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Letter to Nobel Committee on the Absurdity of Peace Prize Award to Lying Warmonger Obama

Dear Nobel Committee,

I am disappointed that Nobel Committee chose to award President of the United States Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize, for the following reasons:

Mr. Obama has not done anything significant in promoting and enforcing peace in action.

Mr. Obama is incapable of promoting peace between Palestine and Israel by reason of ignoring U.N.'s Goldstone Report on Israel's war crimes against Gaza through the Obama Administration's contemptible tone in defense of the State of Israel as though Israel merits absolute impunity from war crimes.

Mr. Obama is incapable of significant progress towards the goal to liberate Afghanistan, as well as aggravation towards Pakistan sovereignty, with American troops escalation and frequent attacks by the U.S. military in the usage of drone attack and other methods that cost Afghan and Pakistani civilian lives by maiming and death.

Mr. Obama deliberately delays the withdrawal of U.S. military from Iraq which will be tentatively complete until at least 2011 at the latest.

Mr. Obama has been deliberate in antagonism towards Islamic Republic of Iran by accusing Iranian leadership of illegitimate nuclear armament contrary to Iranian leaders' honest intention in interaction with International Atomic Energy Agency in responsible reporting and accountability.

Mr. Obama has been less forthcoming with the definite plan for feasibility of peace enforced by the U.S. He has instead opted to continue aggressive foreign policy that continues to cause injury and death in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan after George W. Bush Administration concluded.

Lastly, the award to Mr. Obama should be retroactively recalled after Mr. Obama allows the physical pre-emptive attack on Iran and/or North Korea and other hostile nations by means of total warfare to violate the sovereignty of the foreign state that cause injury and death. This applies to Mr. Obama's backing of State of Israel's tentative attack on Iran with U.S. military to prosecute Iran over the imaginary nuclear weaponry development despite Iran's good intention to abide by IAEA and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty rules and procedures that allow peaceful use of nuclear power.

For the principal reasons above, it is recommended that Nobel Committee acknowledge the error in premature decision to award Mr. Obama who has not done anything of substance other than pontificating about peace and goodwill by the U.S. contrary to U.S.'s deeds in aggressive foreign policy allowing reckless collateral damage on innocent civilians and military occupation of the foreign nations.

Otherwise, Nobel Committee's reputation will have been tarnished forever for its absurd short-sightedness and political bias in prematurely awarding Mr. Obama the prestigious Peace Prize.


At Friday, October 09, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Maybe it was only a spelling error?

The actual wording should of been "Obama wins Nobel PIECE Prize," since he's bombing Afghans to pieces and Pakistani's and soon, if he follows Israel's orders, will be blowing Iranians to pieces.

At Saturday, October 10, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Apart from his obvious complicity in ongoing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, some mention should also be made of the fact that the nomination had to have come in within weeks of him becoming President. How could he be nominated for anything after such a short time?


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