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Name that Country

  • Based on UN projections, over the next ten years, half of all construction in the world will take place in [this country]. Greening this construction is a tremendous challenge and opportunity.
  • The Environmental industry in [this country] is growing at over 20% a year.
  • The new five year plan makes sustainable development the official policy of the government and calls for an investment of almost $100 billion in the environment...
  • Recent directives from the highest levels of [this] government require environmental design and construction of all future buildings, mileage and emissions standards for vehicles, strict industrial pollution controls, and a variety of other environmental rules and regulations.
  • [This country is hosting a trade show in September 2006 that's] limited to 200 companies and organizations that offer the best solutions to [the country's] environmental priorities.
  • Guest speakers at the event will include Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachav along with [the] most skilled and respected professionals in each field, from around the world
If you think it's US, think again.


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