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Hamas leaves room for CO-EXISTENCE

Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas leader said Friday that they had no immediate plans to change its policy and recognize Israel . . .

"If the Israelis have something to fulfill the basic demand of the Palestinian people concerning the occupied territories, detainees, question of Jerusalem, our national interests, we are going to re-evaluate this argument."
Hardline position, yes. But, a far cry from the threat, oft repeated by the MSM, that they aim to drive Israel into the sea.

Clearly, Hamas leaves room for co-existence. Let's see what happens.


At Monday, January 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think u ought to do some really serious thinking: HAMAS DOESN'T HAVE TO LEAVE ANY ROOM FOR CO-EXISTENCE.

Why are fools so obsessed with Israel's existence?--that's the real and whole problem.

There's something else entirely that ought to be done with Israel--ck my post on the "How Do You Spell Independence?" blog.

And for yet more discussion, ck my essays on NewNation.org and WhiteAlert.com., and yet other blogs, this site, like "Truth does not negotiate with Lies."

People gotta quit letting themselves be intimidated by these insane murderers, the Jews--there's a way to deal with them with only 2 things, (a) realistic reason, then the (b) courage. So let's get about to doing these two things already. Apollonian


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