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"I lost my family . . . Now I am all alone."

With puffy face and red eyes, 12-year-old Mahmood was still fighting back tears as he told his story yesterday.

He had gotten the news in a phone call at dawn. His entire family -- mother, father, three sisters, three brothers -- had been killed by a coalition bombing attack on his village near Kandahar.

"I lost my family," he whispered between his sobs. "Now I am all alone."
Never forget that THIS is what the US delivered to Afghanistan on the wings of 9/11 - not justice, but endless DEATH and destruction.
Nearby, in an intensive-care hospital bed, his unconscious three-year-old cousin was twitching and panting for air. He, too, was a victim of the bombing. Two of his uncles were being treated in the same ward, both badly wounded, one in a coma.

At least 17 civilians -- and perhaps 25 or more -- were killed in the coalition attack on Taliban forces yesterday and at least 15 civilians were injured. Twenty Taliban insurgents were confirmed killed, the coalition said in a press release, but the rebel toll could be as high as 50.
And of course, we are to believe without question who is a rebel and who is civilian.
Many houses, and even a religious school, were hit by the bombs between 11 p.m., Sunday and 5 a.m., yesterday, survivors said.
And no claims that any targets were hit unintentionally. This was all deliberate.
It was the heaviest civilian death toll since Canada took command of military operations in southern Afghanistan this year. It was also one of the highest civilian death tolls recorded in Kandahar province since the ousting of the Taliban regime in 2001. And it was the latest sign of a mounting surge of violence that has killed about 300 Afghans in the past week -- twice the death toll recorded in Iraq in the same period.

The civilian casualties and mounting violence will make it harder for Canada's soldiers to continue the campaign to win support from ordinary Afghans.

Two key questions about the battle remained unanswered last night: Who authorized the operation and which coalition forces were involved. Canadian military spokesmen said no Canadian forces were involved, but coalition spokesman Major Scott Lundy refused to say which forces had launched the battle. And he refused to say who had authorized the attack.

Brigadier-General David Fraser, the Canadian who commands the coalition forces in southern Afghanistan, was "consulted and informed" about the attack, but the decision was made by "higher headquarters," Major Lundy said. He refused to identify the higher authorities who approved the bombing.

There were strong hints that the assault was a special-forces operation, which would normally be kept secret. The forces hit unexpectedly stiff resistance from about 200 Taliban in the village. When they got into trouble around midnight on Sunday, they called in U.S. aircraft to attack the village.

Apache helicopters and an A-10 Warthog were among the aircraft called.
Ah, good old Apache. The name that once signified the fierce courage and determination of a people defending their homeland against Imperialism has been appropriated by Imperialism to glorify endless conquest.
"The Taliban fighters moved onto rooftops and into the window wells of the homes and continued to lay down fire," Major Lundy said last night.

"Coalition forces returned fire and called in air strikes to subdue the fire and allow them to continue their operation. . . .

"We recognize there are parents who have been killed, children who have been injured, and that's a terrible thing. It's unfortunate.

"And we hope the people will understand that the coalition goes to great effort to protect them and avoid killing or injuring Afghan citizens, but it's not always possible."
Does this man even listen to himself speak?

Does he honestly believe that 12 yr old Mahmood cares whether the US dropped those bombs with the specific intent to kill his family or whether they did it with utter and reckless disregard that they would die?

When governments kill civilians because they "have no other choice" it's because they don't give a sh*t who dies as long as it brings them that much closer to their CORRUPT geo-political goals.
The battle began in the village of Azizi, about 50 kilometres west of Kandahar, when the coalition attacked a group of Taliban gathering for a meeting.

"There was still resistance when coalition forces entered the building," Major Lundy said. "Because the coalition forces were under pressure, and taking a lot of fire, there was a requirement to use any and all available means to stop that fire. It was a very intense fight. The Taliban felt they had to hide behind the Afghan people. It was rather cowardly on their part."
First of all, the Taliban ARE Afghan people.

Second, this so-called "requirement to use any and all available means to stop that fire" sounds like it comes from a field manual for Attila the Hun.

You can nuke an entire nation under the aegis of that "requirement." This is a gross violation of International Law.
He acknowledged that the Taliban seemed stronger than expected. "We have noted that there have been sizable forces where perhaps we thought there were smaller forces."

Despite earlier reports of a coalition investigation into the deaths, he said nobody from the coalition is in the village to investigate the civilian deaths.

He also suggested that some of the injured civilians might have been Taliban fighters, although he acknowledged he had no evidence of it.
That confirms that they make everything up along the way.
The battles here are becoming more intense daily.

Last week in the same district, Canadian troops called in a devastating air strike from a U.S. B-1 stealth bomber, which dropped a 500-pound bomb on a residential compound, killing an estimated 15 to 20 rebels, after an ambush in which Captain Nichola Goddard was killed.

Kandahar's provincial governor, Assadullah Khalid, tried to assuage local anger yesterday by visiting the hospital and handing out cash to injured victims. Each person was given the equivalent of about $450.
Disgraceful. You BETTER believe that our government does the same appalling thing to US, only the dollar amounts are a little higher. Everthing is relative. To them, every LIFE has a price.

Mahmood, the boy whose family perished in the bombing, escaped death only because he was a student in Kandahar City, away from his village. At the hospital yesterday, he sobbed and wiped his eyes repeatedly.

He was clutching a plastic bag with three mangos that someone had given him.
How can any human being read this account and not weep in anger at the injustice of a boy left crying alone, clutching a bag of mangos, having lost his entire family to an unjust war.
Another survivor, 23-year-old Mohammed Rafiq, suffered injuries to his head and arm when his mud-brick house was hit by a bomb. He said the Taliban fighters had come to his village about two days earlier to demand food and shelter.

"They had heavy weapons and nobody could say anything against them." he said.

"They said they were coming here for a holy war. We can't say anything against them, and we can't say anything against the coalition."
The difference between the US and the Taliban is that the Taliban BELONG THERE.

The US must leave Afghanistan NOW. Our corrupt government is committing endless atrocities in our name. They must be stopped.

must stop them.

How many more children like Mahmood must we hear about before we put an end to these colossal ongoing CRIMES in Afghanistan and Iraq?


At Tuesday, May 23, 2006, Anonymous romunov said...

"How many more children like Mahmood must we hear about before we put an end to these colossal ongoing CRIMES in Afghanistan and Iraq?"

About 560313, me thinks.

But seriously, you really need to take your country back, ASAP.

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006, Blogger Frederick said...

I'm not as concerned about what is going on in Afghanistan (where I think we aught to have more troops on the ground to prevent all this "collateral damage" in the first place)as I am in about our presence Iraq, which is becoming more and more entrenched. We have long since achomplished our(however dubious) goals in Iraq ,Saddam is in custidy and as of yesterday our puppets have been installed.

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006, Anonymous JW said...

We can't leave. We have a pipeline and the drug trade to protect.

At Wednesday, May 24, 2006, Anonymous denk said...

china and russia are said to be tilting uncle sham's way to deal with iran, it this is true, it would seem that after all the huffing and puffing, uncle sham will get his way again, just like in iraq, afghanistan etc etc.....

the strong ones are ganging up against the weaks, to resist is futile...

At Wednesday, May 24, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

To resist is NEVER futile, for in the act of resistance itself the defense of human dignity is accomplished.


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