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neocons turn DEFIANT Ahmedinejad into National HERO

This is the kind of stuff that legends are made of. Not only are neocons edging the world toward Armageddon, but they are turning Ahmedinejad into a national hero in the process.
"Issue as many resolutions like this as you want and make yourself happy. You can't prevent the progress of the Iranian nation," he said in comments carried by the official Islamic Republic News Agency.
Arguably, the man has what it takes for international stardom. His defiant messages to an uncompromising imperial Goliath in a unipolar world is the equivalent of Michael Jackson's moonwalk on the world stage.
"In the name of the IAEA they want to visit all our nuclear facilities and learn our defense capabilities, but we won't allow them to do this."

* * *

"We thank God that he has made (our) enemies stupid," Ahmedinejad said today.

"They do not understand that the world has changed. They believe that we are still in the Middle Ages, where several people decide and others accept. But this era is over."
Keep up the great work fellas; you're your own worst enemy.


At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Blogger Akber said...

Nice comments! How else do you think the world order is going to change? By convincing common people of the intricacies of the financial system and how it is co-opted. Hardly.

Behind economic revival, revolution and diplomacy lie mutual respect or respect for the other party's military strength.

Ahmedinejad has called the bluff within hours - it cannot get any more blunt that that. In doing so, he has turned the formal future referral to the UN into a useless farce.

Iran 1 West 0

The only recourse left for the West now is shameless and mindless aggression, and I'm not sure if there is stomach for that any more.

Iran is technically at war now. The world indeed has changed.

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of sand niggers, but I'd lionize any sand nigger over a kike any day.

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the Jews stupid

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

anons 1 and 2: thanks for the sensitive and thoughtful comments.

I'm sure those whom you scorn would gladly reciprocate the blind hate.

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, its great this guy has the balls to stand up to the ignorant world tyrants... and he makes me laugh... good job!

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

Again qrswave, u need to ask urself who u think u're really kidding. Why do u so gloatingly declare "blind hate"?--(makes u feel so "moral," eh?)--does it occur to u these good people are actually telling u the truth, the truth which U, QRSWAVE, ACTUALLY HATE?

It's precisely ur sort of blind loyalty to these insane Judeo-"Sadduceans" which keeps them propped up and continuing their steady take-over of the world--as more and more depleted uranium is dissolved into the atmosphere.

U qrswave, are the problem, kiddo, not those honest posters, anons 1 and 2. U hate the truth, and u refuse to do ur duty to face the facts screaming at u about Judeo-Talmudism and its war w. the gentile world.

If u're not a Jew, u could only be a "Sadducean." The only other people who are so loyal to Jews are the "Judeo-Christians" who back up George W. Bush. Repent--at least try to get a clue. Apollonian

P.S. What happened to my 1245 posting for "Vampires donating blood"?--it was there which I copied, now it's scrubbed.

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Apollonian, your comment from the vampire post never got posted due to technical difficulties at eblogger - out of my control. I'll copy it from my email and post it when I have a moment. It's a busy day, today.

I don't hate the truth. I seek it and defend it with every fiber of my being. I unequivocally condemn any individual who conspires to and commits these economic and military atrocities against all different peoples of the world. I don't care if they're jewish, christian, or muslim.

What I refuse to do is condemn people by association. Likewise, I don't care whether they're jewish, muslim, christian, or any other faith or creed.

I value innocent life - everyone's. I wouldn't want someone throwing my ass in the gallows for the acts of someone who shares my faith or my skin color. That's why I insist on calculated, deliberate, measured responses from those who value the same. That's all.

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

To qrswave: okay, thanks for promising to repost my reply on "...Vampires To Donate Blood"; I really liked those two guys with their comments. My comments DID get posted on the blog, at least briefly--that's how I was able to copy it--it was posted, then removed.

And did u notice the corroborative, supporting reply I got fm "JC's" blog, "...Paranoid John Birch Blues"?

Look here, this is no kidding: u gotta ck out what the Talmud teaches; that's all there is to it. U must admit u're simply grossly, and totally IGNORANT of this Talmudic substance. And this gross ignorance is (surely then) the reason for ur absolutely mindless loyalty and toleration of these human devils, these sublimely insane creatures of subjectivism. Again ck my essay on blog "Truth doesn't negotiate w. Lies," as that was/is good intro. Another good intro is my "Antisemitic Facts..." on WhiteAlert.com

Note then my logic WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY IRREFUTABLE, okay?--the Talmud presents and further then demonstrates a certain mentality, plan, strategy, which numerous scholars acknowledge--ONLY TALMUDISTS AND ADHERENTS THERETO DENY SUCH ANALYSIS OF ALL OTHERS to effect Talmud is precisely this horrific gentile genocide to be applied and practiced. The only reason gentiles, and only some, will be kept is to serve as slaves to these absolutely insane monsters, the Jews, Talmudists. Note the Talmud is SO LOOONNNGG a work (over 6,000 pages in some editions of finely typed print)--most of those stupid Jews (like your friend "MISS R," surely) most probably don't understand it, the Talmud. But it doesn't matter, for as long as Jews insist upon loyalty to this glorification of gentile mass murder, these Jews must suffer the necessary consequences which they richly deserve. There's no excuse for Judaism in reason. No self-respecting Jew (of race) would or should want to be known as a Jew, who consciously "worships" such putrid, filth as is found in Talmud. HENCE IT IS PERFECTLY LOGICAL--INDEED NECESSARY--TO CONDEMN MOST EMPHATICALLY ALL AND ANY WHO EXPRESS LOYALTY TO SUCH TALMUDIC PUTRIDITY--all Jews who so express their loyalty, knowing or not. If there are some who don't know what the Talmud preaches, then they shouldn't be loyal to it, pure and simple; until they do understand it, only then should they state opinions in reason.

Here's the truth: u place ur highly questionable, actually quite mindless "moralism" such as it is, so utterly unreal for it's indulgence against reality and the facts, above reality, facts, and the truth--and that's why u don't condemn Talmudism hence Jews as u should in reason, truth, and justice. U UNQUESTIONABLY DO HATE THE TRUTH as u consider it inferior to ur narcissistic "moralistic" delusions, so convenient to Jews.

U know qrswave, the Jews just laugh at someone like u who is so urgently warned by such as myself who practically draws a picture for u as to what Talmud and Jews really are. And note how u consistently refuse to acquaint urself with just the basics of Talmud-Judaism. How then can u defend them, Jews, based upon such position of yours of just gross, dumbass ignorance?

Very simply Ur obligation is to duly go and learn what the real facts are about such Judaism-Talmudism--AND UNTIL THEN JUST SHUT UR MOUTH (so to speak) regarding this mindless defending of these indefensible (in reason) MONSTERS, for that is truly and simply what Jews are, whether u want to admit it or not. Again there are lots of sources at ur disposal. A good balanced evenhanded work is Michael A Hoffman II's Judaism's Strange Gods. Another is Ted Pike's Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma. Get with it, get real, and get a clue already. Apollonian

At Monday, February 06, 2006, Anonymous Pollyjumped said...

I'm not a big fan of sand niggers, but I'd lionize any sand nigger over a kike any day
It's the Jews stupid

Ghastly and frankly puerile comments like these do not contribute positively to debate.

At Tuesday, February 07, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

False, "Pollyjumped" I disagree w. u. If u think such comments are "ghastly" then u're just a weakling. What is it u think u're doing anyway? Yes or no, is the problem facing the world the Judeo-"Sadducean" conspiracy, or not? U need to arrive at some conclusions; ur own inability to do so is what inhibits u most for knowledge. Why bother to write stupid crap like urs at 4:15 AM?--u're just wasting everyone's time. Apollonian

At Thursday, October 25, 2007, Blogger dilbertgeg said...

Although I was born of a Jewish mother, I really had no idea what the Talmud says. I have survived over 40 years without reading the Talmud once. I imagine you'll find a lot of Jews fit that category, like a lot of Christians who only know certain parts of the Bible, or are unaware of other important Christian tracts by various saints and scholars.

However, I found a Rabbi on www.Jewhaters.com discussing the Talmud with a someone he called "a ferocious critic of Jews". Incidentally, he said "Bob and I have had some enjoyable communication."

David Eidensohn's explanations are lengthy, but here's what he said:
Our point is, that a book must be written for an audience, but the Talmud is not written for an audience. It is simply a collection of oral discussions of the rabbis. The audience for these oral statements were other rabbis. Talmudists are known to be ferocious debaters, and therefore, the level of ferocity in the verbal exchanges is very high.

The crux of it is that the context of The Talmud is that it not a list of Orders or Rules, nor a Guide, but rather a written version of an oral history of Jewish Scholars of antiquity DEBATING JUDAISM. Over the course of these debates, it is traditional that the arguments are heated, rhetorical, satirical, and sarcastic.

The point of the Talmud is to include some record of debate and to provoke further debates about various ideas, NOT that all these statements be taken literally. This is not to say that "nothing Jews say can be taken literally", or "nothing anyone says or writes should be taken literally", or "historical relativism", the point is that if one intends to understand the Talmud, one must understand it's unusual context.

So to use modern terminology, the Talmud was designed to be a "politically incorrect" book, on purpose.

Think about some intellectual debates on the Web, for example, about touchy topics like culture wars, sex, religion. One can imagine Atheist bloggers comparing Jesus to a deluded madman who hears voices in his head, while that same person might actually reserve a great deal of respect for many of the teachings of Jesus (or attributed to Jesus) as well as the words of King, Ghandi, and many other religious people. Yet for the sake of debate, extreme rhetoric.

At Thursday, October 25, 2007, Blogger dilbertgeg said...

Having said that, Zionism, as it exists (not simply a "national home for Jews" but an apartheid racist state), is a nightmare and a horror. The treatment of Palestinians is awful, and Israel does not deserve $3bn to $5bn to $10bn annually from the USA to engage in vicious ethnic cleansing.

I would only add, the Zionist State of Israel is NOT the only vicious and brutal country or leader that the United States or it's elites supported.

Pol Pot
and all the brutal and fascist governments of Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia were supported by the United States (or by some of it's wealthy private elites) as well, as proxy dictatorships for neo-imperialist rule. These are then called "democracies", or "free countries", expecially if they hold elections, rigged or not.

The governments that REFUSE to kowtow to neo-imperialism -- even if completely democratic in rule -- are called "dictatorships" because they refuse to accept the DICTATES of the Washington Consensus or the IMF/World Bank in terms of their economic/trade policies, and refuse to dismantle their internal social structures to meet the demands of "structural adjustment".


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