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Winning hearts and minds by blowing apart bodies?

Pentagon Official Questions U.S. Message to Muslims
“To put it simply, we need to worry a lot less about how to communicate our actions and much more about what our actions communicate,” Admiral Mullen wrote in the critique, an essay to be published Friday by Joint Force Quarterly, an official military journal.

“I would argue that most strategic communication problems are not communication problems at all,” he wrote. “They are policy and execution problems. Each time we fail to live up to our values or don’t follow up on a promise, we look more and more like the arrogant Americans the enemy claims we are.”
Interesting words, 'Mikey.' Which won't have much impact since the Muslim world will be looking at your actions, like this one of kissing Israeli posterior and boldly declaring that the US will ALWAYS be Israel's friend.

I guess that means no matter what, as the dead US personnel of the USS Liberty crew could attest... if they were still alive.

US army chief: We'll always stand by Israel's side
WASHINGTON – The US will always stand by Israel's side, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Navy Adm. Mike Mullen said overnight Thursday during a farewell party for Israel's military attaché in Washington Major-General Benny Gantz, who will be retuning to Israel following his appointment as IDF deputy chief of staff.
While we're toasting Apartheid Israel, why not release mega-spy Pollard to Israel, just as a show of our good intentions toward that nation? And speed up the sale of those advanced F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to that 'light unto the world?'

To really show our support for Israeli land theft and ethnic cleansing, why not shovel a few billion more of our tax dollars to that nation of land thieves and muggers?

Like H.R. 3160, "Making appropriations for foreign assistance to Israel for fiscal year 2010," submitted by a rep from New Jersey.

Must need to replace that money lost due to busting up that New Jersey illegal organ trade yeshiva.

And as always, the fund shall be 'non-repayable.' While we're at it, how about some US taxpayer money for a Holocaustmuseum in Poland? Done and done, thanks to H.R. 1590.

Americans living in the streets that lost their homes due to Wall Street con games? TS, that money is going to a Polish Holocaust museum.


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blowin' babies, stealin' hearts.


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