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Who benefits from kidnapping journalists in Gaza?

"We call on the kidnappers to free the hostages because this kind of behavior does not serve the interests of the Palestinian people." --Palestinian Minister of Interior

The wife of one of the two hostages arrived in the Palestinian territories from New Zealand and pled for their release.
New Zealand?
The prime minister of New Zealand angrily denounced Israel and imposed diplomatic sanctions on it after two suspected Mossad agents were jailed for six months for trying on false grounds to obtain a New Zealand passport.

The plot, which involved obtaining a passport in the name of a tetraplegic man who had not spoken in years, provoked a furious reaction yesterday.

"The breach of New Zealand laws and sovereignty by agents of the Israeli government has seriously strained our relationship with Israel," said the prime minister, Helen Clark.
For an even more impressive reason to get back at New Zealand, listen carefully to this amazing audio clip of a July 22nd New Zealand rally in protest of Israeli aggression in Palestine and Lebanon, where the speaker chastises the Israeli government "for using the same Gestapo tactics as the Nazis did."

Now, back to the future . . .
The journalists they have kidnapped like living in this area. They have covered news in the Palestinian territories for several years. They also understand the situation of the Palestinian people. The people here need them because they convey the story of Palestinian suffering to the world."
But, alas - they can't do that while they're held hostage.

So, let's try that again. Who benefits from kidnapping journalists in Gaza?


At Monday, August 21, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

if only white man would just not try to control our lands all this could be averted, perhaps if they just stayed home, learned about ther culture, raised ther children instead of using daycare, took care of ther old instead of use old people home, took care of ther poor, they might be less occupied with trying to steal our lands and resources, then american and british and canadian mothers would not have to bury ther young from military tours in our lands,

At Monday, August 21, 2006, Blogger brookskof said...

They aren't doing it because they are "white man". And they aren't doing it because the receiving end is Arab.

At Monday, August 21, 2006, Blogger MMark said...

You sir, clearly have never left your neighborhood of caves. We( of European decent) will never understand, follow, or agree with your bizzare religion.
We don't hate you as a people, we only expect progress and positive inteligent imput from members of society that we respect.
If Africa would have the intelectual capacity to do this we would respect them also.
You part of asia is WAY behind the power curve.Perhaps even behind Africa.
Here is a tip, the earth is not flat, and your God is a way to control your society. If you blow yourself up, you don't get virgins, you only get blown up.
Breath, live, progress, and raise your children to succeed, not just to believe.

At Tuesday, August 22, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

'Breathe' - as you used it - is spelled with an 'e' at the end.

So much for your worldliness. You are a self-righteous imbecile.

At Wednesday, August 23, 2006, Blogger superslave2 said...

we are there because "white men" pretended to be the Judeans from 2000 years ago dragged our "leaders there...these khazar thieves and pimps...

also these reporters were semi-pro palestinian from what i've heard - any wonder the mossad grabbed them...?

At Friday, August 25, 2006, Blogger zalame said...

"also these reporters were semi-pro palestinian from what i've heard - any wonder the mossad grabbed them...?"

Yes, again, never admit that you have a problem. Always blame others. Its so convenient.

zalame (www.sexforpeace.com)


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