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Zarqawi's death marks bloody downturn for US in Iraq

Instead of marking the beginning of the end of the insurgency in Iraq, Zarqawi's "death" whether staged or authentic, appears to have marked a turning point for the worse from which the US will not recover.
The new Iraqi government and its American patrons should have been basking in the glow of a two-week blitz of ["good news."]

* * *

But insurgents have counterattacked, scuffing the sheen of progress.

By week's end al-Maliki's government was forced to declare a state of emergency and shoo its citizens off Baghdad's streets with two hours notice after the tenacious insurgency took the offensive Friday along Haifa Street, just blocks from Iraq's seat of government.

Two days earlier, one of the defense lawyers for Saddam Hussein and his co-defendants was kidnapped from his home by men wearing Interior Ministry uniforms and flashing genuine-looking credentials. He was found slain in Sadr City, Baghdad's Shiite Slum - the third defense attorney to be murdered since the trial started.

On Tuesday, the bodies of two captured American soldiers were recovered - beheaded and surrounded by booby traps. And al-Zarqawi's successor, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, said he conducted the brutal slayings.

At least 14 other U.S. soldiers or Marines died in combat or insurgent bombings in a particularly bloody week for the military.
So much for the deadly blow that was allegedly dealt to Al Qaeda by Zarqawi's "death." Iraq is disintegrating.

Armchair warriors in the White House and in Congress continue to argue that in theory "staying the course" is better than "cutting and running." Meanwhile, in fact, our soldiers are dying by the dozen each week, not to mention dozens of innocent Iraqis.

When will this madness end? How many young lives must be obliterated before working Americans realize that this war is being fought so that a tiny minority of the world's population can live like kings?


At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would you suggest the people do to stop the mass murder that is taking place with their approval? What is your plan to bring justice to the members of the federal government who did 911 and continue their war against humanity? Why do you think the people even care as long as they are fed, fat, have gas and are entertained? Remember, it is the people of the u.s. who have been killing their own children by abortion under government direction for 35 years. we care nothing about innocent bloodshed, even the blood of our own children.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous The End said...

To the above poster: it's China that aborts kids under government direction. Here in America we get politicians who pretend to care about these young lives, but the instant they're born into this country, the politicians want nothing to do with making sure they're cared for. "CHOOSE LIFE!!!....What, you want food & good schools for these little trashy brats? YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, PEASANTS."

It's funny how so many Americans (like the above poster) blame things like abortion for America's downfall. Almost as non-sensical as the groups that protest U.S. soldiers' funerals, claiming that God killed them since our military accepts gay recruits...

Most aborted babies are little lumps of unformed flesh who can't reflect on anything or sense anything. To worry about their feelings while millions of LIVING Americans suffer is absurd.

America is reaching a point where it's more humane to just abort new citizens, saving them the suffering & absurdity of being born into this 3rd-world wannabe country of a very few rich & a very many poor. Life is not inherently good or pleasurable. You need a sane, reasonable, humane, caring nation for that to be the case.

But this is the land of unbridled greed & hypocrisy; if you can't afford the best of everything in this country, you are blamed for whatever goes wrong in your life. Stuck in New Orleans? YOU DESERVED IT. Got "downsized" from your long-held job? YOU DESERVED IT. Had to file for bankruptcy? YOU DESERVED IT. Can't afford expensive medications you need to stay healthy & happy? YOU DESERVED IT. If you are born a peasant without a bunch of pre-existent money to support you and buy your way into important institutions in this country, then you are FUCKED, and you will be blamed for it. Don't be born poor in America, especially in the coming years--it'd be better to be aborted than to find yourself living in the coming totalitarian chaos America is blindly heading for.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They should bring back the draft, you'd see American's either running for their war protest sign's or for the Canadian border.
It's somebody elses problem.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To The End...

Since you do not have answers to the first 3 questions the rest of your observasions are groundless.

The only way to oppose innocent bloodshed is to oppose it all or you have no basis to stop the killing. The only people who should be executed are those who have shed innocent blood and that would be every member of the federal government who in some way has supported this war even by funding it. They should also face execution for allowing the abortion holocaust to continue. When we get serious about holding them accountable with trials and sentences then we will learn justice.

Since you write off a whole class of people based on their stage of development you make yourself as one of them. It is true that our politicians are bloodthirsty and only care about themselves but you did not offer answers to deal with it. The only answer you offered was to abort more innocent babies. You share the spirit of your leaders.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Blogger christian lies said...

The TRUTH is at:

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Hey, really philosophical are the above posts--excellent. So perhaps we can begin to start to get somewhere for a conclusion with well-conceived premises. Thus life is war and tragedy according to Greeks, confirmed by Darwin. We patriots just gotta improve our efforts against the Judeo-oligarchs (Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]--see TheNewAmerican.com for best expo).

First we gotta out-think the oligarchs by analyzing their conspiracy and checking for weaknesses. Note Judeo-oligarchs and CFR exploit HERESY and heresy-complex among the gentiles and goyim.

For one thing, many, many, many--way too many--people utterly fail to realize CHRISTIANITY IS NECESSARILY AND ESSENTIALLY Antisemitic. In fact Christianity's main purpose is to be antisemitic. But what do we have now? We have a significant minority of stupids who think Christianity means we're supposed to subsidize those psychopaths in Israel mass murdering people upon excuse people murdered by Jews are merely Muslims, for example. These heretics are "Judeo-Christians" (JCs) and they're well analyzed on Whtt.org.

As long as these stupid JC lickspittles to the Jews enjoy what Alan Greenspan calls "consumer confidence" in the American imperial war machine, pursuing Orwellian "perpetual warfare," it will be difficult for patriots. But note so many of the JC dupes aren't really so much traitors as they are simply misled, misguided, and misinformed--here is a place WE REALLY CAN HELP in positive manner with simplest info.

Philosophically, there's no choice: as long as we're in this life, we gotta fight the good patriotic fight against these devilish Jews and co-conspirators among the gentiles, like the CFR. To survive humanity must fight--such are the tragic criteria.

CONCLUSION: It's thus a matter of judging the present Spenglerian "Decline of the West" and striving to achieve a resurgence for the values of Western objectivity and rule-of-law. Patriots gotta have (1) heart, will, and (2) brains enabled with information. People must lose their "fear of the Jews" who capitalize like a disease-of-opportunity upon Western hubris and heresy. Western resurgence must be antisemitic as it is rationalistic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Thor said: "Christianity's main purpose is to be antisemitic."

You can't be serious. Surely, Christianity stands for more than hating a group of people.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have said it before and I will say it again. You go to Iraq, you will get what you deserve, death. The only thing that matters is how fast it will be. Bullet = fast, DU = slow and painfull. We all meet our makers sooner or later. Soon we all will. Killing idiots is fun, keep on heading to the meat grinder. Those 2500 american soldiers deserved what they got. Wars arent fought for freedom, they are fought to destroy shit so capitalism has a new market to grow in. Morons you all are and you will all get what is comming. And it aint JESUS.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does one expect from a gov't that starts illegal wars (Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan), a gov't that cages peaceful protestors miles away from an event, a gov't that pressures books outlets to stop stocking books like "America Deceived" by E.A. Blayre III, a gov't that sits by idly as Germany prosecutes Ernst Zundel? What do you expect? My guess, Iran is next. It's been too quiet.
Support indy media.
Last link (before Google Books falls to pressure):

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's become all too obvious that the people of this nation are so completely brainwashed they can't begin to focus. What the F>>K over.
It is byond comprehension, You bleading heart anti-freedom, Oh a unborn fetus was sucked up, can't tell the difference between murder in the street and a person's personal choice rotten sorry son-of-a-bitches. I absolutley can't wait for the end of days in this country to begin... Just try and have some Evangilistic mother F-ker try and tell those of us what we can and can't do. Just remember, some of us AMERICAN'S have learned to shoot back. The government is NOT the PROBLEM, it's the mindless, brainwashed, Drones that can't see the big picture of their own faults that cause the governments to treat us like sheeple. If AMERICAN"S didn't want to have thing the way they are they wouldn't have let them get this way. Stop snivilling about some abortion and start storing up food and amunition, because the end is not far off and from the other comments there is plenty to be worried about with folks like You-all out there.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is because of our killing of babies in the womb that we are the kind of people you describe. That is why our young abortion survivors are willing to attack a nation that has done us no wrong and kill the innocent people there. They have been raised to care little for other lives by a nation that kills their own all the time at home. There is no answer that can change our course of destruction that does not start with saving children from abortion here. Your solution of getting weapons and food to prepare for the worse may be accurate since we refuse to do what is right but it is not something that can turn out well for anyone.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, you pointed out that we kill the unborn in the name of "freedom" which is the same reason we give for killing people of Iraq. Freedom is being used as an excuse for every evil act. You are in agreement with bush on that. he wants to destroy the world in the name of freedom and we are still powerless to stop him. Have you asked yourself why?

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Why is everyone anonymous???

It would be a whole lot easier to understand the discussion if people picked an alias and stuck with it - at least for the duration of the debate.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Qrswave, JCs Must Heed Reality: Christianity REALLY IS Antisemitic, Unquestionably
(Mighty Thor, 25 Jun, 06)

Qrswave, u bring up outstanding point: note that as Hegelian antithesis, Christianity is literally the objectivistic opposite to Talmudic subjectivism and "midrash." Jews rejected and murdered Christ, Son-of-God, upholding themselves as the "apple of God's eye." Present-day Jews affirm the Talmud and it's presumptuous "judgment" upon God-the-Son, their murder of Christ.

If u pretend to being "American," qrswave, it is essential u learn and understand the literature and cultural dialectic upon which USA is generated and continues to stand (esp. for us patriots)--one of these being the Christian, God-given and -created objective universe. Why wouldn't Christianity properly and logically hate that (Judaism-Talmudism) which hates the Christian Godhead, especially Christ, the Son-of-God?

The understated joke then is even Christ, the Son-of-God, himself wasn't good enough for murderous, self-righteous Jews (who descend fm Pharisees, according to their own Talmud, etc.--ck any source Jew or Christian).

Christianity features--like Islam, as I understand--the God-created and -given objective universe (hence Aristotle, in point of fact, for philosophy-metaphysics) of absolute cause-effect, perfectly deterministic, and UTTERLY UNLIKE Talmudic pretension of whatever rabbis say is true or real ("midrash"), one of those Talmudic tenets being that God is Jews' attack-dog and slave (overcome with obsessionate amour for his "chosen" puke people with the hooked-noses) who will do whatever for purpose of Judaic dictatorship over rest of world. Jews consider God their slave who can't get over obsession with serving Jews.

Jews believe God WORSHIPS THEM--unlike Islam (I understand) and Christianity which hold humanity properly must worship God.

Christianity may be more, but one thing it is unquestionably is ANTISEMITIC, anti-Talmudic (as in Gosp. of MARK 7:1-8), the affirmation of objectivity, reason, and rule-of-law, antithesis of subjectivist, Talmudic "interpretation" (or "midrash") of US Constitution, for example.

U see qrswave, this is where and how Islam and Christianity can and must unite culturally to destroy the Judeo-oligarchic monstrosity consisting of UN world dictatorship and its catspaw, Israel (which so much affects US).

Christianity and Islam thus both properly hate that which hates God and God's objective reality, hence that objective vision, knowledge, and affirmation of God (and/or objectivity) in the human mind, reality immutable for God's will regardless of Jew subjectivism, wishful thinking, invocations, curses, wailing, lamentations, etc.

Christ cursed the Jews definitively in Gospel of JOHN 8:44, and Jews cursed Christ, Son of God in MATT 27:25. There's no doubt Christianity is absolutely antisemitic. "Judeo-Christians" are gross abominations and heretics, literally and most seriously. (Again, see Whtt.org for outstanding antisemitic expo.) JCs are gross, horrific dupes on the verge of absolute treason.

Qrswave, aren't u aware of Christian New Testament text which laments Christ, Son-of-God, murdered by conspiracy of Jews (Pharisees), Sadducees, Scribes, and acceded to by elders and Roman imperialists?

Jew Talmud affirms Christ's murder and execution for blasphemy and heresy. Ck Michael A. Hoffman II's "Judaism's Strange Gods"--and any other exposition on Jew Talmud, their controlling and definitive document.

CONCLUSION: Hence Christian patriotism reiterates most forthrightly the great truth regarding Christian antisemitism--now all we need do is to get our Christian people sufficiently and virtuously antisemitic enough and in observance of their own religion for successful counteractivity against Judeo-oligarchs, fascists, and conspirators. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those of you who like to point out the "zionist" involvement in 911 and Iraq and on and on... Have you considered that they built the "abortion industry" of america and israel and continue to profit from the bloodshed. It is also the reason they keep killing and isolating Palestinians. Their birth rate is so low because they kill most of their children before birth. The Palestinians would take over at the voting booth because they have their children and are growing in population. If you wanted to oppose "zionism" you would attack it at the root by stopping "legalized" abortion and executing any abortionists who did them. By supporting "legalized" abortion you are joining the "zionists" in their magnitude of crimes over the past 35 years. By allowing abortion you are with them. Welcome to what you say you hate.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

I too want to know why everyone is annonymous.

To comment Christianity stands for a lot of things and can be interpreted many ways and it definetly stands for more than hating a group of people or claiming some race is a master race.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Phase Of Historical Cycle Is Key
(Mighty Thor, 25 Jun 06)

Note New Testament (NT) entails a distinct and definite conspiracy theory and a real drama for the murder of Christ, knowledge of objective reality, and its truth--in favor of hubristic, narcissist, hysteria and ("midrash") lies of a people, Jews, who claim they're God's favorites, whom God worships. Christian NT clarifies Old Testament, and identifies God's worst enemies on earth, Jews, the sons of their father, the Devil (ck JOHN 8:44). Christ warns us of the Devil's henchmen, Jews, those accursed scum and murderers.

And u can't blame anonymous folks for "fear of the Jews"--Jews prove themselves vicious, vindictive, Pharisaists indeed, using their Mammonist levers, bribery, and outright extortion and murder to secure world dictatorship.

But once enough folk see the world crisis in terms of strict subjectivistic (hence Talmudic) hubris and fascist dictatorship (Jews and co-conspirators) versus objectivistic rule-of-law, we'll be in a good position to strike back to overthrow Judeo-oligarchs.

Meantime we must hang tight as the Spenglerian phase of historical cycle continues and depleted uranium poisoning thins the ranks of suckers and dupes willingly enforcing Jew-dictatorship.

CONCLUSION: Just for example, if enough of the masses of people in Germany got together and REPUDIATED holohoax lies, slander, and heretical religion, a great impetus for freedom and antisemitic truth could be generated. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Anonymous Rocker said...

Definition of irony:
My God is better than your God.
My God is stronger and better dressed.
My God hears only our prayers.
My God hates Fags.
My God hates Jews.
My God hates people that CHOOSE to have an abortion.
My God tells me to tell others what they should do with their own bodies and Lives, if they don't do what My God tells them to do I'll make someone else do it for them...
Fortunately all too soon your all going to have the ability to talk directly to a representative of the creator Himself as obviously you are all so close to "GOD" that the infighting in this god-for-saken country has blinded you to the root problem.
Go ahead now cast the first stone...

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Blogger Albion Moonlight said...

amazing. simply amazing. I've never felt that America was closer to dissolution, even when the basic premise of the problem and the principle actors who need to be opposed are so easily identifiable.

Sad. Continue arguing about God. May he set you free, since truth is about as far from that argument as you can get.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God hates the sin and not the sinner. That was just a pebble.
If heaven to a gay man is ejaculating all over someone else's feces inside a colon, then why should that be thought of as wrong? Gay people like it! And becoming more aggresive and running our government's and social system's more and more, they want you and me to like it, as well. Soon, beside every school sex-reproduction chart will be a diagram on how a feces fetus is made. The anus wasn't made just for dumping out waste material, no in today's world it has an ever growing role in sharing love for one another. It is a place to channel love and sweet kisses and share intimate moment's together, O.K. Johnny and Sue. And a women's vaginal canal can fit anything from a few knuckles and knot's to all kind of plastic's. It's in the part of the satanic bible , 'do whatever feel's good' and it look's like almost everybody is stretching that chapter.

Someone once said, the way's of a man and how he lives will seem true, but in the end will be eternal death.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my posts decrying our slaughter of babies by abortion and also the killing of people in our wars, not once was the Eternal Being mentioned. It must be implicit in everyone's understanding that when you are killing innocent people you are violating His law. It proves that we know Who we are committing the crimes against when we kill people who should not be killed and let people live who should be executed.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Blogger Erosoplier said...

How stunning is America's moral confusion! You must start telling lies to your children when they are very young for you all to end up that messed up!

You talk the talk of freedom, you walk the walk of making other people do what suits you best.

With a hallucinated God egging you on at every turn.

Bloody hell.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'by men wearing Interior Ministry uniforms and flashing genuine-looking credentials' . This is a statement coming from an u.s. official (or an u.s. spokesman), so you people still get the idea the u.s. is in control.

How about this : 'men wearing iraqi army uniforms kidnapped two men wearing u.s. army uniforms with genuine-looking u.s. army guns from a genuine-looking u.s. army humvee'

What does it take you people to wake to the mess in Iraq, where men from the Interior Ministry are flashing their credentials and the us is neither controlling the iraqi armed forces nor the interior ministry forces, nor the militias.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Blogger Digital Spy said...

To 'The End'

Most aborted babies are little lumps of unformed flesh who can't reflect on anything or sense anything.

Let's just clarify something before you decide what my POV is. I am not at all religious and never have been and believe that people who need a 'pie in the sky' are essentially the same as heroin addicts. They have just found a more destructive outlet than drugs for their personal weakness.
Maybe you should watch the movie 'Silent Scream' in which you get to see an abortion from the babies point of view as it is dismembered and destroyed. It is obvious and undeniable (to most) viewing this film that the child is screaming in agony during the process. To discount these defenceless individuals as unfeeling lumps of meat and to claim that people should be more concerned with the sufferings of millions of americans is just absurd.
Suffering is not something that US citizens have too much experience with. Even your homeless have it better than billions of 'others'.
I look forward to the day I can blog the demise of your country and all those poor sufferers who would be much better off with a retroactive abortion. Don't worry, they won't suffer at all because most US citizen's brains are little lumps of unformed flesh that can't reflect on anything or make sense of it.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you "digital spy" for telling "The End" and the rest of us the truth. You are the only one who has come to the Babies Defense in all these posts. It reveals the state of the people in the u.s. as you also pointed out. As another poster mockingly said; whatever comes next, "we deserve it" and have brought it on ourselves by our hateful disregard for the lives of peaceful people everywhere, even those resting and growing in their mother's wombs. They have not done any wrong and only need love and care to live which is more than we are capable of providing anymore. The only thing the people of the u.s. do is produce a military and weapons capable of destroying the world and then claim we are using it to bring freedom to other nations so they can be like us. Who would want to be after seeing all our crimes and destruction.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Blogger Digital Spy said...


It staggers me that abortion can be so accepted and commonplace and what is more horrifying is that their is an aborted baby parts industry that turnsover millions every year.
It is no wonder the Iranian PM said that "the west is in dark ages".

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone is anonymouse because they don't want to be identified
by the repubicraps as an enemy combatant.
Secondly, I have to agree with the writer who stated that all the JC's and other crazies who are pro-life and then don't care about the kids when they arrive.
Maybe we should pass a law that if you are prolife, then you have to pay and take care of all the unwanted "lumps of flesh" that end up being taken care of by the state because the mother could'nt get an abortion.
That should shut them up.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Anonymous The End said...

As far as aborted babies go, so what if they feel pain? We allow hunting for sport, and we don't deny that animals feel pain. In fact, fully grown animals can probably feel the pain more acutely and reflect on it more self-consciously than some first-trimester little lump of flesh in a womb that's never even opened its (unformed) eyes. So why don't you anti-abortion crusaders go join PETA and protest all the pain & suffering animals undergo?

It's because you anti-abortion people labor under the notion that humans have these eternal egos which you refer to as "souls", and some of you think that God puts the dead babies in hell. Spare us your superstitions, even if you mean well. Our life is the here & now, the spontaneity of consciousness picking up momentary sensations. Your mind didn't exist before you were born and it won't after you die.

It's better to be aborted as a baby than to be born into this modern world with parents who didn't even want you in the first place. And before you go spouting off about adoption, go look into adoption and you'll find that there are hordes of kids who no one wants to adopt, and they go from abusive foster home to abusive foster home. So yeah, opt for adoption if you're a beautiful, healthy little blonde boy who some infertile rich couple might want to adopt, and hope that they treat you right.

If suffering is what you're worried about, then abortion is actually a kinder, quicker fate. Parents who don't want you? A social system that refuses to help you or your parents out? A country where you'd better be born with a lot of money if you expect to get anywhere? Where the Republicans who cared so much for your well-being when you were IN the womb no longer give a damn for your feelings once your out? Hmm.

I myself find abortion distasteful and disgusting, and I plan to avoid it in my future. But to cite it as the reason for the debacle in Iraq? That is ludicrous and asinine. Go back to studying your Bible and buddying up to Jesus.

What is so magical about an unformed fetus that its (questionable) feelings (if it's developed enough to have any) are more important than grown beings? You wanna see some screaming kids, go to Iraq. Now THOSE kids are suffering, and they have developed minds that can contemplate their situation and truly feel their pain.

The fact that a first-trimester lump of flesh twitches when killed is no surprise to me, nor does it change my opinion. Shit, the suffering a woman undergoes during labor is probably 20 times what the lump of flesh feels or contemplates.

The total population of planet Earth doubles every 40 years. People rut like crazy, even when they don't have the means to care for the kids. If you think abortion is one of the biggest problems this world faces, you're not thinking too clearly. I appreciate your good intentions, but c'mon. Drop the Christian superstitions and there's not much left to argue.

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Blogger Digital Spy said...

re: The End

As I said before I am not religious and I have no belief in the 'soul'. I do believe in magic though as it surrounds us all day every day that we are alive. Most people are too fixated on their own pitiful little lives to notice it.
Amongst the most magic of all is the development and growth of a child from a tiny amount of genetic material.
I noticed that in your first post you said they 'dont feel' and in your next post you said you don't care if they do feel being dismembered.
Get back under your bridge (there's a nice one in Fallujah just for people like you)

At Monday, June 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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