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Chavez calls Bush ‘Genocidal Assassin’ who ‘Belongs in Jail’

Chavez, known for being kind to his opponents, expressed his views on a visit with the Mayor of London.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez branded US President George W Bush Monday a 'genocidal assassin' and the 'worst criminal in humanity' during a a private visit to London.

During a visit hosted by Ken Livingstone, London's controversial mayor, Chavez described the Iraq war as the 'Vietnam of the 21st century' and said he did not believe Iran was trying to gain nuclear capability.

Livingstone, standing next to the radical Venezuelan leader, said: 'I sometimes have views on George Bush - not too dissimilar from yours.'
Livingstone, who has long been on their sh*tlist, can expect more of the same after this one.
Chavez was given a 'hero's welcome' by Livingstone at a public rally attended by left-wingers from Britain and Latin American countries Sunday evening.

But he did not call, nor had he been invited to, on British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom he has described as a 'main ally of Hitler' on account of British support for the Iraq war.
If the shoe fits . . .
Chavez repeated his warning that the price of petrol would rocket in Britain, if war is declared against Iran. 'The English middle classes would have to stop using their cars', he said.

Referring to Iraq, he said: 'If you are going to compare me to the worst criminal in humanity - the president of the US; He is an assassin. He is a criminal responsible for genocide, completely immoral.'

Chavez added: 'I believe that he should be put in jail. He has invaded a country. Are we bombing cities?'

On the conflict surrounding Iran's nuclear programme, he said: 'We want dialogue. We are not for war. All we want is respect for the will of the people of Iran.'

Livingstone, a strong Chavez supporter, defended him as 'the best news out of Latin America in many years.'

* * *
During his last visit to London in 2001, Chavez warmly embraced Blair and had tea with Queen Elizabeth II.

But since then, relations between the two governments have deteriorated.
I'll say! Expect some harsh replies from the White House, too. And - as usual - don't rule out the use of force.


At Monday, May 15, 2006, Blogger Unknown said...

The cat is out of the bag now - they cannot get away with much any more. The Internet rules - blogs rule - public opinion rules. The press was co-opted, but global public opinion is the counterweight to tyranny and the guarantor of democracy and freedom.

The mercantiles used technology to suppress us. We use technology to balance it.

Keep writing, and keep blogging, and the worst threat to the world right now is the bill in Congress that would 'classify' the Internet. They are never going to let go unless they tranquilize the Internet by 'classes of service'. Never let this happen and everything else will take care of itself.

Chavez spends the better of Sundays live on radio answering and replying to his countrymen. Once he was on air for 8 straight hours. He is popular, he has charisma, and an ideology. How can US democracy compare?

At Monday, May 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Chavez's planned travel itinary included a visit to Libya, after his London stopover (which was very succesful, by the way).

Vheadline stated that this was to discuss issues of greater African/Latin American cooperation & OPEC oil issues.

So today it was hardly coincidental the the USA (White House Press Dept.) has just announced that it is re-establishing diplomatic ties with Libya.

The must have plans to try & thwart Chavez's influence etc.

At Tuesday, May 16, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

akber, you're right. That is a terrible threat. But, there is a bigger threat - Il Nafs.

Byrne, excellent observation. I see the story on the front page of google news this morning: "After a 26 year old diplomatic standoff, Libya and the US have finally kissed and made up."


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