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Global Financiers Put Hitler To Shame

Far worse than Hitler could ever be, global financial institutions are taking control of the world's infrastructure at lightning speed. Whether it's buying toll roads or timberland, the threat of global financial fascism is clear and present. Last week the Indiana toll road, this week a truck stop business in the UK.
Macquarie Bank has bought a roadside catering service in the [UK.]

The Australian investment bank is part of a consortium that purchased the business from Compass Group plc.

* * *

The total sale price of SSP was STG1.822 billion ($A4.38 billion), though Macquarie's investment is "not material".

The roadside catering business includes a series of truck stops where travellers can buy petrol and food.

The investment fits within Macquarie's usual strategy of buying monopoly-style businesses with high barriers to entry, usually related to the infrastructure industry.

It adds to the approximately $1.8 billion worth of assets currently sitting on the bank's balance sheet with a view to being spun off into Macquarie's more than a dozen satellite funds.
These people are relentless. At least Hitler invaded with uniformed armies in plain sight. These guys buy our countries right out from underneath us and no one's the wiser.

This must stop. While we can't help what's happening in the UK, we can put an end to fascism here - before it's too late.


At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger Red Tulips said...

I think we should be careful is comparing global financiers to Hitler. It is not that somehow Hitler comes off smelling like roses compared to global financiers. It's just that he directly directed the killing of millions and conquering of nations.

On the other hand, the financiers accomplish their conquering of nations and death and destruction much more slowly and subtly. It is more insiduous, but I would be careful to say "worse" than Hitler, who in fact practiced outright genocide with concentration camps.

At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

But global financers are worse that Hitler. We can't ignore the truth because it is offensive to some people. Global financers are the worst terrorists, murders, and criminals this world has ever seen.


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