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Russians no longer allowed to say “dollar”

That's right. Russians are so sick of our worthless currency, they don't even want to hear its name!
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov invented a new unit of currency on Friday: "That thing your are not allowed to say."

Russia's parliament is in the process of adopting a law that will fine government ministers for saying "dollar" when they could have used the word "rouble" instead.

But old habits die hard. Telling reporters about a contract to supply fighter aircraft to Venezuela, Ivanov said the deal had "a value of more than one billion of that thing that you are not allowed to say anymore."

The rouble fell into neglect during years of galloping inflation and many Russians are now more conformable quoting large sums in dollars. Parliament is introducing the ban to try to restore pride in the national currency.

A sure sign of things to come.


At Sunday, July 23, 2006, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

Right...but censuring government ministers for uttering the word "dollar" in English and native Russian sounds a bit harsh with no regard for free speech.

I think Russia is beginning to accelerate its economic recovery after the fall of USSR (which the neocons and their supporters are smug enough to give themselves and their hero Ronald Reagan/George HW Bush credit, never mind the massive amount of U.S. taxpayer money siphoened trying to 'out-gun' USSR's military power at just about every expense in school funding, social service, etc).

When Russia switch to ruble in oil bourse, as well as Iran (maybe) and Syria (end of this year) and China makes a gutsy financial decision to switch to other currency perceived stronger than the US Dollar, USA will become stomping mad and perhaps threaten an all-out war over what is called "Petrodollar War".

Iraq was invaded partly because of Saddam Hussein's switch to Euro from USD in selling oil.

Who knows what will happen if US Dollar falls so steeply as the result of certain foreign powers' decision to dump USD for Euro, Ruble or Yuan that would unravel the terrible consequences, for the citizens of USA depending on "economical survival" to feed their families & work and the global economy?


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