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For the RECORD

Iran has floated the prospect of reopening its nuclear program to snap inspections and renewing contacts with European negotiators in a possible overture ahead of talks with Russia next week.

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, made the offers in a French radio interview on Thursday, but they went largely unnoticed until Iran's embassy in Paris issued a statement Friday summarizing his comments.

* * *

The best guarantee that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful would be inspections by the U.N. nuclear watchdog, and the use of centrifuges that would limit Iran's enrichment of uranium, Larijani said, according to the embassy. The embassy statement said American and British scientists have proposed the use of such centrifuges, but the U.S. and British have not publicly spoken about such an offer.

The Iranian embassy said that a deal on centrifuges could prompt Iran to agree to an international pact, known as the Additional Protocol, that would allow snap inspections of areas and programs that could be used for weapons activity.

"If such guarantees were accepted, Iran would accept to submit the additional protocol to parliament for ratification," the statement said.

* * *

The Iranian embassy's unusual effort to draw attention to Larijani's comments came a day after the French foreign minister accused Iran of having a secret military nuclear program, which Iran denies.

It also came ahead of talks next week on a Russian proposal to move Iran's uranium enrichment program to Russia and abandon enrichment on Iranian soil for a significant period of time.

* * *

The Iranian embassy statement did not mention the talks. But it said that Iran is "disposed" to negotiate with all countries except for Israel.

It also urged the European Union to propose new solutions to the crisis "instead of repeating the positions of the United States," which has long accused Iran of seeking nuclear weapons. France, Britain and Germany have led EU negotiations with Iran.

"If Europe changes its language with regard to Iran and recognizes our country's right to peaceful nuclear technology," the embassy statement said, "the Iranian side will be fully disposed to cooperate."
[emphasis added]
Sounds reasonable to me. The ball is in the West's court.


At Sunday, February 19, 2006, Blogger AJ said...


The ball has been in the West's court for some time now.
Whatever is real and true, you can distort the truth by either perception or outright lies.
TWA flight 800 that blew up over NY's ocean waters had dozens of witnesses that said they saw a streak heading up to it.
This was dismissed as akin to little green men landing in Roswell.
Five years ago, people would laugh if you said we would have a standing, fighting force in the Middle east. Now we are getting ready to invade Syria or Iran soon.
Official reason? Terrorism.
Same shit different day.
For those of us who have the time to understand what is really going on, even if it is a myriad of dark shapes in the fog of truth, we blog, write, send letters to congress, complain ect.
And what does this work amount to?
Laughter from the forces that govern our leaders,
a horrible blase' response to a major cities hurricane victims, pathetic reasons given for our leaders cutting social services,more lies, lies, lies.
Do you honestly think this is going to change with an "election"?
There is nothing you can do about this without total unbending, cold, commitment.
And they know it,.. ergo the awards recently to Halliburton to build even more "detention centers" throughout America.

At Sunday, February 19, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Yes. Of course, I know that you're right, AJ. That's why the title is "For the Record."

They're going to do what they want, no doubt. But, if that's the case, then at least let the truth be heard LOUD and CLEAR, so that those who would otherwise resist will give them HELL to pay on earth.

They will probably take most of us down with them in their evil greedy frenzy. But, I'm NOT going to go down complicit OR complacent in their crimes.

At Sunday, February 19, 2006, Blogger AJ said...

"..those who would otherwise resist will give them HELL to pay on earth. "

Resist? What, blog them to death?

You know, I have been mouthing off a bit lately..on line and in real life.
A few days ago, I noticed I was being followed by the biggest blackest Hummer I have ever seen in my life. It had nice little red/blue lights on it.Obviously not /Army, but Homeland Security .It turned off after a while so I could not get a good look.
I will tell you that experience was pretty "awe" inspiring.
If you know what I mean, ....and I think you do.

At Monday, February 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

So, what do you suggest. Silently, go with the program?

Even if talking to anyone and everyone we see is the only thing we can do, isn't it better than nothing?

No one lives forever.

At Monday, February 20, 2006, Blogger AJ said...

No, my point was that unless you want to die, or be shipped to someplace and never heard from again, you better think about what you are doing.
I never said to acquiesce and do nothing.
I must add something you probably already know...
blogs like yours(and mine) are the exact reason why 'blogs' are free,since the forces that be can find a good reason to use the new shiny type of Echelon tech they have.
smile! You're on camera!


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