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White House Demands Media 'Correct' Itself

The White House is fumbling over today's report that it knew there were no WMD's before Bush made his fateful speech.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the account "reckless reporting" and said Bush made his statement based on the intelligence assessment of the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), an arm of the Pentagon.

* * *

A U.S. intelligence official, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, confirmed the existence of the field report cited by the Post, but said it was a preliminary finding that had to be evaluated.

"You don't change a report that has been coordinated in the (intelligence) community based on a field report," the official said. "It's a preliminary report. No matter how strongly the individual may feel about the subject matter."
Field reports are raw, they say. It always needs some cooking.

But then why bother sending experts?
The authors of the reports -- nine U.S. and British civilian experts -- were sent to Baghdad by the DIA, the newspaper said.

A DIA spokesman told the paper that the team's findings were neither ignored nor suppressed, but were incorporated in the work of the Iraqi Survey Group, which led the official search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

The team's work remains classified. But the newspaper said interviews revealed that the team was unequivocal in its conclusion that the trailers were not intended to manufacture biological weapons.
I wonder who were the key members of the 'Iraqi Survey Group' responsible for the finished product?
McClellan said the Post story was "nothing more than rehashing an old issue that was resolved long ago," pointing out that an independent commission on Iraq had already determined the intelligence on alleged Iraqi biological weapons was wrong.

When an ABC reporter pressed McClellan on the subject at his morning briefing, McClellan upbraided the network for picking up on the report.

"This is reckless reporting and for you all to go on the air this morning and make such a charge is irresponsible, and I hope that ABC would apologize for it and make a correction on the air," he said.
Feeble pleas for help. McClellan demands the media 'correct' their report, like the ISG 'corrected' that of the field experts.

Their house of cards is falling.


At Wednesday, April 12, 2006, Blogger Post American said...

I was watching that on the CSPAN! That Scott McClellen is a piece of shit, but those Reporters are even bigger pieces of shit, except for Helen Thomas! I got an email from her last week thanking her for speaking truth to power about PNAC, the wargames on 911, and the territorial pissings in Iraq/Iran! I told her I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, I'm an American and I'm mad as hell! Tar and Feathers!

At Wednesday, April 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made hydrogen in the 1970's, based on what I read in a National Geographic article: aluminum, water, lye. I know how to make hydrogen.

When I heard that the Iraqis claimed that the trailers were for making hydrogen I wondered if they used that same reaction. I sought out the CIA/DIA white paper (found it on the web a day or so after it was issued) and discovered that two things were discovered on the trailers: aluminum and lye (but the white paper tried to hide the latter by calling it "caustic." Right there is proof enough that they were lying.)

So the white paper that Bush and Cheney cited for years proved the trailers were for making hydrogen, not what the white paper purported to prove (biological WMD.)

If you actually read the white paper you will find it contains fabrications, infantile logic, and lies. If you search everything you can you will find that no evidence of any WMD culture activity on the trailers has ever been found. None. The mobile WMD culture laboratories were a fabrication from the beginning to the end. They didn't exist.

The white paper that Bush and Cheney relied on was a lie form the start. Not a mistake, not a misinterpretation, a lie. With or without the accurate report now being revealed for the first time as having been sent to Washington before the white paper was released we know that Bush and Cheney were lying and that the white paper was concocted to give them grounds for the lie. Bush wasn't relying on a report based on intelligence, he was relying on a lie concocted to give him the proof of WMD he desperately needed at the time. David Kay once as much as said so.

The White House can squawk all it wants but they'll never turn Bush's words into truth. The more the White House squawks the more the press (Washington Post, perhaps?) should press on the obvious falsity and amateur nature of that white paper, which is the evidence Bush and the White House cite. The press can prove the white paper is a lie.

Proving that the white paper is a lie isn't just easy: it's a slam dunk.

At Wednesday, April 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many more lies are you gonna prove? The time to prove shit is over. It is time to act, otherwise there won't be anyone around to prove anything about anything to anyone.

At Wednesday, April 12, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

I agree and disagree. It is time to act, but we also need to keep analyzing and spreading information on the truth. Their are so many brainwashed ignorant Americans out their.

At Wednesday, April 12, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

hey, thanks for the great comments. It's reassuring to see that people are awake and alert.

vper1, that's an outstanding link! I recommend that everyone read it. pissedoffpatriot, crusader bunny, and anon, I share your sentiments. We must act.

But, citisucks is right, we are acting - by communicating with eachother, informing eachother, and informing others. The most important being the third - increasing the circle of awareness.

The internet is a good medium for communication. But, it's not enough. We have to be foot soldiers. And by that I mean we must take our voices to the streets, though not necessarily with placards.

Resistance must take on a sustained quality, patient and persistent. Look for a job that can pay you for the opportunity to talk with people (without exploiting them of course). It will most likely be a low paying job, but who gives a shit. That's the sacrifice we must make.

Once you're well positioned, you simply continue your work of spreading the truth, drawing more people into the fold. Even if you have to stick with a job that does not make room for talking with others, if you live in a big city like me, you can do it on your way to or from work. Talk to anyone and everyone that will listen.

We must reach critical mass for any kind of resistance to become meaningful, i.e., effective. We don't stand a chance unless enough people are prepared to reject the gold-plated shackles and embrace the bare bones of freedom. They will mainly come from our country's youth. They are the people to focus on.

At Friday, April 14, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

That's cool qrswave. In fact that is what I get to do in my job. I work with people who have addictions. They are really smart people and I think a lot of them see the truth about how *&^^$% up the world is and turn to drugs to cover up the pain of it. I try to help the people I counsel get off drugs, but I also try to help them become independent thinkers and not turn them into conformists like some counselors do.


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