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The Collapse of the Zionist Regime

Venerable Zionist Don of Israel
President Shimon Peres
May reign supreme over the Holy Land
But he proves he is a mortal
As ancient age begins to eat him up
From the inside
While Peres holds the illegitimate Zionist regime
Together rooted in apartheid and bloodlust
To revel in Jewish supremacism
Undertaken and instituted by David Ben-Gurion and his Fascist Zionist ilk.

Israel thirsts for total war with Iran-Syria
However coward little shitty country Israel prefers Uncle Sam
To do the dirty work
To suck dry American and Coalition's lifeblood and piss away national treasure
As beseeched by the cabal of traitors and lunatics
Like Dick Cheney, Richard Peres, and John Bolton
Neoconservatives cry for more bloodshedding
Neoliberals bang the same drum
To pressure Iran to surrender its natural right to
Peaceful and legitimate nuclear programme

The war in the Middle East and Central Asia
Is Zionist regime's principal design
Catapulted by 9-11 inside job and covert Israeli terrorism
To engineer the West's occupation and destruction
To loot precious riches and satisfy Israel's thirst for revenge

The Butcher of Sabra, Shatila and Jenin
Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
The obese son-of-a-bitch whose snake tongue tell lies
And reminisce the glad memories of inhumane depravity
Lays comatose on the hospital bed, awaiting uncertain fate of survival or death
He remains alive in a stable condition, and survival allows him to
Dream and conspire to commit treachery
Against the allies deceived by the weeping tales of the Holocaust
To do the bidding for forefathers and movers of political Zionism
Theodor Herzl, Weizmann, Moshe Dayan, Menachem Begin, and Ben-Gurion
In envisioning the glorious Greater State of Israel

In the short time, Ariel shall cease to exist
And his soul departed to the Netherworld
As Jew-controlled media around the world mourn his passing
Only praised and immortalized as a hero and diplomat
But the victims of Zionist brutality will cry from the grave Ariel is a Fascist monster

Zionist Don Shimon Peres
Knows his time will come
Why risk more war
That could decide the fate of the Zionist regime's existence?
And it depends on the heroin that is American dollar by theft and deceit
To hold up the fragile State of Israel for as long as can be

When Shimon finally collapses
Whether by drop in blood pressure or vanquished by counterstrike in hellfire
When Ariel finally croaks
Whether done in by time or another clot in the demented skull
When Benjamin Netanyahu finally suicide
Whether by self or inviting the world to rain destruction on Israel
As an eternally immoral empire

The Zionist regime of Israel will collapse
And become history
As the truth of history will condemn Israel
As a great moral and mortal error
Of the human civilization

The fate of Israel's wanton self-annihilation
Brought upon the land of murderers, traitors and thieves
By its shrill war-cry and gnashed teeth in temper tantrum
Of righteous arrogance and defiance embodied by self-entitlement
in fascistic Jewish supremacism
Is ascertained.


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