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Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Who gives a hoot?!!

Do you care what I believe? No.

Do I care what you believe? No.

Then why is everyone harping about it?!!

While the 'educated' masses sit and ponder which theory of the origin of man we should teach our children in school the country is being RAVAGED by interest!

GM's about to cut 30,000 jobs!

Ford's about to cut 4000!

Our economy is collapsing and Americans are tugging rope over a non-issue; most people learn about one theory or another some time in their lives and simply choose to believe one. Who gives a crap?!!

What about the economy? How will we keep our jobs? And if we can't keep our jobs, how will we live?

How will we feed ourselves and our families?!!

This is serious, folks. I don't mean to offend your senses; only to arouse them.

If we don't act soon, we may all be ripe for the slaughter.


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