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MSM sick joke of the day

I think I'll make this a regular column. Submissions are welcome.


At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...

I tried to contact you a few days ago through yahoo but got ignored. I have decided not to chuck a fatal attraction over it. I thought this may be of interest.


DeLay bill to give families of US casualties shares in Iraq's future

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) introduced a bill into Congress today that would give the families of American soldiers killed in the Iraq invasion and occupation shares in companies such as Halliburton and Bechtel. The bill would also use corporate profits to pay the healthcare costs of wounded soldiers, including those expected to develop diseases later due to exposure to depleted uranium rounds used by the US military.

“Tremendous profits will be made in the rebuilding of Iraq as a result of the invasion and occupation," DeLay said. "It's only fitting that families share in the wealth that their loved ones died to secure."

Veterans groups demanded that the bill be made retroactive to the veterans of the first Gulf War, pointing out that although only about 700 soldiers died during the war, many thousands have died since due to exposure to DU and other toxic chemicals.

A spokesperson for Halliburton expressed concerns that the bill might set a dangerous precedent, and possibly imperil the participation of American corporations in the planning and promotion of future wars.

A consortium of companies are reportedly preparing a counter-proposal, offering to place statues of US soldiers in prominent areas of Iraq, and reciting the names of deceased soldiers during the opening prayers of stockholder meetings.

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

You tried to contact me? I didn't get any message.

My yahoo messenger has been really quirky.

that news article is just sick. It's absolutely appalling. America is a fascist state. Our soldiers have been reduced to corporate mercenaries.

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the article, "digital spy".

Absolutely unbelievable! There is no "honor" left in America.

Welcome to the U.S.S.A.!

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to share that the BBC is Zionist owned and operated. Of course, comments will be moderated to obfuscate the truth even further.

What would we do without the internet?

Please visit me at MySpace. I have tons of information about the crisis the country is facing that, unfortunately, I don't know how to put into a blog.

Freedom Isn't Free

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the BBC is moderating comments in order to prevent your Neonazi readership from taking control of the comments.

Hmm...seems rather reasonable to me.

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Blogger denk said...

A lot of mushroom club members thought bbc is a model of “objective” reporting.
After my letters to war street journal, iht, feer, japan times, atimes, antiwar.com etc etc were rejected I thought why not give the famed bbc a trial, so during the last china japan spat (regarding the shrine thing) when most yanks and brits etc are siding with their japs comrades, I wrote a piece to the bbc to speak up for the evil Chinese.


the Japanese PM is apologizing for Japan AGAIN, , so whats new, -- where is the sincerity?
Firstly, Japan had offered written apology to Korea and Holland, but not China, by far the worst victim of the imperial Japanese army. If this wasn’t a calculated affront then I don’t know what is. Secondly, while China suggested the dispute over sovereignty on the Diaoyu isle be put on hold until a solution be worked out, Japan has moved to formalize its occupation of isle to make it a fact accompli. Thirdly, Japan has declared that under the US Japan defence pact, it has the right [sic] to defend Taiwan. I wonder how the Japanese would feel if China declare that it assume the “right” to defend Okinawa if the Okinawans , many of whom are dissatisfied with Japanese rule, decide to secede from Japan? This is actually an unfair comparison, while Okinawa was an independent country until it was annexed by Japan in 1879, Taiwan was Chinese territory until it was robbed by Japan in 1839. So for Japan, whose aggression against China dates back to the Ming dynasty when Japanese pirates terrorize Chinese coastal towns, to assume the role of protector for Taiwanese separatists today is like rubbing salt into old wounds.
I am aware there are many Japanese who are genuinely remorseful of their past, I have the greatest respect for them, but their government’s renewed militarism and provocations against China and Korea show that just like before WWII, a nation of fine people is being hijacked by rabid rightists who aspire to a greater Japan and think nothing of trampling on the feeling of Japan’s ww2 victims. From what I hear from the likes of Ishihara and his ilks, they probably wouldn’t mind going to war with China again either -- One right wing nut had actually uttered these words, “lets see who will win this time…..
It doesn’t matter how many times Japan has apologized, action speaks louder than words. This textbook whitewash of history is just the latest in a long list of provocation. To all those, especially non Japanese, who accuse China of harping on history and trying to milk Japan’s non existent guilt complex for all its worth, -- save your prejudices, try putting yourself in China’s shoes, would YOU forgive someone who say sorry to you but keep stepping on your toes?

I know this china japan thing looks out of place here but I am just saying that all these sanctimous media whores are very good at wagging their fingers at media censorship in china, for example, but have no qualm doing it themselves. So you guess it, they “morderate” out my letter but published another letter from some anglo who accused china of whipping up rabid nationalism akin to pre wwii germany, exactly what I said about the japs. Lol.

Here’s solidarity from down under. This is their home page.
Also take a look a this link on the left.
Another coup engineered by the nwo right under our nose with hardly a peep from the “international community” as if it’s the most natural thing under the sun.
Is the current attack on Lebanon another nwo divisional tactics to cover other nefarious deeds elsewhere? See, nobody is talking about iraq anymore, for all I know another fajullah atrocity might be underway rightnow. It’s the same when they invaded iraq, people practically forgot about afghan after that. For years uncle sham has manipulated world opinion focused on china’s affair such as the fabricated “genocide in Tibet”, away from what he and his client states were perpetrating all over the world.
While people might think that uncle sham is overtretched here and there, multi-tasking could actually serve uncle scam’s purposes. Perhaps there’s method in the madness after all.





At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...

Neonazi readership?

You are insane DA.

On a different note(except if you are DA hs has a one track mind). I read an article about how the IDF were all so wonderful and about the 'purity of arms' doctrine which states;

The IDF servicemen and women will use their weapons and force only for the purpose of their mission, only to the necessary extent and will maintain their humanity even during combat. IDF soldiers will not use their weapons and force to harm human beings who are not combatants or prisoners of war, and will do all in their power to avoid causing harm to their lives, bodies, dignity and property.

I read that and I thought that it was oddly worded and then I remembered this;

The Old Testament Mosaic law states that touching a human corpse or the grave of a human imparts uncleanness to those who touch it. But the Talmud teaches that if a Jew touches the grave of a Gentile, the Jew is not rendered unclean, since Gentiles are not human (not of Adam).


Baba Necia 114, 6: "The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts."

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

digital spy:

Oh, sorry, there aren't posters on this site calling for the death to all Jews? This site isn't cited by David Duke?

Oh right, there ARE posters on this site who call for the death to all Jews, and this site IS cited by David Duke.

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...

Dear DA

Could you possibly list all of the names of the people who have called for the death of all jews on this site?
Maybe you could link me to the posts and/or comments so as I can read these calls for myself.

I think the expression is put up or shut up.

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

"There ARE posters on this site who call for the death to all Jews"

So? Comments at this site are not moderated. Staunch Zionists like yourself also comment here.

"This site IS cited by David Duke."

Again, so? So is Walt and Mearsheimer.

Give it up, already.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Digital spy:

I will gladly link you to it all.




Pay attention to "Mighty Thor." He has posted here for MONTHS NOW. Then there's Michael Price - someone who posted that the Protocols of Zion is FACT, and all sorts of other lies that the Nazis themselves propogated.


These were threads off the top of my head. In fact, in almost every single thread you will see Jew hatred.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...


There seems to be some sort of problem with yahoo messenger servers at the moment. I will try again later. One of the things I wanted to communicate to you was that last night on the ABC(AU Govt channel) News they showed some protests in Lebanon against the bombing and they focused in on a protesters sign. The sign was a large blow up of the picture of the girls signing shells with the headline "Israeli children send messages of love to Lebanese children". The only thing was that the only part of the sign visible was the headline the picture under it was out of shot. They focused on this for about two seconds (nothing else in the shot of interest) then panned away. I have tried to find video of it but have so far been unlucky.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oh, and Walt and Mersheimer posted lies - just like you do. Saying it's okay that David Duke also cited them kinda proves my point.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...


I realise you are a little obtuse but sending me to an article with 133 comments (the first one in your list) and expecting me to trawl through them looking for the offending comments is a little overly optimistic on your part don't you think?
How about you link to the comment itself. I am happy to read them and I would be prepared to bet that those that do make such calls post under several identities and also anonymously thus inflating the count of such comments(I could be wrong but I doubt it. A look at the log files would tell all - qrs would know).
If they were to be calling for the death of all adherents to zionist ideology and those that enable its destructive forces then i would agree with them. That still does not make me an anti-semite especially as a lot of zionists are about as semetic as my big toe nail(you know the one its worth a thousand DA's).

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

"a lot of zionists are about as semetic as my big toe nail(you know the one its worth a thousand DA's)."


At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with people like "disaffected youth" is that they equate Zionism with Judaism. Nothing could be further from the actual truth.

Orthodox Judaism absolutely condemns Zionism. This article from G. Neuburger, a Jew, explains the differences between the two. Furthermore, Orthodox Judaism is opposed to the Zionist state of Israel. This is not hearsay, it is a FACT and it's documented! Although, the majority of Jews screaming "anti-semite" refuse to face these facts.


When the Christian Gentiles (Goyim) educate themselves on the facts, the tide is going to turn. They are unable to argue these topics, at present, because the Zionists subverted the Holy Bible with the Scofield Reference Bible beginning in 1909. We have several generations in the Christian community that are, although unaware, suffering from this Zionist brainwashing of God's Holy word.

This is why Christians (gentiles) believe that the Jews are still God's chosen people and that the U.S. should always support Israel, even if Israel proves themselves a threat to US and the world.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

To Disaffected Twit:

Do you consider gentiles to be human beings? Explain those quotes from the Talmud that Digital Spy referred to (about goyim being beasts, and the other one about us not being human). Is the Talmud racist hate literature? Are you a racist?
Is that why you think it is okay for Israel to bomb and kill all those civilians, and cause so much suffering, because you don't consider Lebanese and Palestinians to be human beings?

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I challenge any of you to actually bring a real reference to the Talmud about nonjews not being humans. In any case, I can tell you that you are just basing your hatred of zionists on your own hate. You assume that because you do not consider zionists human, that zionists must consider you to be subhuman.

The truth is that zionists is merely a belief in a Jewish homeland. Nothing more, nothing less. It does not involve thinking ANYONE is subhuman.

You are all simply rolling around in hatred, and making shit up about zionism and about judaism.

I should add that I don't believe in judaism anyway! I am an atheist.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also want to add that, for what it's worth, I also am olive skinned and "semitic" by any definition of the word. (I am fully aware of my heritage)

The term antisemitism is one I take issue with, because Arabs are also semites, but it is the one used in popular imagination, and so I am repeating it.

But to say Jews are not also semites is factually wrong and just a way to justify your hate.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...

DA is pretending to be an arab scolding us for our anger at Israel. How believable.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Digital spy:

I am not "pretending" to be anything. I happen to have sephardic heritage, and my point is that Jews ARE semites - however much you might hate that fact.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been to Tibet -- that genocide isn't fabricated. All over the country are the ruins of monastaries, and the area in front of the holy Potala has been turned into an amusement park.

Try taking a picture of the Dalai Lama into Tibet, or try taking a picture that the Chinese don't want taken -- for me it was a pony cart in a remote town -- Chinese soldiers were playing cards in the background -- that gun came up real fast pointed at my head. Then a stupa in Gangtse -- yet another gun to the head moment.

All over Tibet there are Chinese soldiers monitorig foreigners and their Tibetan guides. The only time our guides could beg us for help to free their people was when we were out of the van in the highest mountain passes in the world.

What the Chinese are doing to Tibet is what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and Lebanese, and by proxy, to Iraq.

Israel and its U.S. enablers, i.e., the entire U.S. Congress and the neo-cons, have even more ambitious plans than the Chinese who are *only* killing and colonizing.

USRael's plan is to smash the Middle East into disfunctional statelets in constant war with each other in order to give USRael regional hegemony. I think Iran will be their Waterloo but how many innocents will have to die before that happens?

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel only is doing what it can in order to exist - this contrasts with China.

It is Hamas, Hezbollah, al queda, and all the other terror groups in the Middle East that are trying to destabilize things.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should Israel exist in the Middle East? The vast majority of Arabs had nothing to do with the genocide of Jews during World War II.

You say you're an atheist DY, so you should agree that the Bible or the Torah or the Talmud is not a valid land claim document.

As an atheist myself, this *Holy Land* crap needs to be thrown out the window and Israel should be moved to Austria and Germany.

The truth is that the Zionists collborated, first with the British then with the Nazis, to force Jews to move to Palestine. The Europeans did not want the Jews so they shoved them off on the Arabs.

Israel learned well from the European colonialists how to use collective punishment and asymetric warfare to achieve their goals.

They went even further and became masters of the false flag operation -- using operatives to commit an act of "terrorism" and then pinning the blame on someone else.

The attack on the U.S.S Liberty is a prime example, as is the Lavon affair in Cairo in 1954.

The neo-cons openly admit that they study Machevelli (sp?) but Israel goes one step further and uses the Talmud, this despite many of the top lawmakers in Israel being basically atheists -- Zionist atheists.

By the way, Sephardic Jews are Semites, Askenazi Jews are not. That been proven by DNA testing. I would suggest you reference the various studies done by very prestigious institutions on female Askenazi Jews on the breast cancer gene. Cancer researchers located the gene in the Ashkenazi poplulation because of its high rate of breast cancer sufferers.

The Wall St. Journal had a very informative article on it a few years back, but a web search would find many articles on gene research on Jews.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yitzhak Rabin apologized to the Israeli people in 1995 for their government's support of Hamas in the 1970s and 1980s to be a counterwieght to the PLO. He was murdered by his own people shortly afterwards for telling the truth.

Hamas is a creature of Israel much in the same way Al-Qaeda is a creature of the U.S. from the Makhtab-Al Khittamar days of the Afghan war. Ye shall reap what ye sow. I'd love to see disinfected youth try to spin those ugly facts.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Real "Root" Causes, Please
(Mighty Thor, 23 July 06)

My problemo w. "A. Magnus," above, is what exactly is going on, cause-effect -wise.

Human beings are all sinners and so easily get caught up in conspiracy. So Jew frauds and counterfeiters of New York and London are conducting Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

How then can this activity be reversed?--but for sea-change in cultural mentality, not to mention historic cycle, like more WIDESPREAD AND EFFECTIVE ANTISEMITISM.

Thus Jews isolate themselves by very means of relentless string of "famous victories"--spun so consistently by their paid mouthpieces of the mass-corporate "Jews-media" now exposed so pathetically by free internet.

Free internet's gotta go, sorry--say the fascists. Why then do fascists hate info?--because fascists necessarilly hate the truth which always exposes criminals, conspirators, frauds, etc.--why and how else?

Theory then is a rationalist people will begin to make more effective inductive conclusions regarding Jews, Jews then confirming (again). Jews are criminal religion and family (Talmudism) pretending God worships them.

This then is perfect time to bring up what it is Jew parasites thrive fm by gentile victims, a Darwinian biologic process. In general Jews cyclically thrive upon gentile hubris in the Spenglerian "Decline of the West."

Hence we of West must re-affirm the "God-given," objective universe against the Judaic-Talmudic SUBJECTIVIST--it's, parallel, one and same as LAW versus fascism. In practice we'd have to face up to the MAMMONIST heretical complex-matrix upon which such conspiracy as Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting fraud is built.

But note heresy complex can be simplified again to one of objective versus subjective, thence against the Judaic subjectivists, the very topmost monopolists therewith and thereby.

Subjectivism then is mere function of the natural and cyclic hubris afflicting a given culture. Much more can easily be added for all the necessary detail for inductive conclusion Jews are topmost criminal conspirators, though they're not alone, surely.

The weak point in such conspiracy are surely the dupes so pathetic, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see Whtt.org). For JCs aren't all such forthright traitors--that's why Fascists hate info.

But note the entire conspiratorial design is to defraud the general people, the goyim--and what a degenerate group indeed to have sold their very children (as by "social security" pyramid-scam) to the sacrificial Talmudic devil of deception, including self-deception and subjectivism--and death perhaps as fm "depleted uranium" in Orwellian turmoil and struggle, so hopeless.

CONCLUSION: Hence we're left to be journalists and analysts for the info, urging the people's INDUCTIVE LOGIC. "It's the Jews, stupid," Ed Steele is so right, but "...there's others too, stupid" is my (official) corollary pointing then to the SUBJECTIVISTIC, esp. moralistic, connection. Moralism is always part of HERETICAL complex-matrix upon which is built Mammonism and Pharisaism as it exists. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor (See more essays at NewNation.org under "commentary" then "Apollonian.")

At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across your website a few days ago during a search and found this BBC 'have your say' item. Yeah BBC free speech never existed. I've had the same problem being 'moderated' even though I have never sworn, defamed anyone, shown proclivity for wanting to bomb anyone, or made stupidly false accusations - and as for their 'We try to publish as many comments as we can but unfortunately, due to the volume of comments we receive every day, we cannot guarantee that all comments submitted will be published.' rubbish! during one two day period when I was off work and had time to check only 5 comments made it to their site, while I had tried to post 2, though neither of mine were included, despite being relevant to the issue and not having been covered before since it was breaking news - so much for volume.
BBC has become increasingly pro Israeli, often overtly but most times subtly even while focusing on Lebanese or Palestinian suffering - I've still found BBC and Channel 4 news the best of the bunch of our (UK) western stations - but that's not saying much, since changing to 'propaganda' Arabic and Chinese channels, or even a Spanish one, shows a different picture, a much less photo sanitised one. As for SkyNews it has in this last year become increasingly Foxified - enough said. The growing Israeli lobby which increased activity here and to the EU in the last year or so is obviously reaping its dividends for its investment with politicians as well as newsmen.
Selective reporting is bad enough when few western stations carry items such as the Lebanese capture in mid-June of the Mossad backed terrorist operation working inside Lebanon headed by Mahmoud Abou Rafeh, and the early-July viist of the US House of Representatives to support 'democracy' in Lebanon evading questions about that Israeli-backed terrorist organisation within their borders and what it would do to Lebanese democracy, and the pressure the US was putting on the Lebanese government not to bring the matter up at the UN security council. No mention is made of that or many other things prior to the good ole Israeli soldier boys being captured by the big bad terrorists. And when trying to use the 'have your say' sections of many news stations or news websites to bring issues such as this to the fore to be debated - or even to help make more folk aware of it (since many sad fools still persist in parroting what MSM tells them) these issues are somehow always moderated out - so no debate about what is really going on in the world and no debate about why these news channels are not reporting certain relevant events.
Thank god for the internet, and for sites such as your own is what I say - just a pity though that lots of those with internet access still never think to use it to search for real news stories they'd never learn about otherwise.

At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about being anonymous above - didn't realise it would appear like that, it's just I don't have a website or my own blog is all so chose that option.

At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I especially like those "semitic"
jews that have blond hair and blue eyes. It must pay well to pretend to be jewish!

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