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neocons market Aug 22 as Apocolypse

These people are as MAD as hatters.

Their theory, which is gleaned from Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton University, who they describe as "the most influential post-war historian of Islam and the Middle East," predicts that Iran's Islamic end of times prophecies could be fulfilled on August 22, the day that they're supposed to respond to the West's nuclear proposal.

What do other people think of Bernard Lewis?
Edward Said gets to the nub of Lewis's Orientalist project when he writes that his "work purports to be liberal objective scholarship but is in reality very close to being propaganda against his subject material." Lewis's work is "aggressively ideological."

He has dedicated his entire career, spanning more than five decades, to a "project to debunk, to whittle down, and to discredit the Arabs and Islam."
Sounds about as impartial as Ehud Olmert might be on this issue.


At Friday, August 11, 2006, Blogger Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Is it a coincidence? No. You schmuck, whatever your name is on the video, it's you propogating the lie to deliver the bomb of your truth upon the innocent...Scripted hate speech. I abhor it the most.

At Friday, August 11, 2006, Blogger Bill said...

And 6-6-06 was suppose to be what I ask?

spaeking of 6-6-6 has anyone check George Bush and "DICK" Cheneys head for said Numbers..at this stage in the game nothing would surprise me.

At Friday, August 11, 2006, Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...



At Tuesday, August 15, 2006, Blogger Noahs Ark said...

What utter scripted garbage. Is this asshole trying to tell us something. Could this be an insiders 'joke'. Something is brewing in the winds and its the new world order that is going to be behind it.

I have a friend who was out at the bar the other night. He ran into a guy in the military who said that is going to be going over to the middle east soon to back Israel and to fight iran and china. He then went on to tell him that he isn't scared because he will be flying in a 20 miliion dollar killing machine. Mindless coward. If the military is preparing soldiers for deployment to "back israel and to fight Iran and China" you best believe there is a false flag in the making, all the indicators for it are there as well.


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