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Ralph Nadar (aka A true progressive who says no to the credit card terrorists).

Yup, you read that correct! Unlike the Credit Card "liberals" in Congress Ralph Nadar does not own a credit card, nor will he ever according to an address he gave at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

This is in stark opposition to both the rethugs and democults in Congress who will do whatever it takes to please their corporate terrorist friends the banking terrorists. On one site collecting donations for the democult (I can't remember which one or whose) they actually stated they prefered you to pay by credit card. What??? Does this sound like a party of change to you??? Our preference is for you to support the banking terrorists! Of course was ask you to support the banking terrorists for your own good (WTF). Oh, and of course they state it is more conveintant for them: I bet it is particularly when the banking terrorists slip some money back into your rep or senutors g-string.

Back to Ralph Nadar, my friends you have someone leading my example. Someone truly interested in us and not the banking terrorists. Good luck finding that in the 1 party system.


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