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pick a number - any number

Are we cattle? Are we pets? Are we being bred for slavery? Freemasons want to track your children. Yes, lets give our child's personal information to a secret society because "they care." Its okay they're just getting us all ready to be tagged. We are NOT cattle, we will not be tagged like cattle, injected with microchips like pets, and tracked like "property" with RFID Tags or Barcodes.

Music: "No ID" by Ian Brown
Video: Lectorsmith
Watch the video until the end, where Kurt Russell discovers that he's screwed because he trusted them.

It's all about TRUST and betrayal.


At Thursday, August 10, 2006, Blogger Shahid said...

Ah, Escape From New York, one of my all time favourite films.

If you know the film, the prophetic parallel to society today is that he had no choice but to trust them.

And if you know the film, you'll also know that well..... the bad guy doesn't always win.


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