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Three Ways to Success

There are only three paths to financial success in life:

  1. Do what nobody else can do.
  2. Do what nobody else will do.
  3. Do what nobody else can or will do.
A good example of doing what nobody else can do is Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby is a very talented actor and comedian. Sure, there are other actors and comedians that are very gifted, but nobody does Bill Cosby like Bill Cosby. If you tried to replace him with another talented black actor and comedian like Eddie Murphy, the results would not be the same, and that is why Bill Cosby is so successful.

A lot of people do what nobody else will do. Garbage collectors are one, and plumbers are another. Both perform a function that is valuable, but which most people find unappealing. At the other end of the scale is surgeons. Most people cannot imagine cutting people for a living, so skilled surgeons are very well paid. If you can find a job which nobody else will do, you will always have work, and you will be well paid.

Assassins combine the two ideas, and do what nobody else can or will do. It may sound easy on the surface, but any detective will tell you that murder is the easiest crime to commit, and the hardest to get away with. If you are able to get away with it, then you can command a high price. Also, because of moral beliefs, or fear of consequences, few people are willing to be an assassin. I am certainly not recommending that you take up this calling, but it is a good example of the concept.

So there you have it. There are only three basic paths to financial success. If you doubt this truth, consider the opposite of these three examples as proof. If you do what anybody else can do, you can be replaced, and you will be paid less. If you do what anybody else will do, the same thing applies. If you do what anybody else can and will do, then you are very replaceable, and your success will be very limited as well.

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    At Tuesday, December 27, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

    great post, doc!

    I know that Fed falls into category #1

    But, under which category do moneylenders/bondholders fall?

    At Tuesday, December 27, 2005, Blogger Doc said...

    I suspect the moneylenders fall into the same category as the assassins. Perhaps that's too harsh, maybe loanshark is more appropriate. They loan you a little air to breathe, and charge a lot of blood in interest.


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