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Instant War, Just Add Lies

Nothing like some half-baked lies to start an unjust war.

According to the Fox and Haraatz, each of whom appears to have gotten its news from unnamed Iranian officials who spoke to the Sunday Times of London . . .
Iran has formed battalions of suicide bombers to strike at British and American targets if the nation’s nuclear sites are attacked. According to Iranian officials, 40,000 trained suicide bombers are ready for action.

* * *

In a tape recording heard by The Sunday Times, Abbasi warned the would-be martyrs to “pay close attention to wily England” and vowed that “Britain’s demise is on our agenda.”

At a recruiting station in Tehran recently, volunteers for the force had to show their birth certificates, give proof of their address and tick a box stating whether they would prefer to attack American targets in Iraq or Israeli targets.

But, the story resembles one from a year old report by MEMRI published in WorldNet Daily and Jihad Watch, another published in November 2005, and another circulated earlier this year.

Meanwhile, no mention of 40,000 is made in today's report by Reuters. . .
A hardline Iranian group said on Sunday 200 people had signed up in the past few days to carry out "martyrdom missions" against U.S. and British interests if Iran was attacked.
If you're going to manufacture news, at least make it plausible.


At Sunday, April 16, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

Great post. Hmm...sounds like Bu$hco is not just planning their next war on dissent, but their next 911. The sad thing though is that even if this fairy tale were true, if they hit another financial institution/government building it would be karma for all the murders of the corporate terrorists. Can you blame people for wanting to save the lives of their children when the corporate terrorists are starving them to death so they can buy extra rolexs?

At Sunday, April 16, 2006, Blogger Akber said...

The world is much more vigilant now so I don't think they are going to able to pull off a 'false flag'.

However, if the US attacks Iran and turns on the sh*-fan, it is not going to know what hit it back from the fan.

The Shia Muslims have a special devotional streak if I may call it, and the Shia in the south of Iraq will make it a living hell for the US/UK troops there and the supply lines from Kuwait. US cannot invade the victor of the Iraq war.

Incidentally, Blair, today, categorically rejected military involvement in Iran. But who knows?

At Sunday, April 16, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Orwellian Conspiracy Should Not Be Underestimated
(Mighty Thor, 16 Apr 06)

U continue to underestimate Orwellian "perpetual war," administered by Council on Foreign Relations so well exposited by Birchers at JBS.org.

Question is treatment of Spenglerian historical cycle: can we reverse the Western "Decline"?--if so, how? U've got to have courage to be antisemitic, but also to include their gentile accomplices. The common bond-characteristic is SUBJECTIVISM, esp. in form as foundation for moralism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Monday, April 17, 2006, Blogger Akber said...

Yes, you can reverse Western decline by taking kids of rap music that fries their brains, making them think. Also, not living off extorted resources of the rest of the world, and take a dip in your lifestyle so that some people are forced to think, instead of 'just find a job' and drink and have fun.

Be polite, courteous, just, take your fair share, and let arbitrators decide your disputes.

In this world, the nations are like siblings. What goes for siblings in a house should apply on the global scale. We share a planet, are equally loved by the Creator/Nature, and have to get in each other's ways so we decide disputes with respect.

Otherwise, the US is gonna become Hispanic, Nordic-ethnicity birth-rates are going down (vanishing breed). As Europes' population ages, Middle East has 4 times more young people per 1000 of population. They will be needed to work in the factories and pay taxes so your pensions can be paid.

The revenge of history is awe-inspiring to watch. Despite their material wealth, the utter goal-less Western civilization is resorting to increasingly violent means to protect its colonially acquired wealth. Aaah, land belongs to no-one. The land on which your house is built once belong to a native Indian, and before that to a mammoth. Demographics shift, and the rest is history.

Power, bluster and violence never succeed. Equality, responsibility, and humility do.

I hope I have not offended you. I admire the Western civilization for what it gave the world. Right now, it is not giving anything, taking away peace and civility. It has lost its raison d'etre.

At Monday, April 17, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Akber's Gross Failure Is In Simplest Scholarship
(Mighty Thor, 17 Apr 06)

Akber: what offends me is the offense to my reason which u do over and over and over--BY REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE MEANING AND SUBSTANCE OF THE JEW Talmud.

And it's just pure, stupidest ignorance. And I don't deny many if not most whites are equally stupid. U "Akber" make no less the EXACT SAME MISTAKE as u denounce regarding white Westerners--by refusing to see God's reality.

The Talmud, comrade Akber, sets the Jews up as co-equals with God almighty himself. (See Michael A. Hoffman II's "Judaism's Strange Gods.) Talmud endorses idea GOD WORSHIPS JEWS; thus Jews' willingness to tell any lie as they consider God urges them to do whatever to keep dominion over the earth, condoning any crime committed by Jews in the achieving of such hegemony.

The frustrating thing about u, "Akber," is ur crass failure of SIMPLEST SCHOLARSHIP regarding this Talmudism which I explain to u, which u continually ignore--this amidst all ur other absurd and self-righteous railings against the white volk of the West.

The Talmud is simple work which says simple things--it conveys a most sublime insanity-hystericism which the Jews make to successfully work in our real world, capitalizing upon the otherwise most natural hubris of Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West." Jews are then seen as sublime disease-of-opportunity, feeding off Western hubris, especially the heresy of Mammon and "moralism."

YOUR GREATEST SIN IS IN SO HUBRISTICALLY IGNORING GOD'S REALITY, hence the purest satanism of the Talmud, hence Jews.

Yes, many (stupid, lower-level) Jews themselves underestimate the hubris of the Talmud making Jews co-equal w. God--even above God as they pretend God is so addicted to and and obsessed in serving them. So what?--Jews are still scum as they're loyal to this stinking, filthy piece of gross blasphemy, the Talmud. Hence the only good Jew is a dead one, as this is the only appropriate general military-political strategy to pursue in this horrific war called life.

None of "Akber's" criticisms of the hubristic white West tells us anything our own white patriots haven't pointed out many times.

CONCLUSION: "Akber" pls get it straight: non-antisemitism is treason to God, truth, reality, justice, etc., comrade. U desperately need to get a clue. I continue to pray for u. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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