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Who needs WMD when you've got MSM

Hands down, this is one of the most important documentaries I’ve seen on the media’s power to distort the news beyond recognition. Using one example after another, Amy Goodman masterfully demonstrates that what you see through the mainstream media is not what you get.
Why don’t they [the MSM] put doctors on their payroll? That way you can have the general talking about the bomb that Lockheed Martin made and the kind of plane that dropped it and whether it was precision guided or not and then you can have the doctor talking about the effects of the bomb – you know not for or against the war – just how a cluster bomb enters your skin, and what it means if your foot is blown off if you’re lucky and you’re not killed. So, why not have doctors and generals at least?

But, this is just to show how low the media has gone. You have not only FOX, but MSNBC and NBC that’s owned by General Electric, one of the major nuclear weapons manufacturers in the world . . . you have MSNBC and NBC as well as FOX titling their coverage [of the war], taking the name of what the Pentagon calls the invasion of Iraq -Operation Iraqi Freedom.

That’s what the Pentagon does and you expect that. They research the most effective, propagandistic name to call their operation. But, for the media to name their coverage what the Pentagon calls it – every day seeing Operation Iraqi Freedom. You have to ask – if this were state media, how would it be any different?
My only criticism is that it gives viewers the impression that the government runs the media – when in fact it’s the other way around. The media is the corporate arm that runs the government, by manufacturing consent.

A few months ago, I said that the mainstream media could be our worst enemy. I was wrong. Clearly, it is.


At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Blogger duarte1 said...

Hello my friends: how are you? You know i am not from the USA, i am from Dominican Republic, and i used to come to USA to go to Disney World, theme parks, Mcdonalds, shopping malls, to buy clothes, and all the goodies that capitalist systems give middle classes and upper classes of third world nations (note that lower classes *cannot* come to USA for vacation purposes) Well, the thing is that USA even though was a capitalist system it was a sort of Social Market Economic System (The sort of economic model of China, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina and other nations that are regulated social capitalist systems. But after 2001, USA became a Fascist Imperialist Militarist Neoliberal economic system, just like Hitler, Pinochet, Franco and Musolinis Imperialist Economic systems. USA was the paradigm of social-capitalist systems, and it worked ok, well even though it wasn't perfect, cuz it still had oppression, racism and traits of fascism, but it was ok. After 2001, USA is NOT USA. USA is not USA. USA is Adolf Hitler's paradise after 2001

At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Blogger Adam said...

Another video from the same author


At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Blogger tomtom said...

So?...... Go after those stations, make live misarable for them, destroy them until there will be balanced news. Your government would not survive a day longer as soon as they are gone. Besides there will be millions of questions and that government will be charged for criminal offences.
But that turns out to be a dream, it is to late the main stream media have already brainwashed most Americans. You lost that one. Sorry for being pessimistic. Ok next step?

At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Blogger brookskof said...

The next step is to stop being a part of the problem, stop saying any fight can't be won, stop saying "give up", stop saying you've lost, stop tell people to stop dreaming, and start spreading the truth. If all you can say is "give up" then just don't say anything. A silent person who is part of the problem is better than a vocal person who is part of the problem.

At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Blogger duarte1 said...

Hello again: brookskof: how are u? well there is a thing called 'mental viruses' and the consumerist, conformist, anti-critical thinking world-view is so ingrained in most americans voters because of decades of wrong educational system. That even if the US supreme court tells americans that Bush did 9-11, most americans won't believe it. Because most people specially in the USA have been educated to think that the president is a sort of Louis-XIV ordained by God, and holly. And any thing that the president does is ok and welcome. So first we gotta work on how to get rid of most american people's imperialist, conformist and mental virus (meme)

At Sunday, August 13, 2006, Blogger AJ said...

"Because most people specially in the USA have been educated to think that the president is a sort of Louis-XIV ordained by God, and holy."

You hit it right on the head Duarte! And we can thank God fearing American Neo-Con Fundamentalist Christians for allowing all this to come to fruition. Insanely rich God Chosen leaders of the sheep whose names we all know- Roberston, Haggee, Falwell , Dobson, and others resonate intolerance and war with their God-is-on-our-side rhetoric.
I have (had) many friends that I do not speak with anymore because they will not listen to reason and cast me out with the disinfranchised unbelievers.
This all began a few years ago with the political aspirations of Robertson and others in the Crusade for the Christian Coalition and Ralph Reed.
Was this just a coincidence? No. Did it matter that Mr. Robertson lost? No.
Did it have a lasting effect on the Christian populace? You better believe it.
The reality that we are under an administration that has- at the 'official helm'-
a born again Christian President, with all the ties to current religious leaders and their


statements is by all means..

..not a coincidence.

At Sunday, August 13, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

eThe media is controlled by the rich white male corporate terrorists, as is the government. They use it to justify the murders of children, so they can buy extra rolexs. Get the truth out any way you can. Talk to people about the truth, write the truth on your money, put up fliers. Do whatever it takes!


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