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If this be anti-Semitism...

by turbonium
Mon Jul 24, 2006 at 06:03:45 AM PDT

if that's truly what anger at Israel's behavior amounts to, then so be it--cause I'm well and truly PISSED OFF. It has nothing to do with hating Jews or favoring Arabs, and everything to do with simple humanity.

I read this article in Monday's Washington Post, and what our ally Israel is now doing in Lebanon makes me sick.

This is a diary with much cut-and-paste, but I believe my question to the "America stands with Israel, right or wrong" crowd is as important as it is simple:

Will somebody please explain this:

Where's my father? Where's my father?" asked Mahmoud Srour, an 8-year-old whose face was burned beyond recognition after an Israeli missile struck the family's car Sunday. His mother, Nouhad, lurched toward his hospital bed, her eyes welling with tears.

"Is he coming?" he asked her.

"Don't worry about your father," she said, her words broken by sobs.

Barely conscious, bewildered, he lay with his eyes almost swollen shut. His head lolled toward her. A whisper followed.

"Don't cry, mother," he told her.

Mahmoud's father, Mohammed, was dead. An Israeli missile had struck their green Mercedes as they fled the southern town of Mansuri, where the family had been vacationing. The boy's uncle, Darwish Mudaihli, was dead, too. The bodies were left in the burning car. Mahmoud's sister Mariam, 8 months old, lay next to him, staring at the ceiling with a Donald Duck pacifier in her mouth. Her eyes were open but lifeless, a stare that suggested having seen too much. Her hair was singed, her face slightly burned. Blisters swelled the tiny fingers on her left hand to twice their size. In other beds of Najm Hospital were their other brothers, 13-year-old Ali and 15-year-old Ahmed.


or this:

Israeli forces repeatedly struck cars on southern Lebanon's already perilous roads in attacks that victims said were indiscriminate. Seven people were killed, three of them when an Israeli helicopter fired a missile at a white minibus carrying 19 people fleeing the village of Tairi, which Israeli forces had ordered residents to evacuate. The missile tore through the roof of the vehicle as it sped around a bend in the road. [...] the victims of the minibus arrived from near the town of Kafra. Gurney after gurney entered. One boy's left hand was shredded by shrapnel.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A woman sat in a chair, dazed, as others tried to ask her questions. A stretcher smashed into a row of chairs.

"We didn't feel anything. We didn't see anything coming down," said Ali Shaita, a stocky 14-year-old, whose uncle, Mohammed, and grandmother, Nazira, were killed in the attack on the minibus. "It just hit us," said his 12-year-old brother, Abbas.

Ali sat in a bed at Najm Hospital, holding his IV. He was wounded in his chest and left leg. Blood, his and that of his relatives, drenched his red shorts. His brother was hurt in his right leg, head and right arm. His jeans were splotched with more blood. In another room, their mother, Muntaha, sobbed. Her head was wounded, as was her left arm. Her femur was broken in the attack.

"The bandages are too tight on my head," she pleaded to a nurse.

The Shaitas said the car was speeding out of the village at midmorning. The boys' uncle was carrying a white flag with his hand, as was another passenger.

Double whoops.

or this:

The day's events began at 10:30 a.m. when the Mercedes of Mahmoud's family was struck as it barreled down a coastal road dotted by palm trees and banana plantations. As it burned, Zein al-Abdin Zabit passed in his white Nissan with his wife and four sons. His drive was already frantic: Along the road from Naqoura, he had picked up someone wounded in Qlaile, trying to take him to the hospital. A few more miles, then he reached Maaliye, where he picked up two men wounded as they rode a motorcycle.

Near the hospital, a missile struck behind his car, and it caught fire. He floored it for 200 yards more, feeding the flames as he tried to make it to the hospital. Near its entrance, he crashed into a curb, and his ribs were broken. He and the others clambered out, and the gasoline tank exploded. Hours later, the car was a charred carcass. Its tires still smoldered along a row of seared palm trees.

"Whoops" again!

or this:

A boy pleaded with his mother to stay conscious as she lay near death from shrapnel wounds in northern Lebanon after their van was struck by an Israeli missile.

Whoops...lather, rinse, repeat...

or this:

Layal Najib, a 23-year-old photographer for the Lebanese magazine al-Jaras, was killed when Israeli forces struck near her taxi outside the town of Qana to the northwest. She was the first journalist killed in the 12-day conflict

Any more war "whoops" in one day, and Tyre might be mistaken for a pow-wow scene in a dime Western. It's almost as if the taxis and minibuses all had homing beacons as standard equipment.

Order 500,000 people to leave their homes, then blast away at those who attempt to comply while destroying roads and bridges right and left. If wounded survivors should find a ride to the hospital, hit them again quick before they get inside.

Deliberate strategy, or shall we file these deaths under "regrettable" incompetence? Regrettable--just not by us, you understand; we're too busy reshaping a region! Catch you on the next bombing run...

Please don't waste my time with assertions of Israel's "right to exist/defend itself", or endless catalogues of Hezbollah atrocities. Spare me all the lectures about history. Israel has choices in the here and now. So does America. And the Universe has a long memory: It doesn't hand out blank checks.

First, Israel has the same claim on existence and self-defense as any sovereign nation. (That's probably why it protested so stridently when we invaded and occupied Iraq.) And under its current leadership, as anyone with a pulse can plainly see, Israel will do precisely whatever the fuck it wants to--apparently with the unanimous blessing of the Fifth Avenue shoe-shoppers and Nintendo diplomats who control our nation, to its lasting disgrace.

As for Hezbollah, nasty as their aims and tactics may be, my tax dollars don't pay for the rocket bombs landing in Haifa. I hold those who call themselves allies to a much higher standard of human decency and proportionality, just as I do my own nation. It does not suffice for Americans to be merely no worse than Saddam Hussein, and I won't accept "nothing Hezbollah hasn't also done--just laser-guided and ten times as deadly!" either.

Why should I or any American support this kind of indiscriminate slaughter and wholesale destruction of infrastructure we've watched unfold this week? Why is this only bad if someone does it to us? At what point short of nuking Beirut are we allowed to speak of "disproportionality"?

In some arcane way which I neither perceive nor countenance, it may indeed be in the interest of Israel to "respond" to Hezbollah at any arbitrary level of severity. Argue that on Israel's behalf, if you will. But my considered response, as of today, is:

Fuck. This. Ally or no, I don't want my leaders to connive at murder and FedEx the killers more bombs when they run out. I definitely don't want to pay for it--call me back when you're ready to build instead of helping destroy. Until then, I don't want to be associated with it in any way except through condemnation in strong, unambiguous terms.

An alliance is supposed to be a two-way street. I don't understand what my country is getting out of this, besides the hatred of millions. Pursue this course, and you're on your own.


At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fucking Israelis are killing and maiming people from my town as we speak. Imagine how I feel
And that goes for their supporters, too.
The headline above is a CCNWON editorial comment.
From The Lebanese People To The So Called "Civilized" West: "Thank You" - Updated
Scared to flee ... even more scared to stay
A growing flood of humanity is desperately fleeing the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon

Peter Beaumont
Sunday July 23, 2006
The Observer

Lebanese woman is comforted by a relative
Lebanese woman is comforted by a relative. Photograph: Hassan Ammar/Getty

A massive refugee flight from southern Lebanon was under way yesterday as tens of thousands of mainly Shia civilians took to the roads after almost a fortnight of relentless Israeli attacks.

From dawn yesterday, hundreds, then thousands, of cars and rusty trucks choked the narrow mountain roads leading towards Beirut from the bombed and impassable coastal road. Whole extended families were on board. Many had been forced to abandon all they owned.

They came in taxis, buses and private cars, trailing improvised white flags from their windows or with bed sheets slung across their roofs - scant protection from the Israeli jets.

The beleaguered country is facing a humanitarian catastrophe on an enormous scale with more than half a million civilians already displaced and hundreds of thousands more under 'orders' from the Israeli military to evacuate a 20-mile deep zone south of the Litani river.

Amid warnings from the World Food Programme that hundreds of thousands of people are already finding it difficult to find food, mayors in areas away from the heaviest bombardment have told The Observer they are being overwhelmed by refugees flooding from the country's south and Beirut's southern suburbs, and are just days from a humanitarian crisis.

With roads and bridges bombed by the Israelis and large areas of the country under artillery bombardment, aid workers have only been able to contact the most seriously affected areas by phone. They have warned that tens of thousands of elderly, women and children are in danger in the worst-hit areas.

The problems have been exacerbated by the huge reliance of Lebanon on imported food - almost 90 per cent - with the World Food Programme estimating that supplies within the country are sufficient to last between one to three months at most.

The UN warned yesterday the situation in Lebanon was 'deteriorating by the hour'. Its humanitarian chief, Jan Egeland, is due to arrive in Beirut to assess the crisis on the ground, as Lebanese civilians flee north amid fears of a large-scale Israeli ground invasion.

Egeland said half a million people needed assistance - and the number was likely to grow as Israeli troops continued to expand their military operations inside Lebanon.

There was little comfort for those fleeing through the mountains yesterday. Most cars were packed with families, children on adults' knees, some crushed eight to a vehicle. Others who travelled by taxi northwards reported paying $100 per passenger to escape to Beirut - or $1,000 for a family.

Those forced to leave on the open backs of trucks suffered most, exhausted, sunburnt and dehydrated as they crawled through the traffic jams that had gridlocked the Druze mountain villages.

Refugees described gruelling journeys from the besieged city of Tyre and the towns and villages south of the Litani river, where some 300,000 people were ordered to evacuate by leaflets dropped late last week from Israeli aircraft.

Most had little idea where they were fleeing to, only that they could no longer remain in their homes under Israeli attack. Most said they were heading for Beirut or the Syrian border.

Few wanted to stop and talk, fearful of being exposed on the roads to Israeli bombs. But those who did spoke of towns suffering days of bombing, of deaths and damaged houses and bodies buried in the rubble. They described, too, how only those wealthy enough or with cars could escape areas running rapidly out of fuel and food.

Among those who had fled Terdeeba, four miles from Tyre, was Maryam Leban, who, with her parents had taken refuge in a school in the Shouf mountain town of Daraya. 'Everyone is making their own decision on when to leave. Some families are left but not many,' she said. 'We had to get out because they were hitting the whole area. Forty-five houses in the village were damaged. We do not know how many were killed because we could not leave the house.'

Suddenly a white van draped with bed sheets pulled up, just arrived from Terdeeba. As those already in the school hugged the men inside, the eldest - who would not give his name - said: 'It was difficult. Very difficult. There were cars on the road that had run out of petrol. But no one could stop to help. People also tried to tell us to turn back. They said it was too dangerous. But we could not stay, so we came. There is almost no one in the village now.'

The majority of refugees encountered by The Observer were escaping from Tyre and its surrounding villages, which have suffered days of Israeli bombardment so heavy that, during a brief lull on Friday, the city was forced to bury more than 80 of its dead in a hastily dug mass grave.

Down from the mountains - on the coastal plain - the cities that border the Mediterranean appeared largely deserted as a vast plume of black smoke billowed from the ruptured fuel tanks of the Jieh power plant, hit by missiles from an Israeli Apache helicopter last week.

The huge movement of civilians will only exacerbate the crisis in Lebanon, which has already seen the flight of most of Beirut's southern suburban population who have suffered days of bombing.

Refugees have fled to places such as the Shia village of Keyfoun in the Shouf mountains above Beirut, usually home to a few thousand people. In winter its population is 2,000. In summer, when the wealthy Shia from Beirut come up on holiday to their summer homes, it rises to 5,000.

Last week the number of those living in this mountain village hit 40,000 as refugees arrived. In Keyfoun - as elsewhere across the country - people sleep crowded in school classrooms, in half-built housing blocks, public buildings and in the village's solitary hotel. Mostly, though, they stay in other people's houses - three and even four families to a home.

The refugees in Keyfoun are by and large the lucky ones - at least there is food to be had if you have the money - but it is full to bursting. On a single day 240 new families arrived; the municipality had to refuse refuge to any more. Yet still you see them coming up the twisting roads, cars packed with bedding.

Twenty thousand of those who have come to Keyfoun have come from the area of Bourj al-Barajneh, near Beirut's international airport, target of the first Israeli air raids and now largely deserted. The thin foam mattresses that you see stacked against shop doors sell for $30. Blankets go for the same price, with six or seven being shared among up to 20.

Keyfoun's water, delivered from the Barouk river twice a week into a million-litre tank, lasts barely an hour. Many still have money for food: staples like eggs and rice and sugar are becoming more difficult to find. War profiteering has doubled or even trebled in price.

Typical of those displaced, Ali Ghassan, 58, a former prisoner of the Israelis, is from Tyre. A truck driver and supporter of Hizbollah, he says he left only because of his young children. He wants no help from the outside world, only for Israel to be destroyed. 'I built my house two times because of war. I do not wish to have build it a third time.'

Close to the epicentre of last week's attack - a building looking much as locals claim it was, a half-built mosque - only a handful of families remain. Among them is Hasna Shahabeldeen, 40, who was in her apartment when the bombs fell. While the rest of her family fled, she elected to remain.

'There are only four or five families left near here. People have tried to persuade me to go. But I will stay. If necessary I'll die here,' she said.

Israel lifted its blockade of Lebanon's ports yesterday to allow in aid. A Greek warship carrying 22 tons of humanitarian supplies arrived in Beirut last Friday, followed by another with 14 tons of supplies yesterday. An Italian navy ship was expected today.

The next task is to distribute the aid: it is still unclear how it will get to isolated towns where roads have been cut off by Israeli strikes and trucks remain a target for Israeli war planes.

'Everyone is worried'

The Lebanese student: Shoghig Mikaelian, 23, is a student at the International Affairs at the Lebanese American University in Beirut

Just 15 to 20 days ago people were watching the World Cup and lighting up the skies with fireworks. Today, everyone is worried about what is yet to come. People have been rushing to the markets to buy as much food as possible. Our youth used to drive around with flags of their favourite political parties, now the only cars you can see are those rushing up to the mountains. Our family business has come to a complete stop.

We no longer open up , since the area close to the port where we are located is unsafe and many of our customers are from the southern suburbs, which have been reduced to a pile of rubble. When we have electricity, all we watch is the news on local channels, sometimes taking a peek or two at what British or American stations have to say. Despite the current disastrous humanitarian situation in the country, we continue to think that the more serious and tangible catastrophic implications will surface when this "crisis" comes to an end.

The schoolboy: Israeli schoolboy Eugene Webster, 17, is in a bunker in Haifa

Even if nothing happens, it affects you psychologically. My family and I are used to it by now, but at first it made me nervous. I'm really missing going outside. I used to hear the birds, but no birds nowadays. I am with my brother and parents. And my grandmother has moved in for the time being as her area is less safe. On her way here she was near where the rockets hit.

She heard three booms but didn't turn around to see the rockets. It's like being under house arrest. I can only hope that this will resolve in the next few weeks; that we will get the kidnapped soldiers back and that other countries won't have to be dragged into a war with Iran and Syria. We have enough food and water. If we run out of food my father will go to the store at night since rockets are not fired then. We come here when we hear sirens. I write my blog, read and play my guitar.

The father: Noam Shalit, right, is the father of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier seized in June, sparking Israel's Gaza offensive and heralding the present crisis. He lives in Hila, near the Lebanese border

The Israelis in this area are mostly supporting the government and action being taken in Lebanon. Israelis are willing to suffer this burden and overcome it and gain some achievement. I am not a political expert and I am not a military expert. All I want now is to end this crisis and bring my son back. When this war will be finished, maybe we will be able to go back to the point before this began. Don't forget there are two other kidnapped soldiers. It's another issue that has to be handled. Hizbollah dragged us to a war we did not want and we did not start. We would like to live in peace with Lebanon. It's like a bad dream.

The Palestinian: Mark Rashed, 42, is a Palestinian engineer who lives in Gaza City

It's like living in a big prison. There's no power and the border's closed. People are not working and those who are do not get paid. Many do not have enough money to buy food. Children are depressed because they cannot buy sweets or go to summer camps or the beach. And their parents are depressed because they cannot provide for their children. I know lots of people who have sold their cars over the last weeks to buy food. We have the Israeli army, navy and air force all around us. You can't even walk on the street because you don't know who is walking behind you or driving next to you.

They could be an Israeli target. At night, there are sonic booms and air attacks. We never know where the Israelis will invade next. They have killed hundreds. The most common sound is the ambulance siren. Watching the news, I think it's ironic to watch the people of Israel, scared to walk the streets. It has been like that for us for a long time. I feel sympathy for both the people of Lebanon and the north of Israel.


At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd post a bunch of pictures of Israelis killed and maimed by raghead terrorists, except I wouldn't need to say "oops" each time since the murder of innocents is the goal for those animals.

At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fuckhead!-You don't even have a bunch of pictures of Israeli innocents, because there aren't any.

At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Die for the Elite said...

Anyone even entertaining the notion of the "Holohoax," as our historical amnesiac calls it, should visit this site:

The Holocaust History Project

And if our historical amnesiac denies the accounts, photos, and other evidence there, do provide an item-by-item refutation to support your abhorrent allegations (to further embarass yourself before the world).

Mon Jul 24, 07:15:59 PM EDT
todd said...

Historically, history has been penned by the winners of any conflagration.

Churchill after WWII:

"History will be kind to us, because I intend to write it."

That is reality.

Mon Jul 24, 08:08:51 PM EDT

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'm not looking for EMPTY WORDS spoken by Zionists and those with POLITICAL AGENDAS.

SHOW ME AUTHENTIC PHOTOGRAPHS, Undoctored photographs, Original Photographs, just link to a few photographs that showed the "atrocities".

And NO, the photos of the people in the train, does NOT show systematic extermination ---- it shows just that, people being moved on a train, and tired after a long trip.

And NO, the photos of the "piles of hair and glasses" does NOT show systematic extermination ---- it shows just that, a bunch of glasses were collected from people(?) or shipped in(?) or made to look that way(?). And the pile of hair shows that people had their hair shaved off -- this is consistent with the KNOWN LICE and parasite problem ---- I.e. see the IBM records that showed people died of disease, OLD AGE, and natural causes.

PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE NAZI RECORDS show deaths occuring throughout that time -- which is NOT consistent with the "final hours" extermination "theory".

PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE AERO-PHOTOGRAPHS DO NOT SHOW BILLOWING SMOKE (of which should have been since crematories were working 'overtime'). Please tell US HOW it is possible to "burn" so many, with the limited number of "crematoriums". Please tell us why, that MASS GRAVES CAN NOT BE FOUND! Supposedly, they KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION, yet WHERE ARE THEY?! Why won't they show the world the best evidence ---- and don't tell me they "respect the dead" since they DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GOYS, Palestinians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Kosovians, "evil" Communists, "evil red" Socialists, Latinos, Negros, Christians, and especially MUSLIMS.

Tell me why they are SO RACIST?!

PLEASE TELL US WHY HITLER himself as well has many of his top commanders, such as the notorious Goebbles was 'JEWISH'? Why would Goebbles have NO QUARRELS WHATSOEVER (in fact it seems he took "pleasure" in his job, but that's just my opinion) in the systematic termination of which he was the 'mastermind' behind it????

This all does NOT make any sense for a FEEBLE, 'STUPID', NAIVE, GULLIBLE, GOY MIND like myself.

And speeking of Mein Kampf, I started thinking......

........ a book is a POWERFUL weapon. IDEOLOGY expressed as WORDS are extremely effective tools. They have had the power to affect social change, to cause riots and uprisings, to cause a change in a person's mental state and their VIEWS OF THE WORLD.

Books, Films, Radio, Television, PROPRAGANDA have been used effectly countless times. Just look how easy it was to cause nearly the whole USA to "believe Iraq had 1) WMD, 2) mastermind behind 9/11, and 3) supported Osama bin Laden. ------ We know this is now false. 1) NO Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction (Nookular boobs) have been found, NOR traces of any. 2) 9/11 HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IRAQ, quite the contrary. 3) Osama bin Laden has Saddam Huessein's arch-nemesis. OBL was a dedicated muslim and had GREAT DISTASTE for the corrupt and secular Arab governments, in particular Saddam's Iraq -- in fact, he has attempted to kill Saddam.

All of the 3 "reasons" were given leading up to the war against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Slowly but surely, the mainstream media (which is 'conveniently' controlled by Zionist Jews) which previously PUMPED SUCH NONSENSE is slowly denying it. Now it's 1) "spreading democracy" and 2) "spreading freedom" and 3) "fight evil and terrorism" (which is a Joke, since Israel and its puppets USA, UK, Australia, and unfortunately soon-to-be Canada due to Zionist Stephen Harper).

.......... All of this ties conspicuously with the topic of propraganda and books.

For those familiar with history, you would know that "Democracy" and "Communism/Socialism" WERE BOTH "INVENTED"/"CONCEIVED" by the SAME POWERFUL GROUP --- The international Bankers (also known as Ashkenazi (most notably the "Lord(s) Rothschild family"), with their "branches" the (Free)Masonaries, Illuminati, Neo-Cons, Centre-for-Foreign-Relations (CFR), and now the notorious Zionists -- they change their names often to deceive and hide their identities).

In fact, the VERY AUTHOR of 'socialism', i.e. KARL MARX was ORDERED TO WRITE THAT BOOK by the above Ashkenazi ("International Bankers" if you will) group. Not only that, but his name did NOT appear as the author of the book until SEVERAL DECADES LATER, when the 'concepts' of communism/socialism were firmly planted in people's mind.

Now why would THEY DO THAT? Why would they create TWO OPPOSING AND CONFLICTING POWERS?! (Rhetorical question).

They quickly took grasp of World Power, most notably in Europe since European Colonialism pretty much took control of nealy all of the world. During that time England had a VAST EMPIRE that spanned the great oceans.

The Zionists quickly took control of the Bank of England (BOE), and then Berlin, Paris, etc --- which each of the Rothschild Brothers/Father in control of each central bank.

During this time, America (i.e. USA) was a young nation. For you Americans, you have probably heard MANY DAMNING QUOTES from your past presidents, concerning this "parasite" or "plague" or "disease" that was "sucking the lifeblood" of the nation. Several times the battle went back and forth. Abraham Lincoln, and other presidents who "STOOD UP" to the Ashkenazi "International Bankers" were assassinated. Abraham Lincoln, was not tolerant of blacks, he abolished slavery because the societal pressure demanded "more equal" treatment for ALL HUMAN-BEINGS (something the Israelis need to (re)learn).

But one thing he did fight for strongly was to change to a NO-INTEREST, NON-FIAT, DOMESTIC, PUBLIC MONETARY SYSTEM.

Some of you might ask: SO what? What's so "bad" with the financial system we have now? Isn't America the richest nation on the planet because of it?

And this is where you would be DEADLY WRONG. This system of a FIAT CENTRAL BANK, owned and controlled NOT by the people of the USA but by "International Bankers" (of which the Rosthchild, partly through the Rockerfeller and "3rd party proxies").

So this "PONZI SCHEME" involves lending out "paper money" (or even cheaper 1's and 0's digital currency) that has neglible costs to print, with the demand that it be repaid with interest. All of this backed ONLY back "their word". What happends is that interest is always expected, yet the supply is limited. To "alleviate" (i.e time-shift the Ultimate Economic Collapse) the PRINT MORE MONEY -- this is the DIRECT CAUSE OF INFLATION.

This means FORCED-FORECLSOLURES, BANKRUPTCIES, etc --- in other words, A LOT OF DEVASTED FAMILIES. But the Zionists doen't give a shit! Never did, never will! Qrswave explained this a long time back. ;) Simply put, this means that TRILLIONS (not Billions) of DOLLARS YEARLY ARE SIPHONED OUT OF THE USA and into "private pockets". In layman's term, this means that the common folk is held a "slave" (conveneint isn't it?!).

And this is why PAST US PRESIDENTS TRIED (and a few times SUCCESSFULLY) to take control of the monetary system away from the Ashkenazi (or as they referred to it as the "plage", "disease" etc). But unforunately this does not last long --- the president who made the change is quickly assassinated (Lincoln, Kennedy, several others), and the CENTRAL BANKS control (and TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS YEARLY) goes back to the Zionists.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ quote: "THOSE THAT CONTROL THE MONETARY SYSTEM, CONTROL THE NATION" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

But "Fiat Currency" is really just "funny money" --- it's "value" is supported/determined by military and political power. GOLD HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE STANDARD for the last several thousand years. Oil has INTRINSIC VALUE as well. That is why we see countries such as Russia, China, Venezuela, Brazil, India, Japan, etc stock up on Gold --- because "fiat (i.e. un-backed paper) money" is DESIGNED TO CRASH --- the question is only WHEN.

The Rothschild family (FYI, previous 'family name' was Bauer, before it was changed to Rothschild which means "RED SIGN" in German) and their fellow Ashkenazis brothers --- aka the "CHOSEN ONES" --- also wanted to take control of the "Great White Empire of the East" , aka Czar Russia. But the Czar of the Russian Empire (prelude to the Soviet Union, i.e. USSR) refused to play ball. Subsequently, the Ashkenazi Zionists used the displeasement and uneasiness of the general populace, and further nutured the "SEED" of Communism that they planted. They formed and orchestrated the Nortorious BOLSHELVIK Revolution, i.e. a revolution of "reds" (comms) and "white" (czar royalty) and WIPED OUT THE CZAR'S FAMILY ---- the famous history of Annestasia (sorry spelling is bad).

Of course, they had their "man" become the ABSOLUTE DICTATOR --- a Mister Joseph STALIN, a known Ashkenazi "jew" whose origin is SW Russia, also commonly known as Khazaria.

........................ Now these Ashkenazis have NO love for the common sub-human, and they don't have much love for the "jew" either, of which they go around masquerading as.

That is because the Ashkeanzi "jew" (which is the vast MAJORITY) are NOT SEMITIC, but rather WHITE EUROPEAN and KHAZARIAN ORIGIN. It doesn't take much to see how OBVIOUS this is. Notice how nearly all of the "jews" are white ---- I mean, red-heads, blonds, light brown hair, British, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Blue eyes, Green eyes, you get the picture ------ They don't resemble ARABS much do they?!!!

They look more like your typical European than your typical Arab/Semite. Case in point ---- Joshua (John) Bolton, Donald Rumsfield, Henry Kissinger, Madelaine Albright, etc ----------- THESE GUYS ARE ALL VERY WHITE, AREN'T THEY?!!! They seem either British, or SW Russia ----- BINGO!!!

There are some (now only a very small minority) of "jews" who can 'claim some arab/semitic bloodline', but not much at that.
These are historically known as the Shephardic 'jews', dark brown hair & eyes, etc... (mixed European blood as well).

Not surprisingly, the photos of the "jews" you see in the WWII Internment/work camps were mostly Shephardic 'jew'. NOTICE HOW THERE ARE NO RICH & POWERFUL JEWS in the internment/work camps! Coicident? NO! The Rosthschild (Ashkenazi "jew") family will NEVER be in caught is such "degrading" predicament. Those of you who are 'jewish' can see this DISCRIMINATION "amoung jews". But I'll leave that for you to see/think.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% We are all here for a common goal (or should be).

And that is NOT to seek 1) revenge against what the "jews" or 2) re-write history that never happened.

NO, WE ARE HERE TO TELL THE TRUTH ----- Only by exposing the truth, and looking at things FACTUALLY are we able to change history.

The Ashkanzis orchestrated WWI & WWII. And now that their "empire" is SERIOUSLY BEING THREATED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER -- and this is not modest threat, they are WILLING TO TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN. The Zionists don't have the intention of 'going down' with the rest of us, they ONLY WANT TO DESTROY THE REST OF THE WORLD and CAUSE IMMEASURABLE SUFFERING to everyone BUT themselves.

Sof if you or anybody can provide ANY GENUINE, AUTHETIC (non-doctored), OBJECTIVE, VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE that the "Holocaust" of 6 million systematically exterminated EVERY TOOK PLACE ----- Please provide it.

This will be a historical event, as you would be the first to do so. We have always be brainwashed that such a thing happened, with TV, movies, books, school --- the very same thing UNDER THE CONTROL of the Zionists --- yet NOT A SINGLE CREDIBLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE HAS EVER BEEN PRESENTED.

This is important, since people can be "made" to believe just about anything. I don't need to tell anyone that -- you just need to look at all the Fundamentals, Wackos, etc to know. "Memories" can be "implanted" by way of BRAIN-WASHING.

This we have seen with DIS-AFFECTED YOUTH (also known as Miss R). Miss R, from my personal opinion is not a "bad person", yet she is very "protective" of Israel. It doesn't matter HOW MUCH Palestinian blood, or Lebanese corpses of childred with their brains blown out, or grandma and grandpas with their limbs torn from their body, or of men ripped to shred with shrapnel or burned to a crisp.

It doesn't matter that Iraq is been polluted with Depleted Uranium (DU), and this is not going anywhere -- NOT FOR ANOTHER SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS. And NO YOU CAN NOT JUST SIMPLY "clean up" the Depleted Uranium. It is a fine dust, littered everywhere.

No matter how much we convince Miss R, or people like her that what Israel is doing is WRONG --- She would not even accept that both sides are wrong. To her, ONLY THE "other" people are wrong.

To her and people like her, Israel can DO no wrong. Jews can do no wrong. That the Israelites are the "chosen ones" and this land previous known as Palestine, to them it has ALWAYS BEEN & WILL BE FOR ETERNITY, the "land given to Moses by 'God' to his chosen people".

It doesn't matter how ridiculous or apparently racist such a concept of a 'race' of people chosen by God is.


To them, they are in the 'right' and everyone else is in the 'wrong'.

To them, they are superior in everyway (intellectually, culturally, morally, socially, economically, genetically), and they have MORE RIGHTS than the rest of us.

A 'sin' or 'crime' committed AGAINST one of their own is FAR WORSE than the same committed against the rest of us. Under their laws, through their eyes, the rest of us are sub-human. Not as important.

To them, it's either they against the whole world, or the whole world against them.

It is this PERSECUTION COMPLEX that they are INGRAINED WITH, that they are EXPOSED SINCE BIRTH TO, that they and the rest of us are MADE TO BELIEVE THROUGH THE CONSTANT BARRAGE OF INDOCTRINATION, BRAIN-WASHING, AND PROPRAGANDA. The centre of this source of feelings and belief is the HOLOHOAX.

++++++++++++++++++ An invention of the mind. +++++++++++++++++++++

++++++++++++++++++ An invention of those with 'godly' Political, Military, & Economical Ambitions. +++++++++++++++++++++

++++++++++++++++++ An invention of those we all call the "plague", "parasite", "cancer" and "evil" of society. +++++++++++++++++++++


At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At Tuesday, July 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


correct me if I'm mistaken, but isn't it biblical prophecy that: Some will call them selves Judea, yet they are not? Makes you wonder sometimes about this Christ thing doesn't it?

Be as it may, I have been thinking about a couple of the pharses being used to frame this war in Lebanon.

[B]The USA calls Lebanon's suffering "Birth pangs" i.e., the pain that a mother suffers when she is giving birth. While President Bush, UN Ambassador Bolton, Secretary of State Rice, Sec Rumsfeld and other US officials, including the US Congress are urging Israel on and sending laser guided missiles, jet fuel and other reinforcement in weaponry to forge the Israeli destruction of Lebanon. So I guess the contention is that Lebanon must suffer pain for the baby they have so conveniently, planned for her?

Does Lebanon want this illegitimate baby? I think not. But let me also ask, must Lebanon suffer this birth pain from rapists that are attempting to impregnate her repeatedly, (thousands or sorties entered the womb of Lebanon in the past 2 weeks) with huge missiles slamming her to bear this unwanted child, a democracy from abroad? This is even more absurd when we consider that Lebanon just had a beautiful child of patriotism and democracy in March of last year. The Bush administration said so itself when refering to the Cedar Revolution. In fact, Lebanon is one the rare successful endeavors the Bush administration supported in the Middle East, unlike its debacles elsewhere. Ostensibly, the US and Israel are together in this gang rape of Lebanon.

Israel calls the pain it is causing, this rape of Lebanon, "Operation Midwife." A midwife is supposed to care not destroy, nurture not maim, bring life not kill hundreds and wound thousands--It is against the Hippocratic Oath to kill Mr. Midwife. (The rapist becomes a midwife?) No, my friends, Israel's role is not one of a midwife. Israel is a rapist and nothing more in this scenario.

Secretary Rice calls the devastating pain and screams of mother Lebanon "birth pangs of Democracy." Is it a coincidence that both Israel and the US are using similar terminology to contextualize these troubled events in Lebanon? That is, "operation midwife" for the actions of Israel and "birth pangs of democracy" for the ongoing enabling and support from the USA?

President Bush is continually shaking his head, mumbling incoherently and urging the carnage and criminal destruction of Lebanon on and on. Yet, he indignantly, offers Lebanon "humanitarian aid." Well, wham bang thank you Maam. How does Mr. Bush manage the contradictions between supporting the bombardment of civilians and their infrastructure while at the same time continuing to arm Israel with offering Lebanon "humanitarina aid?"

President Bush maintains it is still too, early to stop killing the Lebanese people, still early to stop the bombing raids and "conditions" are not yet correct on the ground to have a cease-fire. Is it his opinion that the current time is perfect for the death of the Lebanese people?

Lebanon should not accept this BLOOD GIFT, this tainted insult, this so-called humanitarian aid from the US government. Reject it, the shame of it is categorically, unacceptable. If President Bush is having pangs of conscience, he should consult his minister and his God. A gift of blood and shame will not suffice to mitigate his complicity in these war crimes. However, if the American people choose to send direct aid to Lebanon, bypassing President Bush and his ilk that would signify a genuine and caring response to this tragedy and would be appreciated by God and Lebanon.

At Tuesday, July 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"This is even more absurd when we consider that Lebanon just had a beautiful child of patriotism and democracy in March of last year. The Bush administration said so itself when refering to the Cedar Revolution. In fact, Lebanon is one the rare successful endeavors the Bush administration supported in the Middle East, unlike its debacles elsewhere. Ostensibly, the US and Israel are together in this gang rape of Lebanon."

So many of us knew this was going to happen, when all the PROPAGANDA against SYRIA was happening the last few years. I was just so mad when so many TRAITORS(?)/STUPID Lebanese people were following the Zionists manipulation.

Now this is what happens. Syria was not "invading" Lebanon, they had been Lebanon's protector for so many years!

DIVIDE AND CONQUER! That is the name of the game. The middle east has been chopped up and divided. Sadly, the only think truly linking and uniting the Arab word is ISLAM.

Like all religion, Islam has its good and bad points. I won't get into them for now. But most importantly is that the Arab world and Muslim world really need to SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

Alone, they WILL be slaughtered one-by-one. It is only together that they stand any chance against the racist Zionist regime, &/or the United States.

That is correct, they have a good chance of defeating BOTH the Israel and the USA, if the Arab/Muslim world fight as one --- they will suffer great casulties, but so will the "True Axis of Evil".

The other choice is to accept systematic genocide, one country at a time. The first is Palestine, then Lebanon, then Syria, then Iran, then Pakistan, then Korea, then Egypt, then Iraq and Afghanistan completely, then Saudi Arabia, then UAE, then............

At Tuesday, July 25, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

for a people to claim to have been victems of german agression in the ww2, they sure are brutal in ther killing of unarm people like elderly women and childs. when the people of euro was making life tough for jews during the ww2, so many jews come to hide in our islamic countries, we accepted them , they retained ther religion and ways, but im not so sure you will be hearing much of that, just that we are terrorist. i blame england as much as usa and israel, they perhaps thinking they were " God " re draw maps, with zero regard, and helped so much to creating this mess. in 1956 the great satan overthrow the elected gov in my country, and install shah puppet, so i dont feel the whole spread demrocacy thingy is true, it is a facade deception for ther evil intention.

At Wednesday, July 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>"You don't even have a bunch of pictures of Israeli innocents, because there aren't any."

Oh, but the ragheads are complete angels. Such tough guys when they it comes to killing innocent unarmed people, but they cry like little bitches when the chickens come home to roost. Payback's a bitch, ragheads.

At Wednesday, July 26, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

perhaps if you were to leave our lands and go home, learn about your culture, spend time with your families, take care of your elderly instead of using old folks homes to dump them off, take care of your children instead of using daycares , watch more balanced news instead of pop culture, you would see the error of your ways anonymous. ive seen many pictures of your soldier in irak wearing headscarf too, are we too assume that the usa soldier wearing headscarf are " raghead" too ? perhaps you would like to dump tons of du on these soldiers ? peace anon,


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