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another made-for-tv ‘blow to al-Qaida’ craters

Jordan said this week that it struck al-Qaida in Iraq a blow by arresting one of its top militants, but a statement Wednesday claiming to be from the terrorist network said that the group did not know the man.

* * *

"We don't even know the person shown on Jordanian television," the statement said on a Web site that has posted messages from al-Qaida, al-Qaida in Iraq and other militant groups in the past.

"All that has been shown was merely a play written by the Black House gang and performed on TV by their agents in the region," it said, referring to the White House and its alliance with Jordan.

Nevermind. It's our word against theirs.
The authenticity of the statement could not be independently verified.
And ours is Live!, elaborate and action filled. People love this stuff.
In a confession aired on prime-time television in Jordan Tuesday, al-Karbouly said he was a member of al-Qaida in Iraq, and that its leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, knew details of his operations to kill and kidnap Arabs traveling between Iraq and Jordan.
It wouldn't be al-Qaida without some Zarqawi!
Initially, Jordanian officials said an elite anti-terrorism force captured al-Karbouly in Iraq.

They later changed their story, saying he was lured to the kingdom to face arrest.
Propaganda 101: If you want people to believe the lies, stick to similar versions of a story - not polar opposites.
A Western security official based in Amman, speaking on condition of anonymity because he didn't have authorization to address the media, said the suspect did not appear to be a major figure in the insurgent group.
The guy's a fake!

But, that didn't stop Jordanian officials from trying to capitalize on their latest 'al-Qaida catch.'
Jordanian officials hailed al-Karbouly's arrest as a major "foreign operation."

"It was in line with the state's decision to move from the defensive ranks to launch an offensive against al-Qaida in Iraq," former Information Minister Saleh Qallab said.

Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility for Nov. 9 suicide blasts in Amman hotels that killed 63 people, and several other plots in Jordan, including the 2002 slaying of a U.S. official in Amman and a failed attempt in 2004 to use chemical weapons against Jordan's intelligence department.
Mess with Jordan and you're going to pay - even if it's by proxy.
Al-Zarqawi opposes Jordan's moderate stance on Islam, its longtime alliance with the United States and the peace treaty it signed with Israel in 1994. A Jordanian military court has sentenced him to death in absentia three times for terror plots against his native Jordan.
Talk about over-kill.
On television Al-Karbouly, also known as Abu Huthayfa, said he killed a Jordanian truck driver and kidnapped two Moroccan embassy employees, four Iraqi national guards and an Iraqi finance ministry official.

He said the Moroccans were killed. But Iraq's interior ministry said there was no proof to his claim.
Looks like this guy is making the most of his day in the sun.
The Moroccan state news agency reported that Moroccan and Jordanian officials are investigating al-Karbouly's claims about the Moroccans.
Sure. Brag first, verify later.

By the time the truth comes out, a new lie is hatched to distract from the previous lies and incompetence.

When will people demand the truth and not stop until they get it?


At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Framing those you want to conquer is a very old tactic that has been used consistantly throughout history, check out the 3 part series at:


Those Who Do Not Know History
Are Condemned To Repeat It.
History Part 1 (wmv 24 Megs)
History Part 2 (wmv 33 Megs)
History Part 3 (wmv 33 Megs)
As long as we are ignorant of their tactics,
they'll use them over and over and ...

At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Blogger crusader bunnypants said...

Honest to Christ, what the hell happened to this nation? The War of Terror is like a bad weekend at Bernies movie. Every once in a while I'll ring up the local newswhore or intern of a congress critter and tell them, Jesus its embarassing, don't you know UBL is uh Dead, and they just sigh, thank you for calling, I mean they must have to listen to a lot of nutters, but I'm not a nutter, or a republican or a democrat, I'm just a very very very very pissed off U.S. Citizen angry with the entire U.S. Government lying to start wars of conquest, then losing those wars, then calling me a god damned terrorist for pointing it out! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/lies.mp3 I would love to fluff up the feather pillows and heat up the tar, but the real problemo isn't Bush or Hillary or the Liberal Corporate Media but the god damn stupid ugly fat Americans. I love the country through, good people, but lazy!

At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Keep Courage To Endure Cyclic Phase, Spenglerian "Decline"
(Mighty Thor, 25 May 06)

All so true, "bunnypants," but note history is cyclic, and we have to suffer this present (Spenglerian) "Decline of the West." Success of glorious conqueror ancestors tends to breed just such "stupid, ugly, fat Americans," who must now die out in the Darwinian course of things, Jews marshalling these dupes as their enforcers.

But we can try to be ready when the "worm" turns, and the historical cycle is ready to resurge. Ck Whtt.org for analysis of one of the Jews' greatest strengths, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs) who think they're "Christian" as they suck along w. the Jews. (Christianity is absolutely antisemitic in all truth and reality.) Also ck essays of Apollonian on NewNation.org (under "commentary") when they come back up soon. Another great site is VanguardNewsNewtwork.com. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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