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Open Invitation

in His name, come

you who’ve slain without cause
out of fear, of unreason
come, from however far, to mercy
He is forgiving

you, who know not why you be
come, here is shelter
the angels give cover, come
away from terror

you, drop them, your arms
come from wilderness
and this child you’ve martyred
will be your witness

the mother and father
who held her in death call you
come, you have exacted what was not yours to
come, see that you’ve paid

come and be counted, come afoot
or mounted, there is one carpet
one high seat that is His
come, come prostrate

and praise, come as he who killed
the uncle of the Prophet
and was pardoned, from whom
vengeance was not taken

whose sins entire were forgiven, come
in His name, and this land even
once strange will be your home
come, these folk will be your own

come, onetime enemy, and find friends
come, count your brethren
come in peace to the One

come, throw down your arms and come
by jc


At Monday, July 03, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

i love it

thanks, jc


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