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Oracle 2,000; VW 20,000

"The economy fired on all cylinders in January," said economist Sung Won Sohn, president of Hanmi Bank.
The economy's FIRED up, alright!

FIRE away!


At Friday, February 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our great American economy is an ocean whose total depth is made up primarily of the combined spending of all the various age groups. The heaving waves on the surface of this deep ocean are always the big-spending 45 to 54 year old group. These waves produce the peaks and troughs of the economy - the long-term booms and busts. They can and have both raised and sunk ships. We will soon have to man the lifeboats as the greatest demographic wave in American history crashes down with a thunderous roar! Like the great Titanic, there will not be enough time nor enough lifeboats on board, and only very limited rescue available.


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