tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2004 as the "swindle of the year."
Who is Khodorkovsky?
"Russia's wealthiest man, [Khodorkovsky] made his first fortunes in banking."
Surprise, surprise.

What's the US position on Khodorkovsky? Let's just say they aren't thrilled.
Illarionov insists that "state corporations, [although] they are public in name and status, are managed above all for their own personal interests."

Last week, Russia's biggest carmaker, Avtovaz, elected a new board with top managers representing the state, cementing control of a key company after parallel moves to increase the state's hold on [energy].

Russia . . . now controls around 30 percent of the national oil industry.

In December 2004, the biggest oil fields [Yukos]. . . were transferred to the state to reclaim billions in disputed tax bills, and this year, the giant gas monopoly Gazprom bought the privately held OAO Sibneft oil company. [yikes! sounds like a mix of socialism AND fascism.]

Illarionov said last week that after state-owned [takeover of] Yukos' main subsidiary . . . the unit's revenues dropped and costs soared.
So, which do you prefer, lethal injection or guillotine?


At Tuesday, December 27, 2005, Blogger cyclone said...


I'll take the guillotine! We're headed for the same choice here, I'm afraid. Good job,



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