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Emergency Security Council Meeting Convenes

Re: Yesterday's Qana massacre


On C-SPAN. (rough transcript, paraphrase, not word for word)
Kofi Anan is calling for an immediate and severe condemnation of the strike.

Ten years ago over 100 people in this same village have suffered this same fate.

Blames both sides . . .

Blames Hizbullah for unprovoked attack . . .

No one deniesIsrael's right to defend its border in the South

But this manner of doing so (and the civilian deaths) is wholly unacceptable

Reiterates call for immediate cessation of (military) activities . . .

Reads an Israeli request (of today) to UNIFIL that two more villages evacuate today before sunset. UNIFIL rejects it.


Representative of Lebanon:

Thanks Secretary for calling meeting and renewed appeal for immediate ceasefire.

We meet today as innnocent blood continues to be shed as we hear mothers cry.

When will the killing machine stop.
This is the third week of killing and destruction.,

Now, the hamlet of Qana meets its fate ten years on with Israel.

* * *

Israel's shells do not recognize the innocence of children or the sanctity of life.

Over 60 corpses have been plucked from the village . . .and there is more.

In your heart, in your deepest hearts you know that Israel is commiting massacres>

Just because it is not being addressed...does not mean that the truth is awaiting.

* * *

Discusses seven point plan . . .

However, Israel has other solutions, of shells, aircraft and bombing children . . .

....After many massacres, after the second Qana massacre.

Considering solutions before the comperehensive and immediate ceasefire is not acceptable . . .

The Lebanese people that you supported in your resolution are today mourning their martyrs in one voice.

They are calling upon you to cease the fire immediately and without delay.

We are commited to the United Nations. We believe it to be a haven for the weak and not a podium for the strong.

Quotes from the Lebanese government:

...We have left no stone unturned and no avenue unexplored to (stop the carnage in Israel's systematic determination to destroy Lebanon.)

Istead, Israel has massacred people in Qana, like they did during operation "Grapes of Wrath"when they killed 100 . . . (sorry, not word for word transcript)

Describes Israeli military as ruthless, pitiless sword of Israeli blood machine that continues to (kill innocents)

In your heart of hearts you know that Israel is commiting atrocities that you conscience cannot tolerate.

Back our call for an immediate ceasefire.

Dan Gillerman on Israel's behalf:

This is a horrible sad and bloody Sunday. This is a day in which we mourn and grieve together with Lebanon the deaths . . .

Those people may have been killed by Israeli fire, but they are the victims of Hizbullah . . they are the victims of terror.

While we mourn the deaths of those people we must stress that Israel has never and has not at this time target innocent people.

Hizbullah has always used Qana as a base.

Israel has beseeched and asked repeatedly for residents to leave.

We are dealing with a cynical, ruthless and cruel enemy.They have no regard for Israeli life, they have no concern for Lebanese lives.

Hizbullah is everywhere . . .
But, there is a huge moral disequivalence between two sides.

While Hizbullah specifically targets women and children we target

"When you sleep with a missile sometimes you don't wake up in the morning"

We are truly sorry for the people who are killed. I have never heard Hizbullahsay sorry for killing women and civilians because they target them specifically.

For them every dead Israeli is a victory.

I would not be surprised if Hizbullah planned for this and this is something they wanted and wished for (re: Qana massacre).

They don't want a settlement. And I must say that I feel that what is happening today at this table is exactly what they want to happen and that Tehran and Damascus are celebrating.

They want you to react the way you do. I know these are harsh words . . . I beseech you not to play into their hands while they sacrifice their people as human shields as human victims.

The demonstrations today held in Beirut should not be against the UN. they should be against Hizbullah.

Blames Lebanese government for not solving the Hizbullah problem and tells Sinora to tell his people to demonstrate for peace and not for blood.

We need to change the culture of hatred. We need to teach our children about hope.

We should not let what happened today (to force a ceasefire) . . .
Don't let Iran, the sponsor of Hizbullah, to have their day.

. . . (some more sh*t, not worth typing)

Lebanon again:

What good is it to turn eyes away from the massacre and the true source of the fire.

A ceasefire alone will give civilians on both sides of the border to avoid the massacres we have seen.

From the beginning it was very clear that Lebanon was targeted not Hizbullah.

As for alleged rockets been fired from the villages this is not true.

And now, Israel is threatening two more villages today.

Security Council concludes, meeting adjourned.
WOW. Gillerman was sh*tting a brick, blathering on, the usual bullsh*t.

The US will veto any resolution - of course. But, calling the meeting was significant.


At Sunday, July 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

israel is innocent,,israel is a dove among wolves,,,the children of lebanon r guilty of sleeping under the isreli shells,,go ahead olmert ,,u have been trained well,,,begin and sharon have given u the best of their compassionate killing,,,kill the children first ,,then mutilate the parents later,,,
what else am i supposed to say ,,,give an objective politically correct analysis ,,,will leave that to mr bush ,,he is the embodiment of human compassion ,,,nero in the land of the civilized,,,i will buy his painting ,,,the 9/11 scene ,,drawn from the white house balcony...

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