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Iraq Bloodbath: Civil War or PsyOps?

Iraq's new prime minister promised Sunday to use "maximum force" if necessary to end the brutal insurgent and sectarian violence wracking the country, while a suicide bomber killed more than a dozen people at a restaurant in downtown Baghdad.
But, does he know who's behind this bloodbath?
"The militias, death squads and the killings are all abnormal phenomena," he said. "We should finish the issue of militias because we cannot imagine a stability and security in this country with the presence of militias that kill and kidnap."
Not only are they abnormal, but some are inconsistent with sectarian violence. Even those that "appear to be," might not be.
Shortly after the first Cabinet meeting, a suicide bomber killed at least 13 people and wounded 17 by blowing himself up among filled lunch tables in a downtown Baghdad restaurant popular with police officers. Three of the dead were policemen.

The attack at the Safar restaurant was part of a spree of bombing that killed at least 19 Iraqis and wounded dozens Sunday.

One bomb attack hit a busy fruit market in New Baghdad, a MIXED Shiite, Sunni Arab and Christian area in an eastern part of the capital. Police found one bomb and detonated it after trying to evacuate the market, but a second, undiscovered bomb exploded moments later, killing three civilians and wounding 23.
If this was "sectarian violence" the bombers wouldn't target a neighborhood that is mixed, and clearly the bombs in the fruit market were not "a suicide bomber." The people who planted these bombs are NOT interested in dying for a cause - only in KILLING for one.


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