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Israelis Seize Iranian Arms Ship

MapThe arms were intended for Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Israelis say

Israel's navy has intercepted a ship carrying hundreds of tonnes of Iranian weapons intended for Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Israeli military has said.

The Antiguan-flagged vessel, Francop, was boarded 160km (100 miles) off the Israeli coast, the military said, and has been towed to the port of Ashdod.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu said the arms were intended to strike Israeli cities.

In recent months Israel has stepped up efforts to combat the smuggling of arms to both Hezbollah and Hamas militants.

Hezbollah has not yet commented on the latest incident.

Iran and Syria have both rejected Israel's allegations.
'Disguised cargo'
The Israeli military said marines had boarded the 137m (450ft) Francop after its captain agreed to the search and no force was used.

The vessel was intercepted "near Cyprus", the Israeli military said, though it gave no further details on where this took place.


At Wednesday, November 04, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since apartheid-israel doesn't abide by international law, they are thus, terrorists, and all arms shipments to the racist ***e state, are to be seized, by said law.

At Thursday, November 05, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

Israel is the nation of pathological liars, thieves and depraved killers. Zionists are desperate to deflect Goldstone Report. When cornered, they pull false flag hoaxes and attacks. They do anything to defame Iran-Syria as existential enemy of Israel. They have so much gall in boldly lying and deceiving with this propaganda they could get away with mass murder over spreading lies in media propaganda. They are indeed "Devil's children."


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