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Israel struggles “to compete” w/ dead babies

Having dismissed outright the possibility that Israel stop killing babies, - its supporters are instead looking for ways to compete with images of their lifeless little bodies.
"How do words -- no matter how true and rational -- compete with photos of wailing mothers carrying their dead babies?" asks Dean Rotbart, host and executive producer of the program. "It is next to impossible to try to go on camera and explain any justification whatsoever for the compelling visual images that are aired over and over again."

"Yet if the world at large thinks with its heart instead of its head, terrorism will prevail," Rotbart said. "Indeed, the terrorists understand and harness the enormous power of emotional news coverage to win support for their deadly goals."
Isn't it absolutely amazing to watch them turn reality on its head with such ease? Israel not only wants to make all Arabs - including children - disappear off the face of the earth, they want them to disappear without fuss.

It's truly ironic how the same people who so vociferously object to "Holocaust denial" - with a capital "H" - can so consistently and so thoroughly deny their obvious culpability in the wholesale slaughter - HERE and NOW, before our EYES - of hundreds of children, despite overwhelming worldwide condemnation of their acts. Now, THAT'S DENIAL!
Guests on the live program included: Lenny Ben-David, former Deputy Chief of Mission for the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C.; Naomi Ragen, noted author and columnist, based in Israel; Nonie Darwish, author and speaker with Arabs for Israel; Gary P. Ratner, Executive Director, Western Region of the American Jewish Congress; Simon Plosker, senior editor, HonestReporting.com and Natalia Derevyanny, a public relations expert from Chicago.
Ghee, a panel of Zionists - who better to trust for a fair and balanced assessment?
"It's becoming a PR war, and REALITY to Western media as a whole doesn't matter any more," said Darwish, author of the soon-to-be-released Now They Call Me Infidel. "All they [the news media] want is drama and emotions. They want to see blood on TV."
Newsflash, for Nonie! Dead babies ARE REAL! And as far as drama, emotion, and blood is concerned - why shoot the messenger? The material is 'made in Israel' - the media just delivers it.
Ben-David agreed, adding that Israel's culture of honoring the dead and not parading its casualties for the cameras exacerbates the problem. Ben-David also pointed to the European press's "philosophical animosity" toward Israel as well as the American media suffering from "little knowledge, little context," as additional culprits.
'Honoring the dead' - that's a good one! They don't show them because they don't exist. There are VERY good reasons to suspect that Israel inflates its death count to justify their continued brutal attack against Lebanon and Gaza and there are a number of ways to eliminate these suspicions if they are mistaken. That, instead, Israel chooses to ignore them or declare them as ludicrous or "anti-semitic" rather than simply deliver solid proof is itself evidence that they exaggerate the numbers.
"What I urge people on my mailing list to do, is to please contact their local media, write letters to the newspaper, call their local television and radio stations and simply become activists in trying to change the way the facts are being reported," suggested Ragen, who is a columnist based in Israel. Ms. Ragen's regular dispatches from Israel are known, among other things, for calling the media to task for misleading and outright biased coverage.
Apparently, 100,000 whiners for war crimes are not enough.
Ratner of the American Jewish Congress said that his organization regularly meets with news organizations and presents documentation illustrating the anti-Israel bias. "We've been successful and we find in many instances when we have the documentation the American media does respond and they do want to be responsible."
It's reassuring to hear that our media is so responsive to Zionists.
Rotbart invites the public at large to email him at comments@newsroomconfidential.com with recommendations on how Israel can best counter media bias. The suggestions will be published on the NewsroomConfidential.com web site.
Drop him a line and tell him that THE SUREST way to counter the flow of dead baby images in the media is to STOP KILLING BABIES.


At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger ksdrover said...

Buried in rubble, mother saved lives in Qana
Lebanese woman's daughter dies in Israeli strike, but she saves son, others

Updated: 10:11 a.m. CT Aug 3, 2006
ALEY, Lebanon - Rabab Youssef managed to pull her son alive from the rubble in the Lebanese village of Qana. She could do nothing for her daughter.

“I was calling out to her: ‘Where are you Zeinab?’ I heard no reply. I found the hand of a child raised up,” she said, drawing a deep breath and holding back tears. “I felt her and I knew she was dead. I said: ‘My child, I can’t help you.’”

They're trying to spin this off to something positive. EXCEPT how do spin off that 'israel' is indiscriminately turning the whole nation of Lebanon into one huge rubble pile, and if it weren't for that fact NO ONE in Lebanon would be dead at this point.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If all Muslim nations were to unite Israel wouldn't have a prayer in heaven.

Israel is sowing what it will eventually reep as a nation. Judaism says, 'an eye for an eye'. Wonder if Zionist Israel remembered that concept? Oh, wait - probably not being the Luciferian Vipers that they are. They only believe in themselves.

Take comfort in knowing that God will exact a terrible retribution against Israel for the inhumane crimes still transpiring in Lebanon and Palestine. They will pay dearly one day and I hope it's eternal torment.


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