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It Ain’t Just Bu$h: Part 5 of 100 of Part A: Why they all must go!

So we will go alphabetically by state. I’m not going to waste my time my listing “party” affiliations. Please though if you don’t know their “party” go ahead and try to guess it. I can promise it will be a challenging game. I’m not even going to base this on their voting records, I’m just going to base this on crap posted on their website. If you are student doing research, please I’m begging you help educate your teacher and use this info. By the way these posts are based on the your Senutor's actually websites.

Arizona 1: John Kyl (aka K(ill)y(a)l so long as your female, non-white, and or poor)

5. The recommended reading list. Reading is not a good thing if you are reading lies. Here is the first book on his list: A Patriot's History of the United States: From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror. You've got to be fucking kidding me. Let's see the book begins with the lie that Columbus discovered America and ends with a self explanatory lie. The native americans discovered america, but even you don't consider non-white people people, it is a known fact that Columbus isn't even the first European to discover America. It ends with another lie that there is a war on terra verses the true war on dissent, poor people (formerly known as the middle class) and non-white people.

4. Hating non-white people, this nutjob and lowest life form also suggest an article about how Amnesty International is not credible, an obvious attempt by this murderer to make sure his corporate terrorist friends get to continue to murder the non-white people these racists hate.

3. I'm scared to see what brainwashing the student center offers. Dare I look? I looked and now I am puking-and if this shithole was here I would puke all over him. The first link is the to military academies. So this yellow corporate terrorist can recruite poor (formerly middle class) to fight the war against the poor and further increase the rich poor divide, while sitting around in his armchair and driving around in an SUV making everyone less safe including himself.

2. Lest you think that is the end of this nutjob corporate terrorists attack on children, there is a children's recommended reading list. The first book on it is a book of virtues. Somehow I get the feeling they are nutjob virtues. But perhaps if they are not, the children can teach this dumbass nutjob corporate terrorist some virtues.

1. I really don't want to learn more about Senutor Kill-Yal (his white corporate terrorist friends will be spared though). Oh, great the asshole has introduced legislation to make the 2001 and 2003 tax gifts to his corporate terrorist friends and his own corporate terrorist fat ass permanent. But maybe perhaps this will hasten the revolution, if idiot america is actually alive and hasn't all straved to death or died of lack of health care by the time they are finally ready to fight the revolution and overthrow jackasses like Kill-Yal.

Power to the Green Party and Independent Progressives. Get the Democratic-Republican idiots out of office.


At Monday, June 26, 2006, Blogger Undeniable Liberal said...

Over here in the great state of the one shaped like a mitten, Carl Levin has been making a little noise.
"On the American pull out, Levin said that it was the worst kept secret in D.C. that there will be a reduction in U.S. forces before the November elections. The timing of withdrawal should be a civilian decision, in consultation with the military, but it will be "a political decision by this Administration and [Bush] will claim some kind of progress or victory."
Encouraging, but the undeniable liberal feels he is too much of a career-entrenched insider to support. He talks the talk, but when push comes to shove, he's quite like Specter.


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