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Keep your eyes on the Oil

Iraqi Prime Minister declared a state of emergency in Basra. This is no small development since Basra is Iraq's black-gold mine.
Basra, whose oil accounts for virtually all of Iraq's state revenues, is a major prize for all parties.
The winner takes all and the US aims to win by any means necessary.
[Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki,] who is heading a delegation to Basra to restore security, has vowed to crack down with an "iron fist" on gangs threatening security in the city.

[He] will on Wednesday declare a state of emergency for a month in oil-rich Basra which is in the grip of a power struggle between Shi'ite factions[.]

Maliki said he would order his security services to come up with an urgent plan to restore security in Iraq's second city.
Keep your eyes on the oil because that's where the greenback stops.


At Tuesday, June 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny how most of the blogs are written from how things might affect America or Americans----genuflecting about the military---'we got to support the troops' even while-as many well documented tragedys in the past have shown that your well trained boys are killers and thugs

Fuck off--YOur troops are the problem get over it--start showing sympathy for the many dead in third world countries that your proud and prescious soldiers have killed

Nuremburg-we were just following orders

IED's are the only way you will learn a lesson---Tough-luck--next time tell me something about the citizens of BASRA and not how the lack of oil and falling greenback will affect your insular life.

At Tuesday, June 06, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

anon, you misunderstand my post. But, having read it a second time I can see why. Someone who hasn't read my other posts might misinterpret this one as a reflection on how the emergency in Basra affects the dollar.

But, in fact it merely points to more evidence that the killing and maiming in Iraq is all done in the name of money and oil and NOT freedom and democracy.

I couldn't care less about the dollar or oil. They are both curses on humanity.


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