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How do you spell INDEPENDENCE?

GROW-your-own-FOOD and PRINT-your-own-MONEY
US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, said [the EU, US, UN and Russia] were "on the same page" in agreeing that funding must not go to a group committed to destroying Israel.

The Austrian foreign minister, Ursula Plassnik, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, said Hamas had to meet the EU's demands if the Palestinian Authority was to continue receiving aid. "It is about reaffirming the principles of the EU, such as absence of violence, and a two-state solution," she told reporters.
Am I missing something? All I've heard from Hamas is that they will not recognize Israel, unless Israel recognizes Palestine, comprised of the West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capitol.

While Israel may not like this demand, it implies that Hamas does NOT categorically deny Israel's right to exist. They merely condition 'recognition' of that right not only on 'reciprocal recognition' of their own right to exist, but on a tangible end to a REAL and CRIPPLING occupation of their land and their lives. Unreasonable?

They (the EU, US, UN and Russia) think so. And now they threaten to withhold their 'financial aid' to Palestinians, unless Hamas "agrees" to terms that they are clearly willing to accept - a two state solution. Israel already has one. But, that doesn't seem to matter.

But, let's look at the 'financial aid' that they're withholding. Are they withholding 'promises to pay' that they printed on their presses? Or, maybe they're withholding entries on a ledger, created from thin air by the flick of a pen on the big checkbook of LIFE that either grants or denies it.

And, why do Palestinians need someone else's money, anyway? Why can't they print their own? Could they buy anything with it if they did? Who would accept their promises to pay?

If Palestinian agriculture and industry hadn't been destroyed by decades of oppression and isolation, they could issue their own currency, exchange it with each other for their own goods, sustain themselves, and preserve their dignity and independence.

But as it is, they depend on imports for their survival and with it they must depend on the currency that those who sell those imports demand. Sound familiar?

Setting aside the political issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there's a lesson to be learned from this exercise in power, control and resistence.

The key to independence is growing your own produce and raising the animals that you and your communities need to survive. Only then can you tell those wielding the checkbook of LIFE to take their 'promises to pay' and shove it.


At Monday, January 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't think Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of both Israel and the Jews, read their charter.

At Monday, January 30, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

can you provide a link?

At Monday, January 30, 2006, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Qrswave, no offense, but you are very naive about Hamas. Uncle Pavian is correct. While, on the one hand, Hamas is toning down their rhetoric AT THE MOMENT, they are a terrorist organization by their own charter.


"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

That sounds like they are not exactly an organization that can be a partner in the peace process. In fact, there is no peace with Hamas - at least, not until they change. But that's fine. I have a few thoughts on that matter.

1) Arafat himself was a terrorist, and his death was a happy day for Israel. He threw countless wrenches into the peace process, and his Nobel Peace Prize is a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize. he was more concerned with his own neck, and his own massive bank account, than he was concerned with either peace or the palestinians. While the Palestinians starved in refugee camps, he left a 20 billion dollar estate at his death - all in swiss bank accounts. That's a conservative estimate for the amount he left to his wife. He was offered the possibility of peace many times, and turned it down. He was a bad leader, and a fake, a mockery to boot.

2) Mamood Abbas + Ariel Sharon, working together, were able to make serious inroads into the two state solution and the peace process. See: the handing back of the Gaza Strip. See: the dismantling of West Bank settlements.

3) Now that Abbas and Sharon are out, we are at a serious crossroads. It's perilous times. But at least we KNOW what Hamas is. They are not a fake. PLUS, we know they are actually good at handling government services. They often stepped in to provide the services when Arafat and the Palestinian Authority did not. That's all good. Maybe, if they have to run a government, the radical elements will be coopted. Or maybe they won't.

4) At the moment, all we know is that a political party that defines itself as a party that wants to destroy Israel and kill Israelis is in power. I would say it is *not a GREAT idea* to give them aid and support. Yeah...not at least, until they change their tune.

5) Pat Robertson himself is a terrorist, and we have our own problems in America. I have been saying for years that the coalition between the Christian foamie nutjobs and Israelis was a bad idea. And now it's coming to fruition. See: HuffPo. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeremy-pikser/rear-entry-exclusive-pa_b_14738.html

At Monday, January 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(1) It doesn't matter what Hamas charter says: Israel must cease to exist, it never having had any right to exist in first place, period. Israel has never ever been anything but a criminal terrorist entity in the first place, this verified by its entire history, not to mention the entire history of Jews in the first place.

(2) But then how does Israel get its power?--simple: Jews run the fraud banking system like the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) of the USA. See Jew Bernard Lazare's Antisemitism first published in 1894 (Aside fm all the other voluminous literature).

(3) So now we see what purpose Israel really serves: a great diversion to the Fed, the real crux to things.

(4) So now we see the great quandary for such as our dearest blogmeister, "qrswave": gee whilikers, but golly, if the Fed goes, as it must, then poor Israel goes down the toilet (where it belongs).

(5) What a phony discussion: for the only realistic solution, the demise of Israel, "qrswave" just doesn't want to entertain, the poor dear.

(6) So we see the lesson: blogs can indeed be good, but hey, they're only as good as blogees, eh?

Check more essays and works of Apollonian on WhiteAlert.com and NewNation.org. Apollonian

At Monday, January 30, 2006, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Um, appolonian...heh...taking a page out of Mein Kampf?

Firstly, if you want to know who is running the country, it's rich white WASPy man, from old money. See Bush n' friends.

Secondly, to the extent that jews are tied into the banking profession, that is because of their historical persecution. They were prevented from owning land during the Middle Ages - so they turned to banking.

Israel a terrorist? Firstly, a state cannot be a "terrorist." Such is the definition of terrorism. Secondly, if you think Israel is a terrorist state, then surely you think every single state in the entire world is a terrorist state - they have all done way worse than Israel. America has done far worse than Israel.

At Monday, January 30, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

wow, I step away for a bit and all hell breaks loose. Where to begin?

Miss R, thanks for chiming in. I'm not sure that it's very useful to look at what Hamas says instead of looking at what Hamas has (or does not have) the capability of doing.

Besides, this post is not about Hamas. It is meant to highlight the inhumanity of threatening to withhold very badly needed aid from an entire civilian population in order to force on their government a political position that "the quartet" cannot manage to attain through negotiation. It is inhumane to make an entire population suffer to force a particular political outcome. They’re holding the population hostage.

I cannot say anything about Arafat; I've heard of much corruption. It's a shame that he loved himself more than his people.

As far as terrorism goes, of course, it is not limited to non-state actors; there is state sponsored terrorism. I would argue that it is far more prevalent than any other kind of terrorism. And I agree that American governments have done worse than Israeli governments on this count.

As far as the "progress" that you referred to, honestly, I do not consider a gigantic WALL that runs right through the West Bank “progress.”

Sure, Israelis pulled out of Gaza, but look how long it took them, and look at the state of the economy in Gaza as a result. Moreover, since then there have been several deadly incursions in Gaza by the IDF, and Israelis build and expand more settlements in the West Bank for every one they dismantle.

Not to mention the numerous daily injuries and deaths of Palestinians, which are never mentioned in the MSM. The IDF soldiers are not renowned for their compassion for unarmed Palestinian children, who they pick off like flies in schoolyards and on rooftops.

Of course, I do not condone the indiscriminate killing of Israeli civilians, either. The situation is very bleak. But it is not fair to say, as Israel repeatedly does, that Hamas or any other political party is the problem. First and foremost, the occupation is the problem.

Apollonian, whether or not it was right for the British to "give" Palestine as a homeland to establish Israel at the time that the Balfour Declaration was signed, now millions of people are settled in this land and everyone has a right to live somewhere. So, why not Israel?

Nothing but more death and destruction would follow the parties taking an extreme position on either side. However, to allow Israel to hold on to land outside of the 1967 borders would be unreasonable.

Israelis deliberately violated one UN resolution after another to build all the post ’67 settlements and they must not now be rewarded for their blatent disregard for international law. UN resolution 242 is a reasonable solution; I can't understand why Israelis won't just implement it and be done with it.

Their demands that the terror must stop before they pull out of territory that they have no right to occupy to begin with is completely illogical and not worth the air time that it gets on the MSM.

And finally, Apollonian, no race, ethnicity or religion has a monopoly on evil deeds anymore than any of them have a monopoly on good deeds.

Experience and logic support my conclusion that persons are accountable for their own actions, not those of others who share their race, their faith, or their nationality. Granted, your experience may tell you otherwise.

But, my logic allows me to give every individual I meet the benefit of the doubt, while your logic condemns them before you ever meet them. Mine is fair. Yours is not.

It’s no wonder that our constitutional and criminal laws reflect my logic, not yours.

At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To "Miss R" 8:30 PM: First u should ck my post for this site for blog, "Truth does not negotiate with Lies." So much for Jews and essentially, ur entire argument.

Taking a page fm dear unc' Adolf's "Mein Kampf"?--so what if I was?--if u have a point u need to make it, otherwise folks will think ur just the typically presumptuous Jew, regarding whom, again, see my posting on blog, this site, Truth...Lies, aforementioned. Hitler was an honest patriot, who saw the danger and did the best he could under the circumstances, may his memory be blessed and revered.

Right Jew, on who's "running the country." Bush is merely the usual shabat goy frontman dingbat, posing for the Jews behind the scenes, especially the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), of which there's no doubt. (Ck JBS.org for definitive exposition on CFR.) Tell me, are the "neo-con" conspirators a bunch of Jews or not? Is Chertoff a Jew? Was Powell a Jew? Are Greenspand and Bernanke Jews? And guess what?--ck TexeMarrs.com for some serious info on Bush himself, quite possibly a Jew, yes indeed. Turns out Roosevelts, Eisenhower, and Johnson were crypto Jews too. CFR is reputed to being 47% Jew. Jews run the mass Jews-media, Wash. Post/Newsweek, NY Times, etc. Rupert Murdoch (Fox) is a Jew. Zuckerman (US News and Business Report) is a Jew. Ur own Jews admit Jews control banking, esp. the fractional-reserve variety which is actually fraud (COUNTERFEITING), and yes Jews make the best, most dominant frauds as attested by ur own Jew, Bernard Lazare, in his "Antisemitism" published way back in 1894. Mike Collins Piper (The New Jerusalem and other works) demonstrates Jews run and control organized crime and always have; Al Capone worked for Jews Bugsy Seigel and Meyer Lansky; Jews were integral players in the assassination of JFK too. The Jew "Purple Gang" probably murdered the Lindbergh baby as we see fm Judicial-inc.biz.

U Jews are actually just truthfully-challenged as in Gosp. JOHN 8:44. For Judaism-Talmudism is simply a huge large conspiracy-war strategy, the worship of lies and lying, as verified by numerous scholars including Mike Hoffman ("Judaism's Strange Gods"), Ted Pike, Elizabeth Dilling, and many, many others.

That Jews are "persecuted" is A LIE, like the holohoax (ck Codoh.com, ihr.org, and Zundelsite.org) merely a part of their general religion of lies and lying. (Again see JOHN 8:44 as well as my post on blog, Truth...Lies, this site.)

U know what u can do, Jew, with ur "definitions," so self-serving? Regardless, Israel is an enemy of the USA and all humanity, and it should be dealt with as such.

But why does anyone bother talking to an enemy like u, "Miss R"? I mean, look at ur last couple of sentences: u're just a Jew in favor of Jews and Israel--NOT THE USA, an "agent of influence" for Israel telling anti-American lies and propaganda--blatantly and obviously. Ur words speak for themselves, eh?

So hey, thanks a lot for ur self-expose'--u're actually quite eloquent. Apollonian

At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Apollonian, your repeated condemnation of all "Jews" for the conduct of some is itself evidence of their continued persecution by individuals like yourself who simply refuse to admit what is plain for anyone to see.

Persons are responsible for their own individual conduct, not anyone else's.

At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But qrswave, dearest one, what do u say to my extended exposition given on ur other outstanding blog, "Truth Does Not Negotiate With Lies"? Judaism/Talmudism is actually a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a "religion" which the dumber lower-level Jews are duped into thinking is a legitimate worship of a pathetically affected ("jealous") God--but this doesn't absolve them of consequences, pretending stupidity is excuse for treason, lies, fraud, murder, etc. Jews are not persecuted; rather they're rightfully hated by all peoples quite justifiably for most perfidious crimes which all the Jews are party to. "Persecution" is a lie, just part of their stinking thought-control-hysteria (even if it's self-induced and -imposed) which they call a "religion," like the holohoax. Keep it up qrswave, and all u succeed in doing is proving to all u urself are a Jew or worse, one of their suckalongs. U impress no one.


Did u know Talmud preaches Christ is/was heretic, blasphemer, sorcerer and was justly executed?--yes or no?

And finally, don't forget: New Testament (NT), upon which this nation is founded, says explicitly what we need to know about Jews: ck Gosp. MATT ch. 23, all 39 verses, and JOHN 8:44. These NT truths are what u ought to be heeding dear qrswave, my dear. Ask urself who u're really kidding. Repent. Apollonian

At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Two words for you. FIRST AMENDMENT.

Ah yes, freedom of religion. It allows (alleged) people such as yourself to practice your own brand of religion (ie, hate-riotism), and Jews to practice their religion. It also allows Hindus to practice what they want, and Buddhists to practice what they want.

Not such a bad idea, what our founding fathers had in mind. If you are anti-constitution, go ahead and move to Saudi Arabia. They forbid the practice of Judaism. Perhaps you would have a better time over there.

The founding fathers themselves were not religious - they were deists. Why do you hate America? And if you hate America so much - nothing's stopping you from leaving - go right ahead!

At Wednesday, February 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 8:52 PM "Miss R," Righto Jew, hey u know this blog is in black and white for everyone to see; u impress no one with ur absurd lies. And again u're a pathetic, desperate liar, Jew: the American founders were indeed and indubitably Christian without the slightest doubt; only a couple to my knowledge were deists, like Franklin, I believe. U're pathetic. The present-day America is execrable for obvious reasons, Jew, and surely by far the greatest is the dominance of Jew liars like u. Tell us more, Jew.

At Wednesday, February 01, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Alright, Apollonian, you've made your unwavering hatred crystal clear.

Repeated, useless personal attacks won't be tolerated. Keep your points straight and civil, or make them elsewhere.

The first amendment applies only to the government. Private individuals can censor all they want. I prefer not to, but if you persist in your pointless vitriolic attacks, I will.

At Wednesday, February 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right qrswave--same goes for u: people can read, and they see what is down in black and white, how, for example, u people refuse to speak to the issues brought. When then I pt. out ur pathetic evasions u react with typical hystericism and threats of censorship.

Look above this post to my 1:51 PM posting--do u have anything to say?--of course not, u prefer to evade the issue (as u've done consistently, like the typical pathetic coward and ignoramus) with ur own lies. Same goes for the Jew--just ck above posts. For my "personal attacks," as u put it, are putative truths which u don't even address. For example, the American founders were overwhelmingly Christians, and the Jew is a liar for saying otherwise--am I right or wrong?

It is such as you qrswave, hysterics and "moralists, who most hate the truth. The way to refute and shame me is to prove me wrong which U CAN'T DO. Poor little moralist-fascist--note how they go together. U're just the typical hysteric who insists upon "morality" and "good-evil," utterly without foundation as I've challenged u, u not answering and then demonstrating ur own FACSISM with threats.

What do u think is the foundation of fascism, but moralism?

And my "attacks" aren't "useless" as u wish and pretend to urself--they're actually quite poignant for otherwise curious folk who might well be interested in the issues. And further, u have no confidence in ur fellows to judge for themselves, do u, the typical fascist? Qrswave, honestly, u're so pathetic--why does anyone persist in talking to such as u? U're nearly a total waste of my time--if this wasn't so much fun, exposing u for the empty fraud u really are in ur demonstration of "morality."

And isn't it significant fascists like u, so "moral," relate so easily with Jews? GO AHEAD, comrade, u only indict and convict urself. I'm having fun here exposing you for the hysteric and irrationalist u really are. Like I say GO AHEAD and prove me right evermore. Make my day.

Hatred?--hey, I'm honest--it's u qrswave, who so pathetically hates the truth and serious, substantial dialogue which now anyone can confirm. I laugh in ur face. Apollonian


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