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JFK on Secret Societies and Free Press


At Thursday, August 10, 2006, Blogger SmokeNMirrors said...

Says it all, really; and that that was 40 years ago is even more amazing. Nothing has changed; the attacks on our civil liberties have been ongoing for a long time now, but we're getting close to the culmination of something; everything has accelerated.

Not too sure he said a great deal about Secret Societies, but an interesting fact sprang to mind as I listened; that Tony Bliar made it a manifesto pledge in 1997 for public officials to declare membership to any Secret Society. Guess what?! Another broken manifesto promise. But that it was actually an election issue is kind of interesting. And that it was reneged upon even more so!

JFK should be a beacon for justice in the eyes of the whole world - but not in the way you think I mean! For his death proves something that a lot of people miss - and which should really have alarm bells ringing the world over, every time people think about it. For it is obvious that the same people who killed him also covered up his death. Who would have the power to murder a President, in full public view, and then lie about who killed him, then cover their tracks? Why, only the people who could BUY everything they needed. IF the mob was involved they were hired and used. Same with the FBI or the CIA. There were damage limitation mechanisms already in place; someone big enough to arrange the public assassination of a president and then clean up afterwards, as surgical as you like. WOW! That's some clout... Then, of course, when you look at Exec Order 11110 and what that was about, it all makes perfect sense. But the obviousness of the cover-up and the assassination itself should alert everyone everywhere that it was the same people - and you then have to look for the puppetmasters again. Always there, in the shadows. Aaron Russo has the right idea; let's just hope he doesn't go the same way.

At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

JFK was too ethical and decent a man to give the Zionists their own way with America. In the book Final Judgement some of the reasons for the assassination are explained.
For a long time it has seemed clear and obvious to me who did it. I wonder if most people are just too stupid to figure it out, or maybe they have, but they're too afraid of being called anti-semitic to acknowledge it?


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