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we're F*CKED

It looks as though the neocons have finally gotten their way and we are about to be plunged head first into a war from which most of humanity may not emerge.

Now, these excerpts are from IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency). So, take them for what they're worth in terms of details, emphasis, and conclusions. The broad outlines, however, unequivocally point to an escalation of a conflict that promises to be very ugly:
The [IAEA] Board of Governors on Saturday voted to report Iran's nuclear dossier to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) without consensus, despite the West's attempt to reach agreement on the issue.

Javad Vaidi, said that resumption of full enrichment process will be the first consequence of this resolution. He referred to it as a political move on behalf of certain countries.

The IAEA meeting in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Thursday was postponed on account of discord among the member states on referral or reporting of the case to the UNSC and inclusion of the phrase `A Middle East free from nuclear weapons', which was proposed by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member countries.

Political experts consider the Board of Governors vote, which has been given under the pressure of the US and Europe, as illegal and unlawful. [under International law]
In an earlier news story at IRNA:
Russian Duma representative Alexi Mitrafanov here Friday called the harmonized plot hatched by some EU members, United States, and Israel against Iran's nuclear program "premeditated assassination" of the Iranian nation."
Thanks, Byrne, for pointing the way to these stories.


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The execution of the Romanovs


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