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Genocide, Israeli-style - also known as self-defense

IN AN abandoned parking station on the outskirts of Beirut, about 4000 people have taken refuge four storeys underground. There is no sunlight, no fresh air, no phone signal.

The place is cut off, except for a staircase wide enough for one person at a time. Five giant air-conditioners circulate the stale air, which reeks of human waste. "People should not have to live here. It's inhumane," said one refugee, Raed Abbas. "We're like the walking dead, already buried underground even though we're still alive."

All around him, people were sprawled out on foam mattresses, straw mats and polyester blankets on Wednesday. Sick-looking children held on to mothers. Everyone seemed dazed.

Filling this garage with refugees is among the extreme measures Lebanese officials are taking to deal with the displacement of 500,000 people - one-eighth of the country's population - since fighting began on July 12.

The displaced are causing a severe strain on the country. The Government has been slow to deliver aid to those who fled their homes. ****Hezbollah and another Shiite party, Amal, stepped into the void.**** They dispatched hundreds of young men to schools and community centres throughout Beirut to distribute food, water and medicine to the refugees.

The same people that our Zionist controlled media would have you believe are "terrorists" are the only ones IN THE WORLD helping their countrymen at a time when they themselves are fighting for their lives.

Meanwhile, Israeli cowards continue to target and bomb everyone in sight.
At the garage, there is no one from the Government on hand. Instead, there are Hezbollah members at the entrance warning refugees not to idle for long - claiming unseen Israeli drones overhead would notice people gathering and perhaps pinpoint the location to be bombed.
Many of these people most likely will die.

This is Israeli genocide - but it's known as 'self-defense.'


At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The objective of the bombing campaign looks more and more like the toppling of the Lebanese government in order to replace it with a fractured puppet regime more to Israel's liking. This is EXACTLY what 'A Clean Break' proposed in the 1990s. It's the Iraqi template all over again.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Published: Thursday, July 20, 2006
Bylined to: Patrick J. O'Donoghue

Chavez reaffirms fraternal strategy with Iran before world tour

VHeadline.com News Editor Patrick J. O'Donoghue writes: Before flying to Cordova (Argentina), Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias says Israeli's onslaught against the Lebanese people has been a dagger thrust to the heart of the peace process in the Middle East.

"The Israelis have invaded the Lebanon, threaten Syria and Iran, while the UN Security Council is blocked by a US veto."

* Chavez Frias calls the Israeli bombing of entire cities "genocide."

When asked about North Korea, the President replies that those who strongly and vociferously criticize North Korea are the same who remain silent on Israeli aggression against innocent men, women and children.

The President says he hopes to visit the North Korean capital but it is not part of the current agenda, which includes Russia, Byelorussia Iran, Vietnam and other Middle Eastern countries.

Venezuela, Chavez Frias states, has a strategic fraternity with Iran ... the Iranian President is expected to visit Venezuela shortly to consolidate several bilateral agreements.

Regarding the Southern Cone Economic Zone (Mercosur) meeting in Argentina, the Venezuelan President has confirmed that he will attend an alternative continental meeting of social and indigenous movements during the summit.

The Venezuelan opposition media have gone on feeding frenzy, speculating whether Fidel Castro will attend the Mercosur summit.

If Fidel doesn't attend the meeting, they will take it a sign that he has died or is on his last legs. President Chavez Frias says he does not know whether the Cuban President will attend but hopes to meet him there.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

a.magnus, yes. It's apparent for all the world to see.


yah venezuela,

Thanks for the story. I am not surprised that Chavez said that.

There is really no other word to describe Israeli conduct - 'genocide' fits just right.

These poor people in lebanon and palestine are on the frontline of this war against humanity. we are next.

As for his alliance with Iran - that underscores the chaos that will ensue when those lunatics succeed in waging war on Iran.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Israeli Conduct" It is a hard pill to take that our beloved country has been in bed with Israel for so long now it has finally begotten the bastard United States of Israel, an illegitimate offspring from an illegitimate union of a legitimate state with an illegitimate state. It is even harder to swallow the guilt we share in these atrocities. But now it is time to face the music for all this "conduct unbecoming", and at least admit to ourselves, if not the world, that when we condemn "Israeli Conduct", we are condemning ourselves as well. So we might as well call it for what it is- United States of Israeli Conduct. Unbecoming to say the least. I can't bring myself to say Israeli-American, because the True American Nations are not responsible for this. Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee and long live Chavez.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless Chavez!


At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sionist pigs.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Chavez too, he is a beacon to free people. I only hope that he can avoid an assasination or "untimely accident" orchestrated by the USA or Israel, such as has happened to so many other South American leaders of the people in the past.

Israel are literally fucking mad. They're giving themselves a hard-on committing genocide in Gaza & Lebanon. I can finally see what all the Arabs have been talking about for years. I had thought their treatment of the Palestinians was bad, but this attack in Gaza and then Lebanon has opened my eyes. And the more I look into it, the more I see Israel for what it is - a murderous, racist, genocidal rogue state, with expansionist aims, a contrived state which should not exist - and would not were it not for the USA supporting it to the tune of billions of dollars worth of aid and the latest murder weaponry.

Iran's president is right when he says Israel should be wiped off the map. They're simply awful, beyond description, disgusting, beyond redemption. How they think they have 'God' on their side is beyond me, they can only be insane.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

What has become of the four thousand people trapped in that garage?


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